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Modernist style as art of painting

Modernist style as painting art. It is necessary to know that style of art the Modernist style (modegnism) is at all and not style, but the generalizing concept which unites the mass of the various directions in painting and architecture which are characterized by such property, stating to a simple language - the image of what cannot be seen in usual life. Generally, the modernist style is once the happened revolution in painting when to many artists bothered to represent “photographic“ plots and the phenomena of life, such as a portrait or a landscape, and among them painting fantastic or unreal, syurrealny, irreal or style of the image of a subject by nonconventional methods began to practice that is present at Impressionism and the Fauvism. The modernist style in translation means modern, in some countries (Germany, Austria) he is named Yugendstil, in France - Are - Nouveau, in some (Italy) - Liberti. Nobody knows exact date of opening of a modernist style. One of the very first mentions what the national interest in new art actually began with - it is 1863. This year in Paris the salon outcast“ in which, at the initiative of Napoleon the third, the pictures which underwent general criticism, something like circus in which came to laugh at “silly“ painting were exposed opened so-called “. At that salon there were works of such artists as Manet, Pissarro, Cezanne etc. However, despite an idea of organizers, “The salon outcast“ became actually the place of pilgrimage of fans of painting, reached ridiculous - many artists sought to fall into “disgrace“ of salon. Already in the twentieth century the modernist style strong entered world culture, thanks to such artists as Gauguin, Van Gogh, Munch - they undermined the general opinion that painting has to display real objects and the phenomena of life, the Fauvism, the Cubism, the Expressionism, Abstractionism, Symbolism became fashionable. Many modernists propagandized the style and represented traditional painting as an art remnant, but, of course, they did not manage it and traditional art continues to live, already in full harmony with a modernist style. Presently the modernist style developed in many tens of genres among which there is a Surrealism, the Cubism, the Fauvism, Dadaism, Futurism, Conceptualism, Primitivism and many others, history of each of which is very interesting and substantial than history of their primogenitor - a modernist style.

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