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Tale of little Pauchonke

Nomination Fairy tale (website of the competition “Gold Feather of Russia“) narod. ru/zlato2010/skazka/1231. htm

Tale of little Pauchonke

of Alex Lennox

“ Alekslennoks of

(“Translation from English“: Andrey Ryabokon)

Once in the clear warm cloudless afternoon - one of those warm days what are in an early autumn, - in the clear afternoon when uncountable threads - spider lines fly at will of wind in transparent air and people by the way brush away them from a face - once in the clear warm afternoon the fresh flaw threw one such spider line in a window leaf of your window.

A thread - the spider line slowly floated in dense air as a thin jellyfish in ocean waves, being turned under a ceiling as if choosing a convenient airfield.

If you allowed themselves work to glance at this moment on kitchen and to look narrowly attentively at the aircraft created by the Nature, then would see a small black tochechka on the thread flickering in a ray of sunlight. And if looked narrowly even more attentively, then with surprise would find in a point... eight tiny pads. Very much - very tiny with which “tochechka“ convulsively clasped a spider line.

Small “the parachutist - the paratrooper“, smoothly turned together with the parachute - a thread in dense air as if floating in sea water, was only a spider. The small pauchonok which was born two days ago.

He with surprise, even a fright, looked round on the parties, having seized a saving spider line even more strong.

Absolutely other, new world revealed before his eyes, before its black brilliant eyes. This new world so differed from habitual - to what the spider managed to get used in two days of the still short life.

Instead of violent greens of foliage in the distance he saw smooth lines of walls and kitchen furniture. Instead of the boundless sky with the curly-headed clouds running on the affairs - lambs brilliant eyes found the equal plane of a ceiling somewhere far above. And very strange planet which hanged under it on something like its thread but only is one thousand times larger.

The planet resembled the dome extending from top to bottom. And in a dome the small sun brightly shone. But, of course, the Big Sun outside shone much more brightly.

A parachute - a thread a pauchonka, slowly flying about the new world, almost came very close to a light wall with pretty pink florets. And the pauchonok with surprise found out that all florets as if stood on a meadow in windless weather, actually - drawn, absolutely flat... And it for some reason was upset.

The thread was stuck to a vertical meadow with flat flowers. Pauchonok sat on a thread for about a minute, reflecting what to him to undertake. And though legs became numb, there was no awful wish to leave such habitual, reliable aircraft, the native spider line which became almost the house.

Nevertheless the spider decided - released a silvery thread and bravely stepped one of eight pads into the strange, turned on one side, flat meadow. There, where yet his leg did not go! Everything sometime happens to us for the first time.

Now when the spider could consider a meadow closely, almost in an emphasis, he reminded the eight-armed kid the opened field seen by it yesterday from big height. The huge turned field across which the day before there passed the plow of a small tractor - so it was cut up by uniform grooves with the sticking-out uncombed paper fibers.

Wall-paper which was an okleyana kitchen allowed a spider to move from top to down and from left to right, on one plane, clinging pads to all those roughnesses and roughnesses which to a human eye are simply imperceptible.

And the pauchonok of two days from a sort went to investigate the new world to which it brought its fresh flaw.

“It is destiny“, - the little eight-armed traveler thought, taking a difficult way.

* * *

In half an hour the kid was tired and stopped to have a rest. The spider did not get used to go very much on foot. The pauchyonok spent those two days which he lived after the birth in air, having seized all pads the thread flying at will of wind.

The kid looked round, gleaming eyes - beads. The smooth dome - the planet with the small sun remained somewhere far above, under the sky inside. It is so far that the pauchyonok lost to it interest. Besides he badly saw on such long distances.

Streams of soft light joined this new world through the strange rectangles surrounded with the huge waving webs. Huge, but openwork and very beautiful. The spider did not know that it is window curtains and, of course, strongly was frightened. A spider who weaved an enormous web, it was thought to him, can eat easily the whole one thousand such will teach how I... It, probably, is impossible an enormous spider!.

At this moment the soil under legs of the little traveler shuddered. From surprise it nearly fell from a wall. Still, still blow... Concussions became more severe.

