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The horse died - get down? An instruction to persistent equestrians of horses - ghosts of

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Allow to present you the modest opus about some costs our formidable and, I dare to hope, not absolutely useless life. (“Well it at whom as!“ - Somebody Meticulous will exclaim. Also it will be absolute the rights!) In advance I apologize for small mm... the author`s willfulness dictated only by interests of business.

Quite recently in vicinities Kara - the Bogaz - the Goal (Caspian Sea) was found by having a rest “savages“ a strange artifact - semi-decayed from time (?) the scrap on structure reminding the Ancient Egyptian papyrus. Nakhodka interested at once archeologists who - by a lucky chance - camped not far. The advanced intellectuals also did not stand aside.

The next time proved this ancient document (and in they are its undoubted the historian - cultural value) that our ancestors also vividly, as well as us, were concerned by enduring questions of the universe. You judge.

Sufferings of the neophyte

( of the lane prof. Appolinary Mstislavovich Toptyga )

Ah, Madam Peremena!

your tart unforgettable taste

is More similar on... ( is torn off here )

................. Jesuit probation.

(With a chest) also did not dream Pandora,

How many surprises at you!

I your Fatal Favour

Not gets into an eyebrow, and into an eye.

In nervousness, shivering and sweating,

I will greedy cling To your feet... All bonds I will give

, without daring to hide, Keys from all locks I will return


........................ ( is farther illegibly )

the Impatient reader can exclaim: “Allow and where horses?!“ Tranquility, ladies and gentlemen! Let`s reach also them.

The child is born and says that? “Give!“ And then for the rest of the life he is tried to be convinced that “On!“ - it is better. Masochism together with altruism and only! And the main thing, it is approved by society. Let`s understand this difficult, we will not be afraid of this word - philosophical - a question.

All our life can be considered as series of infinite attempts to dismount. Also it is not about one “horse“, no, and about the whole herd (!) suddenly, in the most improper, we will tell directly, the moment of dying “horses“. It did not manage to get, umostitsya on one, and it take and die! Look for following: climb - be stamped - get down.

And the most interesting that “horses“ - that at all, in general, identical. To such “a standard tabunny set“. Only ways to get into a saddle different. And everyone dismounts in own way. What does it look like?

Childhood, youth. - Ended - “with go! go!“ (from English - went! went!)

Love. - Life “will eat“. For sure! Or eternally inflamed man`s instinct of the hunter for fresh “game“ will make the “black“ business. Even do not doubt!

Children. - “God`s guests“, the known business. Try do not release!

Work, career. - the pension - aufiderzeyn Appeared in time! Tomorrow do not even learn. We have no irreplaceable.

Relatives, family ... Appearance, health ... Mat. values ... etc.

Here also leaves that to the one who saw new “horse“ on the way then and it is necessary to ask in plain terms supposedly when you gather that...? And if the zhivotinka is silent, then most about term and to reflect.

Or here still. When on “horse“ you get, do not waste time, and already in passing look for another. In circus and on two manage some time to keep. And anything. The main thing - training and the correct spirit.

About attachments and not only

the Teacher from one Chinese parable talked some sense into the careless pupil: “If you have something also it to you expensively, then be ready that your jewelry can be pleasant still to someone. And he will want to take away it“. It is other party of a medal. Other foreshortening, so to speak.

Besides, ancient Greeks are people not silly - warned that “gods are envious“. So now to do to us, mere mortals? There is an opinion that it is necessary to hide what is really expensive very much. Otherwise will select! Not gods, so people. And ahead of time.

How to hide? For example, to pour more vegetable oil on the known part of a body. Or, say, to pretend that not the object, and something behind his back is interesting. Etc. Clear business, not everyone will sustain such malicious acting! But say that “risk - a noble cause“? Yes. And in general... after that both wine will treat, and the city (not one!) can present if something happens. In sense, he will want to give up. Remember “winged“ expressions. So boringly will definitely not be. Dare!

of Post scriptum

It is known that at the tsar Solomon was a ring with an inscription “And it will pass...“. In the light of the last researches this saying can be understood so: “And it you will give as pretty when time comes!“

Or so: “Be ready to release on waters everything - all - all...“

I the earlier, the better.