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Wedding - a holiday for the groom and the bride or for guests?

Sometimes begin to seem that a wedding - nearly the most popular celebration conceding unless to New year and that only because it is celebrated all country. Long and, as a rule, expensive preparation (sometimes young people already divorced, but continue to pay the credit taken on a wedding), a nervous tension, need of the choice and compromises, true desires and a framework which are established by the budget and so on and so on. Procedure is familiar to much if not from personal experience, then by experience of close people or just by hearsay.

The wedding celebration is to some extent regulated - there are legal norms, national traditions, there are orders of the day, numerous loans from other cultures, there are personal preferences and pressure from outside... In general the majority of weddings are quite typical - collecting, repayment, registration, walk, a banquet, some points in any sequence.

Personally I have a fair question: what is made of all this for young people and what, in general, they could do easily without?

Often not the groom and the bride, but guests are one of the main reference points in preparation of a wedding at all. To make the list invited it turns out far not so simply as it would be desirable. You will not call the relatives living where - nibud behind the Polar circle whom you, perhaps, did not even see - can leave badly and ugly if all other relatives whom you see much more often insist on it. You will call the friend on institute, but you will not allocate the place for his girl with whom you are not familiar, and even at daggers points, the friend will begin to doubt whether so strongly it is necessary on your holiday. You will call one - others will take offense, and someone from guests, perhaps, does not transfer someone from number of other invited to spirit.

And young people sit, puzzle, argue, delete names, then enter again, and the budget of action everything inflates, the banquet becomes more expensive, places in a limousine less Though if to be up to the end frank, young people want to share the pleasure only with those who are rather dear to them - but not with the aunt on the fifth knee and the girl of the friend of the friend of the groom.

Many newlyweds are hostages of own wedding: not only that it is necessary to consider interests of relatives and friends, trying them it is pleasant to surprise and to entertain qualitatively, the celebration turns into need to someone something to prove - and that the dress was not worse, than at all, and it is better - inconvenient, but terribly expensive; that rings blew the mind abundance let small, but all - diamonds; that not everyone by the car plus the bus - delivery, and a limousine in which it is rather convenient, only if you three.

As a result someone leaves everything as it is, suffers drunk uncles and others aunts while someone another invites everyone to join a celebration in a registry office, and instead of an expensive banquet flies to have a rest to Cuba or even to Maldives. Those who are really glad and happy to congratulate newlyweds will make it and so, without obligatory feeding and fights. Nevertheless other are left in the right, but without chance to slightly ruin a young family.

Before steeping in not always such pleasant efforts, it is necessary to be defined for whom this day and whether it is so important to spend now the general budget for demonstrations unnecessary anybody instead of arranging itself a holiday in an environment only of dear and favourite people is arranged, and even alone where - nibud in the warm countries. Never you should sacrifice the happiness to stereotypes and foreign desires!