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“People Ickx: First class“. “Caribbean Crisis“ for the smallest?

History of film versions of the famous marvelovsky comic book “People Ickx“ last eleven years, from the moment of emergence in 2000 of the first tape with the name of the same name which became the progenitress of long-playing film series. The first four parts anyway connected with the person of the producer of the first movie Bryan Singer managed to earn for the above-stated period in world hire nearly one and a half billion dollars and to lead “people X“ to the class of one of the most recognizable characters of comics on the planet.

What is interesting, since 2009 the franchize began to develop in the roundabout ways. The matter is that, despite record-breaking high collecting the third part, “Ickx`s People: The last fight“, the audience was extremely disappointed with a trequel. Here such deadlock collision - nearly half a billion collecting and a low rating. Most of actors refused to participate in the future continuation, and the studio 20th Century Fox was forced to look for new ways to reanimate a profitable product.

The solution was found quickly. The same Singer suggested to create backs - off (branch from the main plot) which main character had to be the central character of “Ickx`s People“ the Glutton performed by charismatic Hugh Jackman. No sooner said than done. In 2009 movie theaters the tape “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“ comes out. Financial side does not please again, the picture did not even manage to reach 400 million, and the audience lowered it in a rating even below of “The last fight“. It became obvious that creators chose an incorrect way of development of series.

It would seem, on it it was worth calming down. But to throw a pot of gold? No way. If the main plot ended, and certain heroes do not cause in audience of enthusiastic peep any more, it was worth thinking up something else. It the prequel (background) which statement put Mathew Vaughan, the director of the razzing fairy tale “Star Dust“ and the hooligan comic book “Fuck-up“ “still“ began to manage. And what from this turned out?

… Beginning of the sixtieth of the last century. Race of arms between superstates, the USA and the USSR, led to a point after which the Third inevitably has to begin world, now nuclear, war. These events were included into the annals of history under the name “Caribbean Crisis“. And it is no wonder that key figures in development of this conflict of “people X“ steel who were called then just mutants.

The former nazi figure Sebastian Sho (Kevin Beykon) decided to use dangerous opposition of two nuclear states, he hopes to receive benefit from bloody war which he provokes all make-shifts. Sho is not just the upstart and the skillful schemer, he also possesses superabilities to absorb energy and surrounded himself with so gifted characters: the artful telepathist Emma Frost, the devil from a snuffbox Azazel and one more companion able to cause a tornado and to make other wind focuses.

On the way the beginning dictator has two: young scientist Charles Xavier (James Makevoy) and former prisoner of a concentration camp Eric Lesherr (Michael Fassbender). At the last with Sho personal scores because that killed his mother in due time. These two get under a cap of CIA which helps them to make team from similar. Two warring parties will meet in the most critical for mankind history the moment to try forces. However people in the person of politicians and military do not intend to reckon with mutants at all. It is much simpler to them to eliminate threat in a germ, than to look for consensuses …

Ya “People Ickx honestly reconsidered all four previous parts“, but any of them did not cause in me rough delight. In fact, all four movies sing the same song about the angry small fry that in every possible way oppress mutants and refuse to them self-realization and silent existence on advantage of society. Disorder and swaying also reigns in a camp of mutants: Charles Xavier, he is professor Ickx, tries to reconcile with human rejection, patiently spreading good and showing stoical tolerance to human defects. His opponent Eric Lesherr, he Magnito, on the contrary, considers that mutants are a superrace which does not need to kowtow and be humiliated. He prefers to advocate the interests by means of violence and tactics of intimidation, including concerning the brothers - mutants from ranks of followers of professor Ickx.

And so all four movies. As exception it is possible to consider nominally backs - off about the Glutton where it is told about an origin of this character, though there the same notes sound from time to time and thoughts of need of tolerance and political correctness are preached.

Such position of authors does not cause sympathy. Trying to cause not feeling of white envy, but pity and tolerance to superheroes, creators of the franchize that is called saw a bough on which conveniently sit. It is asked, for what reason the viewer has to sympathize with the beings capable to fly, turn into a toad, and possessing inhuman force and reason? Only because “the rich cry too“? Is not present, dismiss. One business to look at infinite throwings of “spiderman“ who cannot get on with own inner self in any way. But that to us, ordinary people, before experiences of the blue girl who at desire can become anyone and win the world “as two fingers about asphalt“.

Nevertheless authors with persistence, worthy the best application, continue to bend the line and in the prequel “People Ickx: First class“. The only difference from the previous installations is the digression to history urged to shed light on the true reasons of opposition of professor Ickx and Magnito. For the rest the picture repeats practices of predecessors, even without trying to put some original idea to orbit.

As the unconditional advantage of a tape it is possible to consider only work of specialists in special effects who fairly tried to give to a staginess tape. In this plan the fifth movie is not worse than the previous series at all, and in places it is even better, especially, as for mad Azazel (performed by Jason Fleming painted to unrecognizability) and final fight with the flying submarines.

A certain variety a video series is brought by fresh persons. Both James Makevoy, and Michael Fassbender do not cause complaints, and especially brilliant Kevin Beykon who, thanks to the specific appearance, played a great number of bastards and geeks cinema. And in a shot Hugh Jackman for whom creators allocated in a tape tiny kameo can brag of the most effective emergence.

Verdict: the standard comic book with the rejuvenated structure. The vigorous action and professional acting do not rescue from feeling that creators completely settled thoughts and ideas on development of the franchize and desperately try to squeeze out of it the last money. The excellent entertaining movie for one-time viewing, but no more.

Considering that the ending smoothly brings the viewer to events of the movie of the first, about continuation and the speech cannot be though lately the Hollywood studios sin not only infinite sequels, but also restarts. I hope, this sad destiny “Ickx“ will not concern People and together with the fifth movie these heroes at last will find a pacification.