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Sveloga? Polyuna? “The plane flies to Russia“, or the Forgotten comedies 90 - x

Those who found the ninetieth years of the last century in Russia, remember that after disorder of the Union all the rest failed. Political instability and an economic collapse naturally pulled for themselves all aspects of cultural life, including cinema. I to what conduct it? To the fact that everyone remained alone with itself(himself). Including directors and actors who had to adapt to new conditions of film production. In the market there were numerous film companies - the something ephemeral created by absolutely left people who are eager to make the contribution to motion picture art.

The majority of these offices sank into oblivion together with the projects terrifying on style of the embodiment. Some still are a standard of nasty taste and a shameless way to earn from spectator trust. Many actors and directors as if were changed: they sharply ceased to gush forth ideas, issuing the trite, unhumorous and flat comedies which were doing not come within miles of former masterpieces of the Soviet cinema on the mountain. The show was so sad that against in parallel the progressing industry of video by means of which to the country the stream of the western cinema products rushed the Russian cinema finally decayed. Fight for the viewer was lost, without having begun.

Nevertheless sometimes on ruins of former greatness really decent pictures were created. And people who in Soviet period and were close not admitted to a chamber. But outside there were the ninetieth, and now nobody needed to prove anything. Was to find sponsors enough, and it is even optional represented by the state or profile department. Anyone, even the neighbour`s uncle Petya could become the producer. And there also other characters, including the director, actors etc. were tightened. Actually, quite so the comedy “Was also born the plane flies to Russia“ , removed by the debutant Alexey Kapilevich with little-known actors on anonymous money (to very few people something will be told by the names “Uralinterfilm“ or “Kinoton“, as well as the name nobody Victor Bychkov, the general producer of a picture, not to confuse to legendary “Kuzmich“).

… The city airport N (most likely, it is Yekaterinburg though in the movie this fact is not specified) brings together together three companions: student of theatrical school Sergey (Andrey Ankudinov), directors of the large enterprise (Sergey Losev) and timid big fellow Ivan (Sergey Parshin). The first flies to St. Petersburg for vacation, the second is late to Novosibirsk for important meeting, and Ivan is lucky home the backpack up to the top filled by cubes. All three on the flights for various reasons do not get and appear on one plane on combination of circumstances captured by the terrorists intending to fade to Iran.

The Trinity was not lucky: their grief - terrorists took with themselves as hostages. And then, when it became clear that it is not enough fuel, and - there is a lot of freight, dumped as ballast on the territory of the anonymous southern country. Having come to be in the middle of the desert, poor fellows decide to move on the South where soon find the settlement. Does not know the languages “Russo of the Tourist“ and eternally gets under distribution because the local population takes them for bandits. How to get out of an unfriendly situation, companions do not understand too therefore they rely on Russian perhaps which, as we know, where - nibud yes will remove …

At all the obvious awkwardness and the evident malobyudzhetnost, the tape unexpectedly turned out amusing. However full disorder and swaying in promptly collapsed system of the Soviet film distribution did not allow the movie to reach the consumer. Most of the viewers got acquainted with Kapilevich`s creation already a post factum when the picture left on videotapes and quickly enough became popular among happy owners of videorecorders. Alas, in those days the Russian production did not favor at movie theaters, preferring to twist fresh and not really American movies.

Considering that on venerable stars of money were not, authors decided to manage with small losses, having invited in a picture of professional, but not “all-Union“ performers. Took the theatrical actor Ankudinov who acted on the second plan (“The child by November“), Sergey Losev (“A criminal quartet“, “Whit Monday“) and Sergey Parshin (“A mirror for the hero“, “Makarov“) before in a holder. The voice of the last, by the way, is perfectly familiar also to the younger generation because Parshin works the last thirty years as the doubler and sounded the whole a great lot of the Hollywood pictures, beginning from “The deadly weapon 3“ and finishing the last “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“.

Besides header actors, in a tape many with surprise will find a familiar face Sverdlovsk (no wonder, the tape is from Yekaterinburg too) KVN - Oleg Komarov`s chic, and also the director Vladimir Hotinenko (the captain of the submarine) which, by the way, worked with Parshin over “A mirror for the hero“.

Actually, on professionalism of the chief performers the movie also keeps because the scenario represents very poor substance. If not naive giantism of Ivan, funny character of Sergey and grandstanding of the Director, then a picture could be thrown out safely on a garbage can. This Trinity, actually, made all movie.

“The plane flies to Russia“ did not find popularity and remained the underestimated project for two reasons. In - the first as I already told, from - for the fact that the picture did not manage to break through to the wide viewer in due time. In - the second, from the movie impetuously blows as a musty smell of the ninetieth when scenarios of comedies mostly represented vinaigrette and porridge rolled into one, and quality of installation forced to sob violently. However behind poor quality of the film and buffoonery gaining steam to the movie final it is possible to make out distinctly desire of authors not simply “to lift bucks“, and to remove ridiculous, let also in places ridiculous, cinema.

Especially to the viewer tasty curses with which heroes fill up the lexicon in the foreign land are remembered. All these “svelog“, “polyuna“ and “luzgyara“, and also mysterious “gayets gazazat“, funny sound together with the Russian speech. On quotes the movie, alas, did not disperse, but against absolutely tired in 90 - e classics like Gaidai and Ryazanov who did not manage to adapt to “the market relations“, “The plane flies to Russia“ looks much more successfully. I will not be able to Prisovetovat search of a tape on DVD because officially it was not let out, but in the Network is available.