“Accident!“ - the kid thought, - “The real earthquake!.“

From a mysterious subsoil of a dark rectangle opposite to a window entered the new world of our traveler infinitely huge shadow, so big that it could not be captured one look. The scared spider contracted, the tiny heart was hasty hammered into breasts... From darkness on light, heavy feet sodrogy walls and all around, appeared a strange enormous being... with four paws!.

A spider, in all eyes examining a giant, gradually calmed down. The giant has only four paws, but not eight, as at it. And on big, as the planet, the head only two eyes. Though each of these eyes in hundreds, thousands of times is larger than the pauchonk.

The little traveler, having stood, was all eyes on the slow movements of the giant. His top paws hung over a plateau, we prostilavshitsya directly before a spider.

It was very equal plateau, the real mountain plain, with the direct edges which were promptly breaking down in an empty foggy chasm.

To the hill sparkling numerous sides or the rock in the middle of the plain protyanylas one paw of a giant. On a paw the pauchonok made out five long thick and clumsy feelers that came to an end with almost flat, slightly rounded off, brilliant platforms.

A deafening rustle of the rock falling under feelers - and here from the ruins glinting in the sun seemed zolotisto - a brown surface... something, disappearing under the brilliant disappeared sides... surface of the internal hill!. It appears - oh, a miracle! - in the sparkling rock there was other hill, the real mountain!. Which, besides, smelled very delicious - the sensitive nose of the kid caught almost at once a wave of a pleasant smell.

Meanwhile other paw of a giant brought to a golden crust of this, most likely, edible treasure the strip sparkling metal on the wooden handle.

When the sunbeam ran on the long strip as if the lightning flashed before eyes of a spider. Flashed so brightly that the kid squealed and blinked. “And it is possible to go blind,“ - he grumbled.

The metal strip, vzrezav a golden crust a miracle - the hill, bared the attractive porous weight similar to a gentle sponge which besides, springing under metal, exhaled delightful aroma!.

And the pauchonok suddenly understood that it very much wants to eat.

The kid saw how the hugest chunk of fragrant treasure soared in heaven... lifted in air by a paw of a giant. Saw how, having soared, the fragrant chunk approached the planet - the head of a dvuglazy Cyclops and... - oh, horror!. - in the planet the bottomless cave, the entrance to which was surrounded with the huge arches from snow-white squares, yawned. Ranks of squares reminded two mountain chains covered with eternal snow. One of squares sparkled gold. Tasty smelling planet - the hill came very close to them.

... The piece of tasty smelling weight completely disappeared in the slammed cave. The head of a giant a little bit moved, especially in the lower part, then the cave opened again. And in it one more piece, and still disappeared...

The asteroids flying down, having come off the celestial body eaten by a space monster vanished somewhere in a foggy chasm. Where two other paws of a huge being were lost in a gloom. “Probably, this evil deity which devours the Universe“ - the spider thought, and itself was surprised to such thoughts.

And when the giant, shaking the whole world, slowly moved towards a dark rectangle, leaving from the streaming light, the unshakable determination seized the little traveler.

* * *

The kid quickly - so quickly as far as could - went down in a chasm. He wanted to find the fallen stars - the asteroids which avoided a sad fate of the fellows who disappeared in a mouth of the space giant.

* * *

There passed a lot of time before the spider reached a bottom - the fact that it seemed to it a bottomless abyss. Before his look which gradually got used to a lack of light the open spaces stretched in the twilight appeared.

Dark-blue squares of fields as if knifed huge, were lost in the infinity which hid the line of the horizon. Here only the daylight remains got. The way to the sun was blocked by the plateau which remained far above, the light plain about which the spider already almost forgot.

The kid, having had a rest a couple of minutes, went down on a slope and stepped into dark-a blue cool surface. It became much more convenient to go. The bothered furrows and the paper fibers similar to a dead grass disappeared.

The fact that from above it seemed accurately cut fields in practice was almost ideally flat soil, similar to rubber.

