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Anapa - the children`s resort. To aunts and uncles the entrance is prohibited? Part 2

However, on it our failures also ended. And we could enjoy with might and main gifts of this wonderful southern city.

the Continuous positive

are simply magnificent

of the Road in Anapa - equal, with a bright and accurate marking, with nonerasable pedestrian “zebras“ with is white - red strips. It should be noted that even the mean rural road in some village Anapa looks better, than through the central Moskovskaya Street in my hometown.

Passenger shelters in Anapa and vicinities are everywhere, even on suburbs - situations as in Saratov where passengers are forced to make the way to trolleybus doors through the parked cars and to catch existence of a stop the sixth sense, I did not meet there. And only on one pavilion I beheld the inscription informing that it - is established at the initiative of ER party. It is visible, the local regional office works a little more modestly, than ours, and the city hall - is a little more active. At each stop (here it is notorious appeal to tourists) there is a map of the city, with designation of the place where you are at present, and the schedule of work of transport. It is interesting that buses and minibuses run almost to this timetable.

Pleased also the so-called “resort“ traffic light which at first passes cars at the intersection, then joins on all parties for pedestrians. Not without reason Anapa was entitled “the safest city of Russia“.

By the way, there is a wish to mention how here treat disabled people. Million Saratov (and many other cities of Russia) in comparison with hundred-thousandth Anapa in this regard - the barefaced village. During walks I specially traced as sidewalks of the resort town are equipped. Here literally everywhere there are ramps, sometimes it is just a border which when laying was carefully put sideways. As a result wheelchair invalids can quietly walk on the city. And at us they just will not pass as tanks against which “hedgehogs“ in the form of half-meter borders through everyone twenty - thirty meters of the sidewalk exposed...

Still here in many yards and squares, on embankments and squares there are street exercise machines. They are very simple and reliable - each passerby can stop and work on them muscles of legs, hands, a press and a back. No matter, for what purpose - to grow thin, reduce stress or with dream to tear a hot-water bottle in the near future. Important another - that citizens and city visitors absolutely free of charge, but not in fitness - clubs which are inaccessible to absolute majority of the population can play sports, and in the fresh air...

Personally I see two obstacles to establishment of these remarkable devices in streets of my hometown. The first, and the most important - the general “the raised bydlovatost“ of residents of Saratov. The love to setting of a swing in knot is still ineradicable in a people at large... You should not forget also and about our juicy and very snow winters...

A variety and purity of beaches of Anapa very much pleased us. The High Coast beach is remarkable mountain landscapes, however, and it has enough minuses - big stones prevent comfortable bathing. On the central city beach - wonderful sand, ballot boxes and here is only a bit too much people. And the competition of “natives“ is extremely high there - students - Africans from RUDN in an image of cannibals continually go the three, suggesting to be photographed on the background for only hundred rubles. If to stand gaping and to show in time backbone, you can quite be lifted on outstretched arms, with the promise to lower after a small donation starving Africa. By the way, this beach in the people carries the name “Santa - Barbara“ - thanks to a beautiful arch on an entrance which, probably, reminded residents of Anapa prompt from this TV series.

Well and, at last, sanatorium beaches along Pionersky Avenue - out of any competition. Gold equal dust, malolyudy and the clean sea literally got to fall in love us with this place. Come on Brastak to try


I Hope, not I remember one this remarkable book of Cyrus Bulychev? For those who did not read it, I will tell only that Alice Seleznyova, having visited fair alterations on the planet Brastak, did not try mysterious skrruly.

To what it I? Yes to the fact that to me in Anapa there was a similar story. Passable in a minibus on the city, I saw the remarkable name of a certain mysterious dish: tzhvzhik . This set of consonants was on sale complete with shawarma habitual to us and cost as well as it.

So left that mysterious tzhvzhik never came across to me during foot walks, and always attracted from the boards seen during trips. Neither our owners, nor neighbors knew nothing about such yastvo. I all got exhausted, wishing to try IT. But it did not happen. Only subsequently I learned what tzhvzhik is a dish of Armenian cuisine, there is even a movie of 1961 of the same name of release. It is prepared tzhvzhik not from alien ingredients, and from small cut beef liver, lungs and kidneys overroasted with onions.

Generally, it is difficult to walk the central streets of Anapa - as if you break through dense crowd of brutal direct-sales representatives. Sea walks, goods, services - all this offer continually, at the same time it is impossible to do the interested person at all - will seize you death grip. And that you for certain did not pass by, will entice your children numerous roundabouts and the dancing toys which will provide almost continuous hysterics of your child and will stimulate your steel will to the movement on the planned route.

I in Anapa did not notice sharp political processes, and also excessively developed press. But there is a business, and his power engineering specialist covers even visitors. There is a wish to throw everything, to move to Anapa and to fill a purse at the expense of “zdykh“. So in the south lovely klinut us, vacationers.

Generally, rest was successful wonderfully well. But our lovely railway management could reduce considerably baggage of pleasant memories which we planned to bring to Saratov. The wonderful rattletrap No. 454 “Novorossiysk-Ufa“ in which we had misfortune to sit down, before was heated on the southern sun that only the Volgograd rains could cool it almost days later. Before the uncontested Finnish sauna was offered all passengers. Without pool, but with a dining-car where the only conditioner together with the unreal prices of dishes and drinks functioned.

Caught itself on thought that once again I dream of unrealizable - that the Russian Railway would have, at last, a competitor. Such Alternative Railroads. Here then our center of unostentatious Soviet service would be forced to be stirred up...