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Tattoo on the beach or How to distinguish the criminal?. (live or dead:)

In a sketch we intended to talk about tattoos on search of criminals by means of characteristic drawings on skin.

But as a beach season in the heat, we will come at first on the beach …

the young employee of criminal investigation department went Once to the day off with all the family to one of capital beaches. Day was solar, a breeze - cool, and children - happy. They built of wet sand something similar to sea locks and laughed. In general the people were in high spirits around, and one company aside - also in fair podpitiya. And it since morning!.

the Father of noble and cheerful family on the professional habit to a descent noted features of behavior of too cheerful company (men of mainly middle age began to behave provocatively, slangy words with a perfect mat “slightly“ broke a kind picture of the Sunday beach).

the Employee on vacation, communicating with the wife and her parents, and also playing with children, could not but notice characteristic “headdress“ on a back of one of that “opaque“ company - “the picture oil“ (blue ink, certainly) represented the firedrake flying over a medieval castle. The tattoo carrier was obviously “shark“ - it “hardhead“, “bigwig“, “grabber“, “shvartsmakher“, he is “swindler“ or “pike“. The employee of a capital criminal investigation department perfectly knew that all these thieves` synonyms are applicable to the type condemned to the long term of punishment with confiscation of property from which in the course of a consequence the large sums of money were withdrawn.

I still it knew that in operational reports the message on search of this kind with a characteristic tattoo, in the fall run away from maximum security penal colony near Omsk flashed. to Specify

alone the criminal`s “parameters“ - whether that it “the runaway slave“, or what other successful thief - was and it is thoughtless, and it is dangerous: bandits (and apparently, the company was that still!.) could not just show furious resistance, but also injure the people who had a rest on the beach, women and children.

Therefore the employee Ugra made only the correct decision - to report to the about a low company phone call, and then, having sustained a period, “friendly to meet“ strong little men in fair podpitiya outside the beach that casual passersby could not suffer as a result of transient fight.

All and left. The group of capture for only a few seconds laid “a muzzle in asphalt“ well “well rested“ public in headdresses. And the thieves` public right there came to be … yes. In handcuffs. And how? The thief has to sit! Without questions.

The beach subject should be continued by at least two comments which are directly connected with it.

of Similar cases, described in this sketch, occurred and happens a set - almost in all countries, on all continents of the world - except Antarctica, certainly. Though who disappears there under thickness of thousand-year ices what nazi criminals - we do not know, about it the fashionable teleprojects which are eager to find a trace of “Reich gold“ guess.

Is unconditional, there are also certain differences - not national because the crime has no nationality and does not recognize borders. Let`s tell, the tattoo executed in the Kiev prison will differ from the similar “headdress“ made in Magadan or, especially, where - nibud in Argentina.

And still it - the tattoo - considerably facilitates search of the criminal almost around the world.

the Bandit, “having a rest“ on plank beds, misses and does not know, than to occupy hands. “Code-bound criminals“ even on the Siberian tree felling suffer from inaction. So on them “emaciated back-breaking toil a body“ headdresses of blue color appear.

But, being released after departure of term, the thief does not think (and perhaps, and does not guess) that it the loop follows from the description of personal signs, all his scars and tattoos. And all this will help to catch quicker next time it - and again to zaprotorit on plank beds. “The thief has to be imprisoned, I told!.“ - the phrase from the well-known movie said by Vladimir Vysotsky is actual and now.

And still, to a beach subject: on coast of the rivers and streams bodies of drowned men sometimes appear. On them - too sometimes - headdresses flaunt. It is possible to judge by their “bouquet“, a combination to other characteristic signs of each this corpse (up to existence of these or those teeth and seals or “crowns“ on them, we already mentioned scars earlier) - the corpse of the unknown or … the famous and wanted bandit “is caught“. And if so, then it is possible to clean information on the next degenerate and the murderer who caused a lot of grief to normal people from the database and reports. And a mention of them quite correspond to article subtitle: “How to distinguish the criminal?. live or dead“.

In end of a sketch literally two words about databases.

now they find room in electronic fittings of modern compact computers. And in far 60 - e or 70 - e years (and the more so earlier, in a century so 19 - m …) “databases“ reminded cabinet of curiosities or branch of a morgue.

of the Collection from the dried-up pieces of skin removed from corpses “were pleasing to the eye“ the narrow expert (the native Kiev pathologist, the Leningrad field investigator of lethal department, the sheriff from Texas or the detective Skotland - Yard) art and the imagination of prison “artist“, a variety of styles and at the same time fidelity to thieves` traditions.

But it is already precisely a subject not for “School of life“, and more likely for “School of death“!. Behind this allow to take the leave, and to send fans of so gloomy subject to special literature or smart historical reviews like “The skull hunter“ of the recognized expert on archives N. P. Arzhanov!

And the last: by

… my dear, do not do yourself excess “identification marks“ on a body (you not a road marking, eventually!!!) more attentively, please, on the beach!