“What strange badges,“ - having looked to the right, the kid thought, - “they as though spiders, the ridiculous drawn spiders.“ But did not begin to be late, and quickly jumped further. He has a rest and, the most important - at it was an important issue - to find the stars which fell from above - the space crumbs, asteroids which flew by by “a black hole“ which devoured their amicable community, fragrant and a tasty “Brotherhood of a small loaf“ not so long ago...

If the spider was able to read, he would read those, another, being seen on a plateau badges earlier. They covered the color strip surrounding somewhere there above golden a miracle - the hill in the middle of the light plain - a strip with an inscription “Slobozhansky bread“.

And “the ridiculous drawn spiders“ in a corner dark-a blue square among the stretched fields - deprived, however, of all vegetation - could develop in words: “Linoleum. It is made in Poland“.

Soon ahead asteroid outlines - one of those which managed to escape from an all-consuming “black hole“ seemed. But even earlier the spider felt a familiar tasty smell - and appetite was played outright!

All eight pads incurred the little hungry owner at a gallop.

It appears, to a fragrant asteroid not only the spider hurried. From above on low-level flight the dipterous aircraft with two big prominent compound eyes promptly went down.

Each eye was made of hundreds of gloomy gleaming hexagons, like bee honeycombs which from something suddenly ugly were curtailed and darkened.

Drozofilla - and it was she, only the front sight - the drosophila to whom people seldom pay attention - flew by by, having directed to other, larger piece of “a heavenly yum-yum“. Here, on the blue field, big and small asteroids as the god-send, covered literally all space.

Meanwhile a spider, without having noticed passing the dangers, reached skipping a grain asteroid and began to fill with pleasure a mouth fragrant food.

You will shrug shoulders - well what danger the small front sight - the drosophila who is often hanging over compote, bread or the remains of salad in our kitchen can constitute itself?

But it for us.

And for the tiny pauchonk which only was born and such front sight would seem a large predator. It, having only spread wide all eight pads, could - and that hardly - to measure only one millimeter on your ruler.

Of course, the drosophila could become very dangerous to such tiny creation. It is also dangerous to it as an angry donkey or eternally hungry goat for a helpless little mouse. All know that a donkey and a goat - herbivores. But as required both will not disdain a big-bellied trifle, occur it in the path. Especially that that will not be able to protect itself. And easily skhrumkat together with gentle stones.

Mucha - the drosophila was larger in five a pauchonka - six times. And if food was less around, easily could offend eight-armed the baby.

When the spider gorged on a dootvala, found out that he very much wants to sleep. The natural instinct - that is “the curtailed reason“, the invaluable knowledge which got to it in inheritance from far parents and many generations of ancient ancestors - prompted to the kid that it is time to find a safe shelter. A secluded corner where he could take a nap a couple of hours - or more - without being afraid that somebody will have breakfast a little spider.

Having looked back on the parties, sleepy eyes of the kid stopped on the square tower which was seen pootdal. Having raised eyes is higher, the pauchyonok was surprised - the dark tower left somewhere up, is far - far, disappearing in a foggy haze as tops of evening mountains disappear in clouds.

The tiny traveler thought what is there, in height, the tower props up itself a plateau - the light plain on which paws of a giant finished with the brilliant rock. The spider thought what not bad to reconnoiter how many towers conduct upward, but decided to postpone investigation for later. He was too strongly tired and very much wanted to sleep.

Forces was enough only for reaching the bottom of a tower (“or fortresses?“ - the pauchonok thought) and to nestle in deepening between a fortification and dark-the blue plane of the strange field without grass.

The kid fell asleep instantly.

Also it dreamed tasty stars, round planets, the “black hole“ eating the next star... And around asteroids flew and someone with emotion spoke: “Carefully, navigator! The large meteorite approaches us! It is necessary to avoid collisions by all means...“

* * *

Sky... The far sky which is propped up by huge columns. . as if the mighty Atlases who charged an excessive burden the brawny shoulders... The heavenly arch keeps only on their shoulders. And what will be if Atlases weaken if drop the Sky?. What if they want to move a little, having changed the Destiny?

Earthquake... Columns moved, the earth shivers from powerful blows, threatening to break up into parts...

