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What is a fasting day? Those who is busy with a physical activity article cannot and read

. And here that who is heavier than a computer mouse of nothing the whole day held in hand, perhaps, it will be useful to learn that one - two days without food are called fasting days. That is it not starvation. Starvation begins somewhere after five days without food.

From a school course of biology it is known that the food passes through intestines approximately within two days. So if we will not begin to eat one day food, then it does not mean that it is not in intestines also to an organism to eat there is nothing. The food in intestines is, and the organism it will be simple to be eaten up. Well will be it slightly - slightly less, but it will be. For this reason one-day abstention from food is also not starvation.

So, we begin. On the eve of a fasting day instead of a dinner we drink a glass - another of kefir (without bread). Next day everything goes as usual, only without food. But with the increased liquid consumption: mineral waters, tea (without sugar). It is better to refrain from everyones “stake“ and an other peel of a civilization. Water, tea and all!

And if it wants to eat? Yes so that nevterpyozh? As it will want, so we speak to ourselves: “Everything is all right, today unloading“, also we drink liquid. And in order that these words worked, we will remember the childhood. That mother, the father, the grandmother spoke: “It is necessary to eat well, otherwise you will not grow up“. That is we were constantly adjusted on food. And when we grew up, began to explain to us that it is regularly necessary to eat, otherwise there will be problems with a stomach. And it is necessary to accept food three times a day, and it is better four - five. In other words, inspired in us fear concerning lack of food. In other words, not hunger torments us, and fear!

The fact that we take for hunger, only fear of hunger . Means, it is all about psychology. In a spirit. Also it is necessary, only - navsy, to change a spirit. It is necessary to be adjusted in advance on the fact that if we spend day without food, to us there will be nothing bad.

So before arranging a fasting day, it is necessary to be adjusted on it, to be prepared morally. It is very important. It is possible to prepare even several days. For example, to plan it in a week ahead. To choose such day in which there will be no big mental loadings. Actually correct, quiet psychological spirit conducts to success.

In the fasting day I stand on kitchen, I fry vegetable marrows, I pour them a chesnochok. And as appetizingly they hiss on a frying pan! And I do not eat them and I do not hunger any attacks. It is all about a spirit. I can cook also soup and even to try, all the same it will not beat out me from psychological balance. But I so do not recommend to do to beginning “razgruzochnik“. Means, the food should be cooked in advance that to a fasting day to come to kitchen only for a food warming up.

And what will be after a fasting day? First of all we will get up on scales, naturally, at the same time and regularly. And, about a miracle, the kilogram as did not happen! And now about food after unloading. We eat as usual! Without adding, otherwise there was no need to take for a ride. On it it is necessary to be adjusted too in advance.

And what feeling of ease and good mood! Inflow directly of forces.

You noticed that about the unloading I wrote a little, and about psychological preparation - almost all article. Indeed. The reason is that our “civilized“ way of life intimidated us all the time. Parents, school, doctors, mass media - all of them frightened us by hunger. And we began to be afraid. And if to cease to be afraid of hunger, then life will become quieter at once. Well did not eat, and anything terrible. There is no fear - there are no diseases.

In passing about harm to eat “cold food“. Yes, it is harmful if I go plainly not to chew. And if it is on - yogovsk, i.e. to chew until it does not become liquid , and only after that to swallow, then it is possible and to eat with no drink, and the stomach at the same time will remain healthy. However, time it is spent on such, correct, I go much more. Well here it is necessary to choose, what is more important.

That`s all, pleasant unloading!