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Whether the national team of Ukraine will be able to win Euro 2012-? Whether

the national team of Ukraine will be able to win Euro 2012 - it will be precisely known only next year. And now we can only analyze the last matches of our team, do some assumptions and of course dream of a rank of “the Champion of Europe“.

We will begin with the analysis. I watched several last matches of a national team. I will begin with game with Holland. Football players of the country of tulips arrived an alternating cast. And what we saw in the field, almost equal game that could give us confidence in the national team, but game was not against vice-world champions, and against their doublers. Pleased that children after a break left got, but in soccer it is not enough. The next time Aliyev showed what is able to beat well from - out of a penalty limit, and the defensive line as we already got used cracked. The next match with Poles showed besides weak game in defense and any constructive game. In the first 45th minute only one dangerous moment, and was lucky us that at Poles realization limps. The second half showed besides the weak line of protection. Poles cut defense as a knife oil. It was lucky only that two football players of “Carpathians“ managed to drive a disobedient ball in a grid of gate of the rival, having created the moment from air. From the national team of Chile which also did not play the main structure in Ukraine progress began to appear, a few game went. The following of rivals it is yellow - blue team there was Canada. The failure first half showed on a board 0 - 2 in favor of North - Americans. Kalitvintsev in the second half of game let out all the jokers at once - Aliyev, Milevsky, Gusev, Oleynik and Tymoschuk. And the result did not force itself to expect. The four with renewed strength plus Shevchenko just broke off defense of the rival that brought the acceptable result - 2:2. The long-awaited match with Brazilians ended it is quite predicted 2 - 0 in favor of Latin Americans, the match showed that against technical football players our national team plays bezzubo. Two moments for all match all this what our fellow countrymen were enough for. Switzerland was remembered by standards, practically all air duels were and their asset moreover huge plus competent actions in attack. Ukrainians were marked out only by distant blows. Game with Italians foretold to be interesting. There was a real case for the first time to get the best of Italy which constantly wins against Ukraine, so also on the eve of a meeting of executive committee of FFU where the candidacy of the head coach of a national team will be approved. Kalitvintsev could change the status which is temporarily executing on the head coach of the national team. But the match was once again failed, and even such terrible tool as Aliyev, at execution of standards, made a misfire. Yury Nikolaevich could not form efficient team. Blochin succeeded it. Also there was the first victory of Blochin over Uzbekistan. Football players showed quite good game. In the beginning by words exhausted the rival, and in the second half just broke off Asians. After a duel there was a hope that in the country there is a capable football collective. But here French appeared. There began guests it is possible to tell an alternating cast, ours played with it not bad though showed not super soccer. Goalkeepers should have worked. The match slowly went to neutral result. Blan decided to strengthen structure football players of a basis. To our misfortune only 15 minutes for elimination of our national team were enough for them.

We will sum up the result - at the moment the national team of Ukraine can play only with the teams of average and low level as equals. With the current choice of players, Ukrainians are simply obliged to show better soccer. And if to apply a team game of Kiev “Dynamo“ of a sample 1985/86 years under the leadership of master Lobanovsky, then it would be possible to beat the same Italians, French and Brazilians who have not the best times now. Perhaps the federation made a mistake having signed the contract with Blochin, but not having invited the foreign expert. Now the main thing what Oleg Vladimirovich would find proper words for each football player, could help to play as it is possible better for all wards and of course to prepare for serious fights for Euro. We wait from Ukraine of a new qualitative team game in each match with full devotion, and of course for victories.

Watched movies about soccer, of course there many movies are based on the imagination of screenwriters, but people give everything to them for the sake of soccer and a victory. One person can decide destiny of game or all championship. And so I as well as at many Ukrainian fans of soccer have a huge desire what such person would be also in our national team. That the first champion medals ringed in the house European championship, and on streets the whole night the carnival as in Rio de Geneyro lasted. Ukraine I believe in You.