At some moment the spider understood that he wakes up - a tower and a floor under it were shaken from a roar. And absolutely close two columns moved - it they caused “earthquake“. Each of columns rested against dark-a blue surface expanded part with five short outgrowths - feelers. The dream a pauchyonka as if recovered. Columns obviously belonged to that giant with a mouth - “a black hole“.

What huge lower paws, the spider thought, having looked then at the tiny pads. For comparison.

Judging from the fact that towers began to be shaken stronger, than a surface empty dark-blue fields, the giant brought down the power on a plateau - and the pauchonok remembered the light plain. The kid reasonably assumed that on that plain new mountains could appear. Moreover, he drew an important conclusion that, most likely, new mountains and appear on plains after strong earthquakes. But right there straightened out itself, from modesty having mentally replaced the word “conclusion“ to more suitable definition - let it will be “a scientific hypothesis“.

Interestingly, new mountains - they are as tasty how that golden mountain which flew up to “a black hole“ - the planet? That with which tasty asteroids poured? Fragrant asterisks?

And, having remembered that it gathered for investigation, the kid spread up a rough surface of a fortification - or towers, he plainly did not know - spread, dexterously clinging pads serially to one, to other ledges and hollows, cracks and hollows.

Pauchonok was it is full of strength also hopes for bright future.

And unless there is something the best, than hope for the bright future supported with enthusiasm and passion, interest in the real important issue?

Meanwhile the roar stopped. The blows following one by one abated. Concussion of a tower stopped. The monster on two columns left, having disappeared, as well as last time, in a far dark aperture.

And a spider, having been out of breath, reached edge where the tower propped up the mountain plain.

It is necessary to notice that here it was necessary to it hardly. Some time to the kid was necessary to creep headfirst as on a ceiling (that it was easier, it presented itself(himself) a legendary pauchonok - nintszya from the old fairy tale) to round “end of the earth“ - more precisely, the region of the plain - and to get out on the surface which is brightly lit with the sun. What in this hour the sun - small shone or big - he did not notice. Not before was.

“On a feat and the award will be“ - recured to the ancient memory which got by inheritance from ancestors, someone`s words. Honestly, work of a spider was rewarded!

The great Ascension of the little daredevil on steep walls seeming to infinite led to a magnificent feast! Truly, it got on a feast! Open spaces of the light plain stretched before a spider were filled to the line of the horizon!.

In a picturesque disorder around strange rocks, mountains and hills were scattered by someone`s huge hand... some with the dairy rivers and a land of milk and honey!. In places with green coppices and orange polukruzhyam... Tens, hundreds of tasty smelling things of the various sizes and shades!. Whole mountains of food!

Mountains which would be enough for comfortable and full existence of thousands - in any case, millions of spiders! And also their children, grandsons and great-grandsons.

... Well and the sloven this giant, the kid thought.

* * *

In couple of days the spider quite accustomed to the new world. Thoroughly studied giant habits. Found out between times that giants happen different - in sense, the different sizes. Happen almost to the sky (that is almost under a ceiling). Happen slightly less, but to beautiful threads - ropes around the planet - the head. Also there are absolutely small giants - velikanchik to planets (that is the heads) less.

The spider compared them to comets - those had a light tail fluttering on solar wind too. Still the eight-armed inhabitant of the new world learned that threads - the ropes surrounding in a set of the planet - the heads, are called hairdresses.

One of giants was as the spider guessed, the Woman. It especially beautifully arranged a hairdress. A thread - ropes so smoothly and measuredly waved when it cut the grain rock that the lovely sight is simple. The spider just fell into the trance as hypnotized when he was on it all eyes.

There were also other giants - velikanchik. Their heads - planets were less though eyes seemed well very big. Perhaps, because were closer to a spider - almost over the plain.

Yes, the pauchonok studied many habits of beings - owners of the new world. Also adapted to them.

The trouble was given only by small giants. They too often moved paws, crushing tasty asteroids on the plain of a table. And from others skatyvat the large spheres similar to the Moon.

