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Sea, South, wonderful beach... or Why we do not love summer guests?

We, southerners, very much love the sea. The sea - our everything! And therefore, probably, we are jealous of the sea of visitors of guests. By the sea I like to enjoy either in May, or in September...

In general, when the beach stops being similar to the overpopulated communal flat. Then all laws physicists act on all at the same time. But, to correct suntan, nevertheless I go sometimes during the high season, not to go, really, in July to a sunbed!

Somehow I sunbathed in an environment of two families with small children, one of Moldova, others - from Russia.

Staying in serene inaction, all - you continue to fix unconsciously all movements and talk of neighbors. I look: nearby the married couple after endurance of applications from clay, with sense of superiority from application of improving procedure, washes away in the sea from itself a clay covering, without feeling at the same time any esthetic discomfort, at least because it is tested by us, their neighbors in a sandbox.

The head of family from brotherly Moldova, probably not studied our legislation, finished the landing on the Ukrainian sand smoking. And the stench from a foreign pipe of peace was such that we with the neigbour groaned, having clenched teeth and having hardly sustained right there not to arrange to the father of family small such legal seminarchik.

But us young mummy with the strange Russian child distracted in time. Mother asked the baby: “You in a toilet want?“. The girl answered: “No, I in the sea peed“. “The good fellow, and now give really“ - mother told. And it right there, without departing from us, stood with the child in a characteristic pose. It is good that the girl took pity on us and everything managed a sea toilet.

At this time at neighbors beer, and bottles (it was lucky that plastic) came to an end on the right, having ricocheted from the trajectory set by the neighbor, fell behind us. Here on the beach there were sleepy, modest and become silent after yesterday`s night feats residents of the tent town, apparently, from Belarus. They, even without having opened eyes, with shouts rushed in the sea: there is no place to perform in detail all morning ritual more all the same it.

One positive emotions because nearby the lady “topless“ appeared were farther, and captured attention of all neighbourhood. And when it, umastiv aromas the body, greedy to the sun and other pleasures of life, rushed off to water, cheerfully stirring a goat udder, all man`s amicably turned behind it. Only one it is pale - the blue young man who probably is not tempted and not spoiled, having by mistake fastened on a nose two couples of points at once and silently moving back, left a scene.

And in vain, early left. Appeared two-meter “gargantyua“ with the dog proportional to the owner, both are without muzzles. Behind the dog was similar to an elephant. I forgot all formulations of the law which is recently adopted at us and even about whom at once... it seems including about dogs that they cannot float with us together. You would see that couple: with them and without law you will not want to float not at any price.

It is more was of nothing interesting, some blessed granny only came and began to collect garbage on all beach. We at first thought that it needs bottles in which we will buy then milk, on the contrary! The granny collected all concrete garbage, from what advantage to the normal person any - and it collected! I did not restrain and asked a direct question: “Why it to you?“. I received the answer the same straight line: “Yes it is dirty and what people about us will think? “

do not doubt, I do not convict natives of excessive cleanliness. They behave as well as our dear visitors. But for some reason is more visible than them to us, than itself.