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Black color - to carry or not to carry?

U of each of us are, at least, one familiar person who constantly goes in black. Often speak about such people: “In the winter and in the summer in one color“. Why they give preference to such clothes? In what its feature?

Black color always attracted views of people around. Not for nothing in all centuries the fatal beauty was associated with the burning brunette. The image of the woman dressed in a long black dress with high cuts and an open back excites imaginations of men not one decade. It is the most sexual dress which is found in cinema and literature.

Now it is difficult to imagine that black color till the 20th century had no such popularity. It was brought into fashion by the famous designer - the fashion designer Coco Chanel in 1926. She created a small black dress as a reminder on the tragicly died beloved. Nobody then could think that black color can enter so for a long time into the world industry of fashion and from year to year not give in. Around the world such coloring is the most demanded. Millions of the people different in age and a social status give it preference. Now it is difficult to imagine any display of the famous fashion designer without presence of dresses of black color at it.

The demand of a certain color of clothes first of all depends on a season. The clothes of all shades of black color in the oseena - the winter period are especially popular. The reason for that - its practicality. In the fall when a rain and slush, it is difficult to support a tidy look of clothes of light tones. In the summer, on the contrary, demand for black color falls as dark shades attract sunshine and to wear such clothes in a clear, sunny day quite uncomfortablly. And despite it, adherents of classics remain are faithful to black color always, during any time of year. So it developed that adjectives black and classical are synonyms in our perception long ago.

Besides, big plus of black clothes also that it is actual always and everywhere. As black is neutral color, it is in harmony with any other clothes. It is possible to characterize it as “a lot of things in small“. Putting on a black dress, it is not necessary to select long an accessory or ornament under it. With such clothes any ornament looks perfectly, whether it be gold, silver, a thread of pearls or an amber beads.

The black strict dress is an indicator of excellent taste and sense of style for a long time, it became a standard of elegance and luxury. If you want to stand out from the crowd and at the same time not to look vulgar - give preference to this dress. Why black dress? The answer is simple. This color slims and designates the accurate line of a silhouette. But in it its danger is also covered. Black, depicting body contours, can mark out all cambers, including those which need to be hidden from public eyes. Therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of a similar dress with care.

Insidiousness of this color also that it does skin of brighter what not always decorates the woman. For example, if the woman aged, then each her wrinkle even if small and imperceptible sometimes, it becomes visible as if under magnifying glass. Therefore there is an opinion that the black hair color ages. This is true, but not all should be afraid of it. If the woman is by nature an owner of swarty skin and brown eyes, then having recoloured hair in black color, she will not break harmony in the shape, will not lose a natural look and will not emphasize small shortcomings of skin. It is necessary to avoid painting of hair in black color only to women with light skin as even insignificant reddening on a face will be very noticeable against contrast black hair.

And still be not afraid of black color! If you feel comfortable in such clothes - do not change the style. It is only necessary to remember that black color special, it is similar to expensive good wine, the main thing governed - to know when to stop and be able correctly to use.