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“Operaliya“ of Placido Domingo in Moscow.

the international competition of opera singers of “Operaliya“ founded by the world famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo Came to the end. Since 1993 “Operaliya“ visited Mexico City, Tokyo, Washington, Los - Andzheles, Milan and some other the cultural capitals of the world. This year it for the first time passed in Moscow in musical theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich - Danchenko. “The Russian singers won at a competition so often that time to hold a competition in the country having one of the greatest opera schools“ came - marked out P. Domingo in the interview. The Center of opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya to whom this prestigious competition was devoted acted as the organizer of a competition. The legend of the Russian opera this year will be 85 years old.

Within a week inhabitants and guests of the Russian capital had an opportunity to watch and listen to young opera performers who passed serious competitive selection and were among winners. Entered 41 persons from the different countries of the world the list of lucky. The most large number of participants from Russia - 9 people. Participation in “Operaliya“ is already small victory and fine start of further career. “To a proscenium there is a new generation of singers among whom there is a mass of remarkable talents. And I want to help this generation to declare myself“ - the singer Domingo admits.

I Think, to stop specifically on all participants of review there is no need, but in brief will note that the competition took place in several stages. 18 - On July 19 there took place the first and second rounds of vocal competition therefore semifinalists were defined. Four Russians - the tenor of capital theater “New Opera“ Khachatur Badalyan and Sergey Polyakov, a baritone Konstantin Shushakov, and also the singer - a soprano - Olga Pudova got to their number.

I will not begin to list all strong and weaknesses of vocal skills of performers as I do not know all subtleties of opera art, and I will only share the subjective opinion of the ordinary viewer who decided to plunge into the world of the opera. I Admit to

, the big desire was to see personally famous Domingo who can fascinate by the charm and voice of any who at least once will listen to it. The first legendary Galina Vishnevskaya pleased with the visit all audience. The public gave a standing ovation to the singer. Then Placido Domingo entered the hall, smiling, greeted public and took a place of honor of the chairman of jury. By the way, in the hall there were many empty seats, and the competition took place very modestly without solemn speeches and lyrical digressions of guests.

In the first day of a quarterfinal judges listened to 20 singers, each of which executed two arias from operas for choice. And in the second day entered creative fight remained 21 contestant.

Lauretam of a competition from 18 to 30 years, many of them already sing in opera theaters and have the admirers. Perhaps, the tenor from Armenia with very sonorous surname Mikael Karliyan was the youngest of contestants. As for the last, it was not disregarded by critics, journalists and just fans of opera music. In their opinion, Karliyan sang very poorly. The young singer executed Nessun dorma (it is the aria from the last act of the opera “Turandot“ of Giacomo Puccini, one of the most famous arias of tenor repertoire), but its excessive nervousness was transferred to the viewer. There was a feeling that to it something prevents to sing. The voice did not reveal and sounded as if pieces. Domingo gave the chance to him to sing one more work, and then still. With each vystuleniye nervousness of the vocalist dissipated, but, nevertheless, in my opinion, Mikael not fully managed to show himself as the promising young opera singer. In total - ease, tranquility and confidence during execution play the important role. “Singing - process natural and free. Singing has to bring pleasure to the singer“. About what pleasure it was possible to speak here when the young singer was entirely captured by nervousness. And everything, subjected to sharp criticism of the Armenian tenor, it is not necessary to be, in my opinion, so categorical in an assessment of his talent. Already the fact that Karliyan appeared among winners of such prestigious competition as “Operaliya“ much about what speaks. Namely, the fact that its vocal skills were estimated by competent jury which part directors of world-class eminent opera theaters were. Well and, of course, Placido Domingo. I Will explain

why I separately stopped on this contestant. Your obedient the servant witnessed one important point on the platform where dress rehearsal of gala - a concert of a competition which took place on July 24 was carried out.

during rehearsal of the anthem of “Operaliya“, having heard Karliyan`s singing, Domingo did not hide surprise, and then took an interest what was the reason of such weak execution in a quarterfinal, possessing a good voice? Karliyan answered that he very much worried. Placido Domingo as the true professional supported the winner and wished him creative achievements further. I Will tell

frankly, in the first day none of contestants especially touched me the execution. There were good performers, but not excellent. Again - this my personal subjective opinion and it can differ from opinion of experts and professionals. There is a lot of people and opinions too. And flavoring preferences at all different. But here in the second day of selection round, I was subdued the execution by the American tenor Rene Barbera. However, not only me. The public in literal sense “blew up“ an applause. And, in spite of the fact that at the very beginning of us asked not to applaud long participants since speakers much and review can drag on till the morning and applaud all laureta equally, the audience safely expressed the emotions and shouted “Bravo!“. It executed three works and all with a bang. Before us the winner “Operaliya 2011“ I told the friend who was sitting next. She approvingly nodded. About such singers speak - the singer from the birth!

the Captivating voice was combined at Rene with the submitting scenic charm. It managed to win a general arrangement of public the experienced, expressive singing, having shown equally as vocal skill, virtuosity, and professionalism. Listening to Rene Barber, you are convinced of the validity of words that “process of singing is a process of pleasure, beauty and charm“. As then it became clear, the tenor from the USA made strong impression and on jury which awarded to it a rank of the Winner “Operaliya 2011“ among man`s voices. Bravo Rene! Big heights in opera art!

Among female voices of the best recognized the singer from South Africa by Pretti Yende. To winners awarded also “a prize for the best execution of a sarsuela“ and “a prize of spectator sympathies“. The Russian singers Konstantin Shushakov and Olga Pudova became owners of the second and third awards of a vocal competition. The first award of “Operaliya“ made 30 thousand dollars, the second - 20 thousand dollars, the third - 10 thousand dollars. But, not in a reward opera talents, and are interested in possible offers from directors of theaters and concert halls. It is impossible to lose hope that regardless of bonus places of the actor will notice and Domingo will take under the aegis.

By tradition in the final of review sounded the anthem of “Operaliya“ written by the son of the Spanish tenor - Domingo - younger, and Placido Domingo loved a legend of the world opera conducted an orchestra all.