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Ksenia Godunova is the martyr or sacred?

tonsured her in the nun under the name of Olga... What she thought in the last night before postrigy in a close cell of Goritsky Monastery of? What remembered? About the serene years of youth? About unfortunate love? About the lost parents? About terrible days of humiliation? Or about what forever leaves the wordly name? A name Ksenia …

Ksenia, Boris Godunov`s daughter, the beauty, the clear head, the enviable bride and the skillful needlewoman, hoped that she will avoid her fate of predecessors, daughters of the Russian tsars whose way was always one - the monastery. Ksenia it was dreamed of another and the father trained her for another. And here as it developed, the destiny bypassed, gave it for monastery walls on Beloozere far from Moscow. Against the will it appeared here, against the will decided to depart from wordly affairs...

Ksenia Borisovna Godunova in 1582 was born . Got a fine education for those times. Here the father tried, employed for the children - Ksenia and her brother - the best teachers.

And what beauty was! Dark-haired, with dense, long braids, white, with a ruddy face, big black eyes and scarlet lips. Growth was an average, a body appetizing. Generally, the best sample of the Russian beauty.

Only in private life it was not lucky. Could not marry in any way. Grooms refused it, died directly before a wedding, were such rascals, as most such is not necessary.

In an amicable way, it then to the monastery to go. But did not want - life loved, for luck still hoped. And it was willful too. Not without reason in it Malyuta Skuratov`s blood flew, a granddaughter to him was. And from how many misfortunes it would be protected, go it after death of the groom to the monastery.

And yes the death of the father was necessary to worry, and murder of mother with the brother, and humiliations that fell to her lot from the “tsar Dmitry Ivanovich“ famous who appeared from nowhere in the history under the name of Grishka Otrepyev. It is only possible to assume that Ksenia worried, having become the concubine at the person who killed the closest with her people.

Now accuse Ksenia that she bore all humiliations that did not take the own life, and it was profaned to the villain that it did not kill the pseudo-tsar, though had opportunities. It is simple to accuse - more difficult to understand. Whether hoped that all - will become the Russian queen? Whether bore plans to sweep? Or weakness female showed? To learn never about it.

The queen it was not fated to become her. Marina Mnishek, the daughter of the Polish voivode, the bride, and then the wife, False Dmitriy, the first woman crowned in Russia did not allow it. At one time Marina Mnishek doubted whether to go her for the groom to whom secretly became engaged in Krakow, to wild Russia. And as learned about communication him with the former tsarevna, fast jerked to Moscow and got married to the called tsar on the Russian custom.

And Ksenia to the monastery banished. In Voskresensky Goritsky Monastery on Beloozer where tonsured her in the nun under the name of Olga. And twenty three years were it then. Said that in the monastery she gave birth to the son from False Dmitriy, but documentary this fact is not recorded anywhere.

But also after leaving from the world did not leave her pursuing misfortunes. It is visible, the destiny was such - martyr. In Goritsky Monastery the nun Olga spent about a year, and then by order of Vasily Shuysky who expelled from False Dmitriy`s throne translated her closer to Moscow, in Uspensky Knyaginin the monastery, with all privileges and honors appropriate to it.

And in a year the nun Olga stayed in the Trinity - Sergiyevy Monastery where Boris Godunov`s remains and his families were reburied. Also it that in it it is a high time should have happened the Polish troops of Sapegi, the hetman of army Marina Mnishek attacked the monastery. It was not succeeded to take the monastery to it, but kept it in a siege nearly sixteen months. And the nun Olga had to have this awful time in it. The death for hunger, diseases, lack of water - all this was seen by the former tsarevna. Even itself was dying once.

After removal of a siege waited for Olga a new misadventure. Being in the Novodevichy Convent, it underwent violence of the dispersed drunk Cossacks of boyars - the traitors under Ivan Zarutsky`s leadership who rushed into the monastery. The woman intended to become a queen, fell prey of drunk men.

The nun Olga in the Vladimir Uspensky Knyagininy monastery where she died in 1622 at the age of forty years spent the last years. Having executed the last will of the tsarevna, buried her near a family in the Trinity - Sergiyevy Monastery.