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Yabchanka. What to feed children during a summer heat with?

For a start - what the dish with such interesting name is. Yabchankoy our neighbors - Ukrainians call the cold, wiped (rather dense) sweet apple soup filled with a semolina.

I learned this interesting recipe quite recently. Wrote somehow article about the Hungarian option of cold milk fruit soup, and in a branch of its discussion one of readers shared, well-known since children`s times. Like, during a summer heat when having not felt hungry at all, mother often prepared for us a yabchanka. And we ate it and extolled. Moreover and the additive was asked!

Additive? Children? Not to force those which during a heat any arrangements is?! Well, it also intrigued me. I inquired different culinary details, took and prepared.

And precisely. Result as it seemed to me, approximately the same about which the reader spoke. Eat! Children eat this soup during a summer heat. And it is enough willingly.

Here I also decided to paint this recipe. You never know, it can will be to the taste not only to my children?

So to prepare a yabchanka, it will be necessary for us :

- three large, sour or turned sour - sweet on taste of apple, for example, of Semirenko`s grades, the Rennet, Champion or Slava Pobeditelyam;

- 1,5 liters of water;

- 100 - 150 g of sour cream (on four - five portions);

- semolina tablespoon;

- two tablespoons of sugar;

- half of white long loaf;

- 50 - 75 g of butter.

Well and, as usual, salt without which not to do, and cinnamon - to taste.

First of all we remove a skin from apples. A store product and what there in it except wax - who knows?

And if apple from the garden? Here, just from a branch it is broken … in this case personally I too a skin from apple would cut off

I. In soup firm parts of a peel to anything, and here if it and the pieces which remained after we cut each of apples in half and we clean them from sunflower seeds and partitions, to put in separate capacity, to fill in with abrupt boiled water and to allow 10 - 15 to be drawn minutes. On a result at us drink with the pleasant, refreshing sourness will turn out. To taste - is not worse than the most modern cold chayov at all. And here on usefulness surpassing them if not much, then many times.

But drink is a by-product. Let it cost, cools down, and we all - will be engaged in a yabchanka.

We slice the halves of apples cleaned from sunflower seeds and partitions thin. We put them in a pan and we fill in with water. We bring to boiling, we add sugar, slightly - slightly prisalivay, we diminish fire and we boil on slow fire of minutes 15.

We part a tablespoon of a semolina in a cup with liquid which can be taken from a saucepan with apples, and, stirring slowly, by a thin stream it is poured in almost ready compote in just divorced grain. Again - we bring to boiling, we diminish fire to small and... we cook even minutes 15 - 20. All this time future soup it is necessary to stir slowly occasionally that the semolina did not skomkovatsya and did not stick to a bottom.

Though with grain it is possible to arrive and in a different way. Slightly more simply. It is simply accurate to scatter it a thin layer on a surface of already thickened wiped apples soup, to stir that grain was evenly distributed on all volume of liquid, and minutes already everything together to boil ten on slow fire.

In those days when our mothers knew nothing about mixers and blenders yet, already cooked apples wiped with a wooden spoon, having cast away them on a sieve. Then the wiped weight was returned on the former place, in a saucepan, to that liquid in which before and apple slices cooked. I brought some technical improvements in this process.

For a start we determine by taste of a semolina and apples - whether our dish is ready? If yes - we add a little cinnamon, we turn on the blender and we lower its knives in a saucepan. In a couple of minutes in it there will be a homogeneous mass of moderately dense opaque soup. Quicker and not worse, than through a traditional sieve.

Only, it is necessary that from a liquid surface to edge of a pan there were some more centimeters. Otherwise can closely seem to the funnel created from rotation of knives of the blender in crockery capacity. And she will surely try “to jump out“ on a plate. Where it does not fit at all. So let it better remains where we temporarily registered it. In a saucepan. Especially as time to set aside the crockery container with already almost ready soup from a plate already came.

For now it cools down - we prepare toasts. For what we cut half-long loaf on cubes with a side of centimeter 1,5 - 2 and we spread them on a frying pan with already kindled butter. Minutes 10-15 on fire of average force, at regular stirring and all. Toasts are ready.

As soon as they will cool down, and soup will be cooled in the refrigerator, then they can be united in one plate. In which center previously, a small white iceberg, it is necessary to put a sour cream spoon. And already then around this white hillock to scatter a generous hand toasts … And before all together, amicably to undertake spoons, to wish each other “pleasant apatite“.

What I with great pleasure also do: bon appetit!