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Whether Nagiba Magfuz`s Egyptians love?

If casually to tell any resident of Egypt what somehow by youth was read by Nagiba Magfuza, then it is necessary to expect with astonishment - a delighted mistrustful smile. Then crafty question: and the truth read? Further strict face: and it was pleasant? And only after an affirmative answer it is possible to see real, sincere, pure, as at the three-year-old child, a smile: “Yes, Nagib Magfuz is very good writer“.

And it is not important that the interlocutor just had plans to get the foreigner (foreigner) in on a bubble scheme (on sex), and these intentions stand to win. Not important, what social status at the Egyptian. Whether he studied at Cairo American University for several thousands of dollars or it is uneducated so that he even in the Arab language without mistakes is not capable to write the name. He knows Nagiba Magfuz and will sincerely be delighted if he understands that outside Egypt this writer is known too.

Modern Egyptians are not proud of pyramids and are afraid to swim in the Red Sea, for them it is just life scenery. And here the person who wrote several books which received the world recognition, their contemporary that which ate the same food went to the same school, drank the same tea and smoked a shisha (hookah) in cafe, argued to blue in the face on topical problems, went to the neighboring mosque … It is same as we. Is only more successful.

Once one my familiar diver from Hurghada, the classical hunter of lonely female hearts and the high quality specialist in art lies, the incorrigible romantic, admitted to me that he dreams to become a professor. Only I opened sponges to give out that for a start he does not need to learn to eat with a fork as heard: “I want to write the book. About love“. Here I slammed a source of verbal resources.

He is able to tell about love ideally as any Egyptian man is more senior than five years. Honestly, why about it not to write to it? Laziness? Uncertainty in the forces? Or installation what only the elite, Professors can write books?

But Nagib Magfuz was an ordinary person too as he dared to apply for recognition, and, above all, to get the Nobel Prize. Why in honor of it call cafe and streets: it is the cleverest? Or the most impudent? Than it is better than the others? To shoot down it that did not put on airs? Or to kill?

Tried to kill. Did not kill. He did not cease to walk after that on favourite streets of native Cairo, to sit up in cafe, did not employ protection and did not go to the countries of the developed capitalism. He just lived, precisely knowing that death - natural end of a terrestrial way. “Sooner or later, anyway“. As real Muslim.

I do not think that extremists tried to destroy it. In its books there is nothing, capable to offend religious feelings. But feelings personal precisely could suffer. Why it? Why not I? I live in Egypt too and too I am able to tell well long stories so that all forgot about surrounding reality. Why I am not a Professor? Probably, because you take my place. You will die, and I will be famous for the whole world … If I find time to publish the books which, however, are not written yet.

Nagiba Magfuz`s books for the educated person who grew up on Pushkin, Turgenev, Dickens, Balzac, in the name of God, Marcel Proust and Dostoyevsky at first are perceived as “kindergarten, trousers on straps“. And what you wanted to tell us? Where action? Where your unbridled passions? So everything is boring and primitive that wants to be read further in hope for an intrigue and revelry of emotions … Again all at first why to write about everyday occurrences: death, love, hunger and thirst? Everything is so fresh.

Day after day, generation behind generation are strung as pearls on a string of life, and there is a wish to read still. Also the understanding comes that it is just other literature, other culture, other life. One trouble - not all its books are still translated into Russian, and it is a pity.

There is a wish to read, there is a wish to live every day life of heroes of the book which are so far, but are as close as the Egyptian stars at winter night in the bottomless sky.

Best of all tell his works about works of the great writer. It is simple to find time to read. Even if the narration at first seems not dynamic: it means that we got used to other dynamics, but it does not mean that our habit is pertinent. It is another.