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On water to live and without it to be - whether it is possible?

Country thousands of lakes... That neighbors show off. Like, at them, to Suomi, not only pines, fir-trees, fish pie with a ryapushka - kalakukko and Lapland vodka, but also still something standing is available.

Only to listen to them. And so, offhand, also you will not sort at once - about what it they. Kalakukko? And what? Really, without what deception - pie moreover and with a ryapushka? Or big piece of rye bread? Or the engine how quite right, here the fine fellow, Esa Pakarinen, in the song sings?

And in general … Who, where and when saw those fish roosters? And quite so from Finnish “êàëàêóêêî“ (kalakukko) it is literally translated.

As if at us, across Karelia, the glacier what historical divided the periods on “to“ and “later“, to and fro did not hang around, a skin land did not spoil yes convenient lake rookeries in the meridional direction did not dig up? Aha. Wait … Still as well as how many dug up!

To consider - not to count if with a lunch break. But is also such that the belt was tightened more tightly and - forward!

- Time, two, three …

the Flag to them in hands and a drum on a neck. We not in a drugstore that that on beakers to spill “Lapland“?

By eye if, so it is always possible to tell what at us is more than sixty thousand of lakes of that. And not hukhra - what mukhra of lakes! The largest in Europe - Ladoga. Or Onega that on a little bit to “very best“ falls short. And little tectonic “dwarf“ of Paanajarvi National Park that rather narrow tape (all on some 24 kilometers!) in length it was extended, and it is though a little, but - is deeper than Onega.

How many in those lakes of fresh water, if only in one Ladoga of the 838th kilometer of cubic?! And nearly twenty seven thousand more rivers, small rivers and rivulets enormous general extent are! Vyg, Sung, Vodl, Shuya, Kem …

I water imported …

* * *

... The first that on arrival in kemsky manufactured goods it was necessary to look after, - a tank aluminum, capacious. Two-bucket on volume. Would be possible more, but it is heavy to drag. And you want - you do not want, it is necessary!

Kemsky sawing plant where me native Minvuz the young specialist directed, always the product to export of sinkers. The summer is Karelian short, low-snow, wood from snow is up to one snow weaker than where in the south grows therefore also light part of an annual growth ring at northern wood considerably already. But for this reason it has higher density. And at the European timber market, especially in England, circumstance it from time immemorial very much was even appreciated. Here also loaded plant the board for export, hard pound currency to the country earning.

And as there was it, at the end of the century before last the merchant Popov to the White Sea firmly attached, loaded timber - water. On motor ships that under flags of the different countries were moored at a lesozavodsky quay in navigation.

Here only the sea that, White, on the one hand - currency helped to earn, with another - took away fresh water. What to build a column in the settlement factory, especially on those streets that to the coast is closer, even do not try. Meter - one and a half drilled also everything, water, sea salt for taste seasoned went. And where it? Neither to drink, nor to wash. To give a wash something, better and not to bother.

Because water in the settlement - imported was.

In the morning the car vodovozny with the tank rather big will come, workers municipal to you will pour all capacities that you in the morning before for work to leave, will expose on the small street, at a house of the, and will leave.

Fine in the summer - in the fall. And in the winter?

That guy, that on the water truck will arrive, he at first (yours and neighbour`s) that on the maximum volume and quantity are exposed, will uncover capacities. Then the pump will include. And after it a hose that from an end face of the tank it is removed, will begin to spill water. In your tank, a pan. In a neighbour`s dairy can, a keg small. By them. On them …

A in the winter - minus on the street. And when still the shift on timber mill will end. You will come from work in the evening … You pull - you will pull a tank that or a saucepan. - as! to See, large fish on a tail of bakovskiya was caught!

You pull - you will pull... Not - e - e...

There is nothing to do, you go to the neighbor, you take from him (then and the that in a slesarka factory you will cadge from men or you will exchange for liquid currency) the scrap tool and you begin capacities from the ice which froze in a day accurately to cut away. And not accurately razik struck, so then for the rest of the life you close up a hole in the aluminum tank with plasticine. Not to buy another any more. Deficiency! On capacities, decent on volume, demand in the settlement solid.

Saturday - Sunday at them, these housing and communal services, day off. What to you since Friday will be poured, and till the evening of Monday. And during week-end - houses, but not in factory eatery, it is necessary to have dinner. Well, and like to wash there. To be washed...

Though kindle snow on an oven in that tank...

* * *

Here also turns out. These lakes, the rivers at us … Well, to a fig simply! And as you will concern what, so … Bang! bang and … By! There is no water, citizens are companions. Also it is not expected.

Generally, it is, it seems, and is. But … Began to smell that at it some. That chromaticity vodno - drinking does not correspond to state standard specification. That, here is how on timber mill, salt sea all business spoils …

But if who thought that that - a baize provincial, already gray-haired moss of antiquity on the top grown, so alas! And today the different official commissions, let and with a scratch, but report to the higher instances that Karelia treats those regions in which “notes the greatest deviation of quality of drinking water from requirements of hygienic standards“ …

A of years - that already passed as darling Minvuz to now not less native Karelia threw me... Life is whole!