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East fairy tale... About money?

(It is obligatory to read with east accent.)

Vakh, boy! Again came! To see, the old akyn told something interesting to you if he returned …

That? Ceased to sleep? Ceased to eat? You think constantly?

Ý - ý - e, on that and the head is given to the person by Allah to think, and not just the skullcap to carry! The person also differs in it from a ram what not so - that? You are silent? Well. Sit down on a carpet, a pillow to yourself move, a hookah - malyan take, give some tea. Oh, samosa brought! Vakh, thanks, the boy, correct samosa, I look, from the tandoor, with onions, a lamb, nyam - nyam, but not samosa! Well sit down, do not stand as a saxaul - the overage.

So brought you to the old akyn again? Than it shook foundations of yours, so to speak, of outlook? And - and - and, you want to receive a complete picture of the world..., it is laudable. And what? Dealt with slavery? Almost? The good fellow, the boy, that “yes“ did not tell: if unambiguously nodded, the old akyn because the slavery in the modern world - is category difficult and multilevel, so, not suffering haste in understanding would expel you. Samosa eat, drink tea with a thyme - it is useful, and listen to the old akyn.

And so, the boy, the institute of slavery is carried out today not only to a floor - is obvious as we with you last time spoke, not only everyones Bae the person own Abu today … Now clever piece I will tell one, you be not thrown up only at once - try to understand. Abu Bey and other Bai - too slaves, only already own them very secretly. It is natural to us, they - that keep at a distance in this life. What ceased to chew? Very tasty samosa brought - chew.

How so, you ask? And here so. Own them through the money imposed to them because one boooolshy still long ago, clever, but very greedy Bai told: “Allow me to print money of the state and I do not care who writes its laws“.

You do not understand? Ý - ý - e, silly boy! Here look, davny - long ago, 2300 years ago, was such wise - the wise akyn, Aristotle his surname. He formulated five basic principles of money. Money, this great wise man told, have to be durable, divisible, convenient, uniform and have own value. You understand? Smoke a hookah, and that coal went out already almost. And so, he meant, at least, that money cannot infinitely and uncontrolledly be created from air. And in the modern world what you see? Money is nothing, expressed by nothing, not provided, not having the cost and, as a result, not being a cost equivalent in fact. That is the fiction which is carrying out functions of the instrument of creation of system of global financial slavery, but in any way not what they have to be: general criterion of work, exchange and public usefulness.

Again understood not everything? Vakh! The boy, you in school studied? And the father - mother at you was? What did not teach to think - that you anywhere? All right, we will try to introduce in a different way in your zashlachenny pseudo-economic doctrines a brain this information, necessary for understanding.

You in what measure distance? In kilometers? All right, and the kilometer is how many? Aha, that is figure clear, static and not subject to any changes depending on actions someone. Correctly? And if someone tells you tomorrow that the kilometer owing to the “objective“ reasons in relation to mile or verst depreciated and now for work you not three, but five kilometers should go, you what you will tell such person? Correctly - the loony. Or ram. And you how many weigh? And if same baranopsy tells you that the course of mass of your body changed in relation to a course of mass of the house of the richest Bai, and now you should few - eat a little because you have an obesity, you where will send it? Correctly, the shaitan - a bullock cart with red crosses to him you will cause as is more useless to leave to the mercy of fate the companion who went crazy.

So why you take in all good faith when to you in ears talk the same nonsense, only regarding money? Or words an essence moshennichesko - deceptive, the inflation type, on yours the head have such magic influence?

Ý - ý - e, do not hang so, take tea, samosa bite off, a hookah drag on. Recovered? Settle on a pillow more conveniently, drink tea with a thyme and listen further.

You from me last one time clever learned the word, senyoradzh it is called. That is a difference between the face value of money and cost of their production. And so, the states print them, and borrow. Under percent. And that to repay a debt with percent what it is necessary? Correctly, once again to take in the same place, only it is already more that was enough for payment of this loan percent. And these - that the paid percent also are that that your Bai does by the slave, and drives you into an abyss of financial slavery even more deeply, depreciating and washing away and so - that poor savings. Now you understand?

And? Why it is necessary to them, ask? Can print? Vakh! Ha - ha - ha! Vakh, made laugh, the boy, Vakh, made laugh... Yes as soon as they will step into this path, they will stop being Bai because it is allowed to them to be the power exactly until they by these rules play also on an inner sanctum, on production of money from nothing, that is, attempt. Because it is the most profitable type of business in comparison with which drug traffic, a slave trade, traffic in arms, mining and taxation - no more than cheap childish pranks.

Though … There was over the ocean one such Bai. President. Many liberties forgave it until he in the sandbox froliced. But as soon as it printed the money - down..., fast it was shot. Though notice, he made nothing illegal because under the constitution and the legislation of its country, he had the right to it unambiguous. And then also about 90 percent of all those who were engaged in investigation of murder became the victims unfortunate - a preneschastny case. And to them the printed money smartly and quietly so brought out of a turn. And was like nothing, and some loony who in a chamber and samoubitsya then shot it.

So any Bai, but he is a person too and wants to live, and to remain Bai. No, it is rare - Bai who do not want by these rules to play and to themselves to ensure safety seldom come across manage. Only all the same badly and they live, and their citizens: in the opinion of all progressive world community they somehow quickly in “the axis is evil“, “helpers of world terrorism“, “the fascist modes“ and other infernal horror turn. Embargo (write down one more clever the word), economic isolation and even carpet bombings - here their severe realities, and so, clear very few people want to live because having caught the power, any Bai prefers to enjoy it.

What? So who all - the most important Bai if he has other, regional Bai - slaves? Vakh, the boy, samosa came to an end, tea cooled down, coals in a hookah went out... Come another time, we will continue your razzombirovaniye and elimination just terrible - yes economic illiteracy.

Ý - ý - e, the boy, and such tasty samosa with yourself take, the hand of the skilled master is felt and the class of the tandoor, oh, is felt! Tell the cook, a skullcap the old akyn in respect removed from the bald head supposedly, and not at any price you will not buy it.