When to kitchen there arrived velikanchik, the kid headlong took to heels, quickly touching all eight pads. To manage to hide in twilight of that region of the plain where paws - feelers seldom came. Here over his head the infinite eaves lasting to the left and to the right hung. The eaves were lost in the distance and were called a window sill. But it is the kid learned later.

Yes, in such cases it is the best of all to run away. It is senseless to battle against giants - it not Don Quixote. Though who such Don Quixote, the spider could not remember how he tried. “God helps those who help themselves“, - someone`s ancient thought when the kid bolted at full speed from quick paws of the velikanchik rummaging on the plain recured to the memory.

* * *

Despite great variety of the dangers trapping a pauchonka in the new world it was pleasant to it here. It was full and happy. And even he is grateful to giants - it thanks to them here, on the boundless plain, such tasty mountains appear!

And set of tasty things more small.

Life, undoubtedly, is fine and surprising, the spider thought, maturing not on days, and on hours. He promptly gained weight, increasing in sizes. Also felt how increases forces in his growing pads.

Happy cloudless days passed one by one. Travel to a gloomy chasm was gradually forgotten. Also it that just these days unpleasant harmful flies entered serene life of a spider should happen.

* * *

The kid observed strange aircraft in air earlier. Flying objects unknown by the kid. They rushed extensively over the plain which is filled up with tasty asteroids - meteorites. Devices from time to time froze up over one of the fallen asteroids, sat down, then again soared up into the sky.

Their compound eyes did not show any interest to a pauchonka.

But in one day everything sharply changed.

* * *

One morning the kid woke up from softer gait. On kitchen the Woman - the giantess with beautiful golden ringlets entered. A spider, having wiped eyes, some time simply admired from - under window sill eaves the smooth movements of the Woman. As if watched an ezheutrenny TV series.

But here its movements became wider. They occupied all plain covered with tasty crumbs, asteroids, rocks and hills. Mountains got to the transparent rustling covers and rose somewhere up and aside. Asteroids disappeared under equal waves of the huge piece of matter reminding a multi-colored rough network - probably, for catching of whales. The network was weaved from fat as logs, but flexible ropes. The rough network promptly and inevitably crept on the plain, leaving for itself the flat damp desert similar to a smooth surface sea during a calm.

The spider with horror presented that would be, spend the night it there, among hills. And for disorders felt brutal hunger. And at once understood that it had a problem. And not one.

In - the first, tasty asteroids, mountains, and with them and numerous crumbs disappeared. What now he will eat?

The second problem dived with spiteful hum on the desert plain. Angry lack of food, aircraft were in the air. Compound eyes sparkled in sunshine, scanning a surface. They looked for food. They, as well as a spider, were hungry. The kid understood that he had dangerous rivals.

One of drosophilas - aircraft as you remember, were than other as usual (for us) flies - dived by eaves directly on a spider. But missed. The kid was rescued by brilliant reaction - he managed to jump aside aside, spruzhiniv all eight pads, and disappeared in a deep shadow.

The spider, of course, grew up lately. But nevertheless the fly still surpassed it in sizes. And still constituted danger. The furious drosophila who attacked on a pauchonka was approximately twice larger.

Having recovered the breath and having recovered, the kid began to argue. Here it is dangerous. There is no food. Means, it is necessary to move off in searches of the better life.

In a brain the scary word from the ancient memory presented by an instinct and ancestors - “Emigration flashed...“

I the kid went to a way.


He went along eaves, trying to remain in the shadow.

As if rocks hung over it, storing from possible danger, from the spiteful flying creatures. They buzzed on the right, crossing the sky on fancy trajectories. Compound eyes of these dipterous robbers promptly went down to the surface of the plain which is drying up under the sun, so quickly soared up up.

There came hunger. The spider felt it all sections growing up - and persistently demanding food - bodies. The growing organism prevailed. Here only the pauchonok could not offer anything to it yet.

The kid still went forward. Went long. The sunlight died away. Moreover, light managed to grow dim in his eyes. For hunger and fatigue.

There came evening.

