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How to be in time behind time? The method of 10 minutes

always envied organized people with chubby and accurate daily logs (at me such never was). I always envied people - “larks“ who jump from a bed exactly at 7:00 without any alarm clock and are not late for work (in how many I woke up, I traditionally lack exactly a quarter of hour). It is unpleasant to feel day after day as the hero of “The tale of a downtime“ of Evgeny Schwartz so it is necessary to resort to small tricks, national ways and the rule of 10 minutes developed for many years constantly.

One of the most widespread ways of saving of time - putting a clock forward. However, it does not work if to put clock most: you will always know that in a stock there are 10 more minutes, and will count on them. Therefore in order that the scheme worked, the responsible companion who without your permission will put a watch, the mobile phone, an alarm clock, the computer and all other hours in the house is necessary. At work it is better to refuse the translation not to run joyfully home in 10 minutes until the end of the working day (under puzzled looks of colleagues).

For many the most heartrending experience of week is an early rise for work. To manage to gather before an exit from the house, just set an alarm clock for 10 minutes a bit earlier. No, not to sleep this time under a blanket. If to do itself indulgences, rise will only be heavier. Besides there is a risk not to hear an alarm clock the second time and to oversleep. It is much more useful to “Svezhepriobretennye“ of 10 minutes to spend for exercises or preparation of a breakfast for itself and house. Eventually, at this time it is possible to take a walk with a dog who too unjustly suffers from a master`s time trouble.

The saved time will allow and to reach office for 10 minutes a bit earlier. While there is a free interval before arrival of colleagues, it is possible to drink quietly coffee, to check personal mail, to get (if absolutely unbearable) into social networks not to be distracted by the Internet any more - surfing during the working day. Besides will pleasantly surprise you, it will be how easier to get into gear in the morning if you without panting you will run in (as usual) in office, and quietly you will enter, welcoming the same disciplined colleagues.

It is better to write down affairs for the working day in the special file on the computer (or in phone, or at least on stickers), noting approximate time of performance of each task. For modern phones, by the way, there are excellent programs - assistants who will remind you of not made task various ridiculous appeals. Being given to each business with full attention, you will be able to save much more than 10 minutes. The appeared free time can be spent on walk or on small charging. Especially as the whole day without the movement to sit at stuffy office is unhealthy also thought process.

Here thus it is possible not only to be in time behind time, but even to advance it a little. By the way, as the cave explorers (who are carrying out in a cave up to a month) found out, the ideal biological cycle for the person equals not to 24 hours at all, but 36! The sun so now I know why I so lack several hours in days accustomed to live for 24 hours a day us.