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Let`s learn to be on friendly terms with a stress?

“Using“ a stress in certain quantities, the person enriches the life with various emotions. In what way to answer a stressful situation, depends only on it.

One from a problem run and bury the head in sand, and others - will mobilize the forces and receive real benefit. Not for nothing one of the main qualities of the applicant for important vacancy employers call “resistance to stress“.

Here only resilience to these processes at all different. Here an important role is played by character and temperament, education and customs of that country, where do you live. Modern life is full of stresses therefore each of us has to own knowledge of psychological protection.

The easiest way to get rid of a stress - to react to it. When to us it is terrible or we are angry with someone, the organism produces such hormones as adrenaline and noradrenaline, preparing us for active actions. As a result pressure increases, pulse and breath becomes frequent, changes vodno - salt balance of blood, the person is given the In Fight! command.

And what occurs in reality? We do not dare to react and splash out correctly emotions, we accumulate hormones in ourselves, and together with them irritation and fatigue which promote emergence of a number of psychosomatic diseases. Among which there is sleeplessness, headaches, obesity, anemia, heart attacks, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a depression and many others.

The stress has the symptoms as a usual disease:

unexpectedly arisen feeling of loneliness and uncertainty in;

mood swings in a short period;

small appetite, concern, fatigue, frustration of a dream;

self-checking loss, communication violation of the rules.

People are not able to operate a stress yet, but to notice signals of the organism and in time we are able to reduce impact on it of stressoobrazuyushchy factors.

There are different ways of fight against a stress. As well as usual treatment, it is necessary to apply them in a complex. Timely rest, good nutrition, positive thinking, laughter, and also “a positive stress“ help to strengthen psychological health.

What is it? It is trampolining, a cold shower after a bath, a karaoke, an aquapark, attractions and all those actions that the emotions by means of a voice allow you to express. Shout - magic stress medicine. Remember how many words of offense and rage are not told aloud! All of them remained in us. Shout, and everything will pass!

Breath is considered one more effective remedy of prevention of intensity. Which of us is able to breathe correctly? Breath allows to cope with various psychological problems and neurosises. For example, slow and deep breath helps to relax, and frequent, on the contrary, makes active your vital forces and invigorates.

It is impossible to hide from a stress, but it is possible to learn to live it with the minimum losses for the health!