And - here it, long-awaited good luck!. The spider came across the crumb gone under eaves. The kid was inexpressibly lucky! The grain crumb was much more small than those hills near which the pauchyonok got used to eat. Much more small than the hills and asteroids still yesterday filling with themselves all boundless plain.

It was even less crumb - a pauchonka.

But for a magnificent dinner and it was enough!

* * *

The next morning the kid woke up in excellent mood. It was supported with the remains of a dinner and thought of vicissitudes of life. Here, not you will curtail into those gate, you will choose an incorrect way - and falsities are provided.

Or to take giants. On the one hand, supplied a pauchyonka with plentiful and tasty food, to it were nice. But, on the other hand, they turned the fertile plain into the desert. And for a spider now, with abundance disappearance, there came hard times.

Having estimated this way and that, the kind kid decided that giants in general deserve respect and indulgence. And thanks, of course.

Spiders are not vindictive. Spiders remember good.

The roar and noise which filled with themselves, appear, the whole world around announced coming - all velikanye a family was assembled.

Over shivering from concussion and vibration by the smooth plain faces - planets seemed, moved, like the flying comets, hands of giants, the scared-away hordes of the frightened drosophilas. Aircraft, feverishly shining compound eyes, rushed who somewhere soaring up into heavenly heights, being hammered into cracks on corners.

Suddenly as if on wave of a magic wand, in the middle of the infinite plain long-awaited mountains in the transparent, so pleasantly rustling cover grew... and again began to smell fried... forgive, again began to smell comfortable full life!

Hands of giants accurately cut fragrant grain rocks. The spider did not look is captivated as earlier in what “black holes“ pieces with a golden crust disappear. Meteor showers rushed in space to the right and on the left, literally forcing down from legs - the couple of asteroids flew up to the kid less, having overturned it on a back.

Grain meteors were small, besides very easy and did not cause to a spider of any mutilations. He instantly jumped on all eight pads, is dashing spruzhiniv, and that is called on halfbent, rushed to the next “gift of heaven“.

Eating greedily a sudden entertainment, the kid remembered the expression “god-send“ stored in a secret corner of hereditary memory.

And so what is it, “god-send“!

* * *

“God-send“ not just satisfied hunger. Having sated the kid, it granted him feeling of happiness. Good presentiments did not deceive. The spider joyfully looked at the world the happy shining eyes! In total - if to ponder as it is necessary for us for happiness a little! To feel “in the plate“, the spider thought.

And right there bethought - well light a wedge did not agree on food. There are things more important, more sublime... For example, divine origin of giants.

Probably, the kid thought, they are immortal. Also are very clever. They are such big. The huge space bodies existing from time immemorial in the infinite Universe have to be almost eternal, probably...

And while he thought about sublime and even slightly - slightly divine, the unusual fly suddenly came into the view. It seemed larger and more dark than others. Moved somehow clumsily, reeling as if it was drunk or sick.

Hands of giants were active over the next grain mountain absolutely close from a suspicious fly, smearing with a huge metal strip something is bright - yellow on the crumbling chunks. Metal brightly flashed under sun beams, but even it is not strong a scarecrow a fly.

It only awkwardly flew away aside, absolutely nearby.

Right there to return.

The kid distinctly felt the danger proceeding from a gloomy winged being. Danger not only to, but also to giants with whom sympathized. Pauchonok decided to approach as it is possible closer even if with risk for life and to understand a situation.

The risk for the kid, of course, was. The spider was too small, and people could crush him incidentally, just without having noticed.

The kid moved on the plain fast dashes. Hiding behind one, behind other subject. The plain was covered with small and large asteroids.

At last it managed to approach almost closely a strange fly. Having carefully looked out from - for friable a grain asteroid (a usual grain crumb, you will tell), began to watch the gloomy winged ugly creature exceeding its sizes, at least, in three or four times attentively.

A fly, rocking as drunk, snipped off from the tasty rock one, other piece. And right there dropped them from ugly shaggy paws. It seemed to a spider that the winged creature is not hungry, and acts this way from stupid primitive greed.

Or for harm.

And here the kid made out something, the caused horror and disgust.

