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Sochi. How to reach peak of a season and where to stop on a lodging for the night?

we Will move apart rigid leaves - shooters of the Sochi palm trees and we will get accustomed to the city, to its vicinities and his people. “Would know prikup - would live in Sochi!“. As I, unfortunately, do not know a prikup, and I do not live in Sochi. But here I can arrive here that I also made. Eighteen days are small life too. 18 days in Sochi. In future Olympic Mecca. Let`s begin directly with a question: and how to reach the city where always “dark nights“, to the ordinary tourist live and more - less healthy?

Train “Moscow - Sochi“. Sochi - Moscow plane. Car. July

the Trip in the train became the real test, real test for survival. Many passengers shared with each other thought that their heart almost stopped during moving. At some it fought, fading: “boom - boom“. And then more and more slowly: “Bu - at - at - m of Bu - at - at - m“. We bought compartment tickets, and it does not mean freshness at movement from Moscow to Sochi even by company train at all. The conditioner broke, sniffed. At stops it was at all cut down. And then the scorching heat of hell absorbed us - passengers.

There was nothing to breathe, it was necessary to sleep with open doors, but also it did not rescue. Streamlets of sweat ran on body depressions in the ground. On the person, on a back, on a stomach. Both at men, and at women. Though substitute circles. A trip in July in a compartment car in Sochi - real test for warm, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems of the person. We, passengers, felt as fried sprats in a canning iron jar. We were not lucky with the car this time. Eh, would know where to fall, so would spread straws...

Already in Sochi one our acquaintance told that she with house went by the train two days in general with the broken conditioner. “I was sure that I will die in this train of a heat and asthma“ - her words. She escaped and members of her family by continuous applying of the wetted towel to a face and a body, and also continuous “dog“ breath through a mouth and an exit to the platform. Thus, based on personal experience and experience of different people, I declare: to go in hot July to Sochi by train - means to dive as the athlete on a board diving, in the scorching heat of hell and to be fried there under knock of wheels.

It was therefore solved: back - only the plane. Not really psychologically comfortable transport. But … The irony is that back to Moscow we bought plane tickets cheaper than if again got a compartment! I was surprised to this fact, always the ticket railway cost in Russia cheaper than an avia. Plus air flight also in service: we took off from the airport of Adler for the capital in time. I sat in a chair of the plane and directed to myself the blade working (unlike the train) the conditioner. The cool refreshed my suntanned face. Then brought to have a bite, plus drinks.

I ate, three times hiccupped, in a cool cleaned interdental space a toothpick, thumbed through a newspaper, sipping a konyachok, and in 2 hours - already Moscow! Here so, without tortures and a scorching heat. Only strikes a few that fact that else in the afternoon I bathed in sea waves, and already late at night ate a house stake in the capital. And next day, when I went along streets of the megalopolis, I could not understand up to the end where I: in Sochi or in Moscow. Eventually, having applied a deductive method, I noticed that palm trees from streets disappeared. Means, I not in Sochi. And at heart it became sad …

So, I give vyzharenny on own skin, so to speak, council: in July, during a heat the plane to Sochi will be the best choice. On comfort and the price, on speed. But to solve, besides, to the passenger.

As for an opportunity to reach by the car, I saw a few cars with the Moscow numbers. The matter is that the road to Sochi really long, dreary, is a lot of jams, on the road landslides sometimes slip... In the form of traffic police, and real natural landslides. District here such. But courageous and patient - yes will reach to beauty of the Olympic capital! Only on time it will take from Moscow, for example, two days (by experience of motorists).

Accommodation of the tourist

be not afraid to go to the resort without advance booking. Even in season peak the number of offers on placement reads off scale. But nevertheless when a reservation is made in advance, at heart is somehow more comfortable, perhaps.

Attack of representatives of different guest houses also pass - hotels, the private sector begins long before arrival to the station of the resort, in the train. Further at the station you will be surrounded and called also in eager rivalry to take place in the most different places. And nearby there is an official box on accommodation of vacationers where you will be given quite adequate offers.

In season peak an order of the prices such: the room without conveniences (they on the floor or in the yard) - 350 rub from the person per day. A guest lodge or pass - hotel - 1200 - 1500 rub days for number.

What represents this number? Room of 7 - 8 sq.m. Wide sofa + bed, small little table, small TV. The conditioner (not always, there is also a fan). A good bathroom (one on several numbers), the refrigerator, a common kitchen, little tables under a canopy in the yard. Tightly and, but if in number not to stick out, as they say, and “to stick out“ from local beauties and marvelous beauty - that very much is even acceptable!

- an odnushka - it is real to remove the certain apartment for 1700 rub/days (initially ask two). It is very convenient option.

In general, all coast dazzles with the inscriptions “Rooms Surrender“ and however many arrived vacationers, on the street the “wild“ tourist will not remain. By the way, about “wild“ tourists. When I was younger, with delightful ecstasy slept sluggishly and immoderately on an air mattress under Sochi directly on coastal stones. Under noise of the sea, near ten same obormot and obormoty years on twenty from a sort. What inconveniences in volume then were? Yes any! We sang at a fire to the guitar till the morning, drank wine, bathed at night, arranged discos, were loved in rather thin coastal bushes, put each other shiners under color of the sea, played volleyball, badminton and in general conducted very rich life.

The food was cooked on kerosene stoves. Us was much and we were afraid of nothing. Even bears. I remember how once woke up with the girlfriend meters in twenty from tent. On a face the huge red blyamba imprinted. I then became similar to the humanoid from the red planet Mars as a half of my face became colors of the Soviet flag. And all why? Yes because, without having reached tent, we with the girlfriend decided to lie down on an easy rag rug directly under the open sky. I am empty a baklazhka from - under casting wine I gallantly transferred to the seductress instead of a pillow, and under the head for some reason enclosed myself flat as it seemed to me, a cobble-stone. It became clear in the morning that the stone was rough and all its fancy pattern imprinted on my forehead.

A cobble-stone instead of a pillow! Yes well and that! Here and now, if to look narrowly, at journey of the coast in the districts of Loo, Lazarevskoye, Dagomys, Golovinka it is possible to see groups of “wild“ tourists. Sleeping bags, wide tents, the equipped parking. Gas for kerosene stoves in cylinders. So, if you are young, are not afraid of hemorrhoids (figuratively) if you are able to sleep on an air mattress if like to drink wine under the moon and, having passed about ten meters, at once to flop to the warm night sea if you are capable to inflate with a mouth or to pump inflatable pillows - mattresses for itself and the girlfriends - rest by the savage is it!

It will never be forgotten, believe! The cobble-stone print on a face is as a ray of light in ordinary life. And here to people I am more senior did not recommend “wild“ rest. Nevertheless it is extreme in a sense. And when sand begins “to pour from you“, the comfort becomes vital.

So, young and fervent - safely in tents and on the beach! It too a way of accommodation of the tourist in the resort. We will talk about boarding houses and exotic of Sochi a bit later, and the slogan on the poster “You - in Sochi! Means, at you everything is good! “ really reflects the real situation as it seemed to me.