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How to make life of the elderly relative fascinating and interesting?

If you not the pupil of orphanage, you have to face a problem of leisure of the aging relatives sooner or later. The person who is hotly loved by you who made so much for you when was younger and stronger suddenly appears in a situation when his world, is once such immense, begins to be narrowed promptly to the sizes of the street, yard, apartment. Not everyone is capable to take out stoically it, without transferring the disappointment on people around.

As often it is necessary to hear from acquaintances: “She (he) all the time demands communication, and I come from work any, me not before talk. Well, of course, offenses“. As episodes with Melnikov`s mother in the movie “Let`s Live till Monday“ are precisely built! When the teacher performed by V. Tikhonov, incarnate idea of the real intellectual, in response to a question of mother (O. Zhiznev) as there passed it day, the broken voice bellows: “There is not a theater!“ And there will come time when each such failure is remembered with shame and pain …

the Situation is aggravated if the elderly person remains one ambassador of many decades of marriage in which spouses literally “grow together“ with each other. Also cases when active old men suddenly lose habitual mobility are frequent and involuntarily begin to take offense at all who can go and go. They have nothing to tell us, there is nothing to share; and really it seems to us that our day which is represented to them locked within four walls so saturated and fascinating passed rutinno and tiresomely.

All this very often leads to strain of relations, tears, even to contentions which can be avoided, helping the elderly person to make leisure by more various. Modern life provides enormous quantity of the technical means helping to brighten up the compelled loneliness. But if the young man, temporarily or constantly deprived of mobility, easily gets a circle of contacts on the Internet, old men or cannot make it, or test prejudice against the World wide web. However and on the Internet there are other fish in the sea.

I tried to generalize experience of the acquaintances and own and to list some ways of the help in the organization of leisure of elderly relatives though, undoubtedly, it is only small part of what we can make for them.

the TV

For many elderly people the TV - the great friend. Though the younger generation sometimes irritates enthusiasm of grandmothers for series, it is necessary to belong to it more tolerantly, it is possible even to discuss sometimes some serial peripetias. And it is possible to advise other program - about travel, music, animal.

It is worse if the person does not watch TV. It happens for the following reasons:

- it is incited against television (“there only shoot“, “there one series“, or simply “the television is the evil“);

- he just did not get used to watch TV and does not understand how to derive from it pleasure;

- it has a poor eyesight.

In the latter case it is possible to suggest to listen - for example, informative or comic programs where everything is constructed on dialogues. For example, one weak-sighted grandmother very much liked to listen to “Father`s daughters“.

In the first two cases business is more difficult. My grandfather lost the wife when to him there were 93. They with the wife watched only news (very widespread case). Having passed to our care, it continued to switch off immediately the TV after a weather forecast and was perplexed why we object. Once on New Year`s Eve we with the daughter suggested it to look at “Shrek“. It was necessary to explain long and patiently to him why we with such pleasure watch “a children`s animated cartoon“ that there occurs why it is ridiculous. In the end he dispersed, and next day not without interest looked also at the second series. Day through two I woke up from a ring of swords. It appears, he turned on the TV since morning a bit earlier and with great pleasure saw “Lord of the Rings“.

That the TV became your assistant in the organization of leisure of the elderly person, it is necessary to work over the program and to prompt to it that it is possible to look at.

of Audioknigi

For the people with a poor eyesight who got used to read is the remarkable invention now - audiobooks. I personally managed “to place“ several elderly people on this innovation.

of Purchase

Sometimes happen unexpected inspirations. Being engaged in shopping, you remember about the elderly relative - he cannot as you to comb “Auchans“ and “IKEA“, and just does not know that there are such things. The goods which you, having turned in hands, put on a regiment will become for it the whole opening.

For example, I happened to make happy an elderly married couple, having presented them the handle - the proofreader and a permanent marker. Now they with enthusiasm write on banks and boxes with these hi-tech devices.

Recently me the happy thought came to present to the mother-in-law a notebook with blocks and two packs of stickers. I inserted dividers on which we wrote names of “headings“ into a notebook: “Recipes“, “Councils of the lawyer“, “Phones“ and even “Memoirs“. She listens to radio and does notes on color stickers, then pastes them in the corresponding heading, and rewrites later, creating, thus, very useful and well structured card file of useful data. Search of hobbies

our parents and grandmothers with grandfathers often the most part of the life gave

to fight for existence - a work at full stretch or a garden - the kitchen garden allowing to make ends meet. Having retired or having lost former working capacity, they are not able to occupy themselves at all. But if to get accustomed a little to their restlessness, it is possible to understand, figuratively speaking to what song they stepped on a throat.

I will give an example. The severe mechanic who devoted life to native plant and not having any hobbies gives up all affairs, having caught the romance on radio or the TV. Having spent a little time, grandsons downloaded from YouTube of hours on forty romances, and also the Spanish, Italian, French music and presented to the grandfather the radio tape recorder. The former factory worker who appeared the secret music lover does not miss now.


Is indisputable

, the most useful occupation in every respect.

As often happens that we cannot listen within decades from the senior generation to the same stories about the childhood and youth any more, and guests who come to us to the house listen to them with delight. Any memoirs - the most valuable thing, both for a family, and for mankind. Besides, if you insist on record of memoirs in this or that form, it is perceived as interest in long past life.

If it is difficult for elderly person to write down - for example, he not the master to write or sight brings, - there is an excellent opportunity to help it to master a dictophone, the benefit function of an audio recording presently are not equipped unless irons.

Can seem to someone that all above-mentioned - attempt to get off, pay off from old age problems. But we cannot spend all the time with the old men, we have to work, do household chores. It even could not with us be shared, their day passes monotonously and tiresomely.

Our task - to break a situation that, coming back from work or visiting them, we heard from a threshold not sad “Well what you had today?“, and joyful “Present what was today!“.