The movement on a body of “the winged witch“ which is just noticed by it was made by the small beings in a set creeping on a belly and a back of a disgusting winged creature. The surface of a body of a fly literally teemed with disgusting microbes - the spider could not be at other loss for words (though whether there were they the real microbes, or what other infection - what difference? They were dangerous, and this is important. Very much, are very dangerous! - the spider understood).

Legions of pathogenic microbes serially or packs slipped on the shaggy, covered with hooks, mushiny paws on the plain of a table, inevitably approaching grain deposits. Microbes as if the brainless heartless cruel cars programmed by the zombie crept towards the grain rock.

Worthless infectious creations, the kid suddenly realized, obviously sought to get with food in divine bodies of such kind and good giants.

This clear thought a lightning flashed in a brain. And before an internal look of the kid who grew cold with horror the dreadful picture of a doomsday was developed... It presented for a minute as the Woman who fed up a spider, having caught spiteful microbes in unconsciousness falls on a floor... as her look as if the radiating soft magic light grows dull... as her huge beautiful eyes in a frame of the long bent eyelashes are closed forever...

The kid, trembling all over, all eight pads, presented how the fatal illness affects other gods from a velikany family...

It seemed to a spider earlier that gods - giants are immortal. Or rather, he not especially thought of it. And here the horror captured it at one thought that to all - such habitual and favourite world - there can come the end...

The ice horror poured over the kid as if falls, from top to toe, from thought that giants with the big-eyed velikanchik can disappear, can die...

The spider was a courageous and resolute guy. The decision came to it instantly. Only correct decision!

It was headlong thrown to the shuddered winged witch and managed to swell up her on a back earlier, than dark wings lifted a whirlwind.

Already in air the kid seized the monster by a lean neck - the only weak spot of a monster - and began to tear very much, turning aside from without restraint the clicking jaws.

The eight-armed man of courage tried to break off the fabric tying the ugly head with a humpbacked body. From all tried to interrupt this communication - in literal and figurative sense.

From whirl and stinking waves exhaled in flight by a fly - the witch, at a spider the head began to spin.

He managed to make one more movement, having broken off some important nerve or an artery on a neck of the monster... and the battling ball, having shuddered in a death agony, failed on the peace grain plain...

* * *

Having regained consciousness, the spider moved one pad, then another... the third, fifth... the eighth. It was convinced that it is whole. The consciousness came back to it through thatMang of dizziness. The kid felt very nasty. Simply preparshivo. It felt sick. All body hurt from cuts and bruises.

Weakness slowly released the shivering little body.

Having finally recovered, the spider oriented in space and went to the place where fight began. Fight to the death.

First of all he rushed to the grain rock on which tens of small infectious creatures managed to creep. The kid ruthlessly pressed and trampled down these deadly microbes of one behind another, did not clear all rock of an infection yet.

Also made it in time.

Because the huge hand, having closed the sky, picked up the grain rock - the spider hardly managed to jump aside aside - and transferred a piece of bread to hands to the smallest velikanchik.

The big-eyed velikanchik, appear, noticed a spider - the savior. But it is for certain difficult to approve it.

Anyway, the sonny of giants with appetite ate bread and butter which seemed to a spider a far-out planet now.

However early was to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Early was to calm down. The spider found for all small infection which managed to slip before fight from the winged monster, and crushed each of these small creatures. Then, having slightly recovered the breath, returned to a prostrate monster, and destroyed all infection around. “Microbes“ abandoned the izdokhnuvshy monster as if the rats deserting a sinking ship.

And only when the kid was convinced that an infection it is finished once and for all that the family of giants is rescued - he dared to leave under eaves. The spider was terribly tired in a day. In a day full of a feat and fight. But he did not think of it. He conveniently curled up a ball and sighed.

People never learn how they close were to danger of death. Never learn that are entirely obliged by the rescue to the little eight-armed hero. “But unless it is important?“ - the sleepy thought flew at a spider.

The little man of courage slept, having turned in the got tired pads under a tummy. Slept tight and without dreams.

He knew well that tomorrow the new day full of pleasures and cares will come. Full of life.

And that everything will be good now.