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Why life is fine and surprising?

Much of us should learn to smile to . Somehow to me there came a friend from Germany, and after several days of stay in Moscow he asked: “Why Russians so seldom smile?“ It is valid, look at faces of people, for example, in the subway. At many on the person “the stiffened eternal gloominess“. Which of you was abroad probably noticed, people are how benevolent there. You come into cafe, shop or just ask the road the passerby. First of all, people favor you a smile, ask, than they can be useful to you, and do everything possible to help. Whether and many of us can “hang up“ “a smile of politeness on duty“ on the person? It is not sure. It is probable therefore Russians look unattractively for our foreign guests. And our compatriot can be told far off abroad from a gloomy face, eternal grumbling in an occasion and without it, to lack of emotions and smiles upon the face.

The inability is positive to perceive life negatively health of the person affects on mental. Turns out that ourselves to ourselves will organize life under a constant stress. Life without positive emotions in general can lead to pathological changes of mentality.

Positive emotions, pleasures and pleasures have to become natural need of the person.

There is a natural question: “And whether it is possible to experience only positive emotions in life?“ The answer is obvious: no. The person reacts to any situation differently. Emotional reaction will be carried out at the level:

likes a situation or not;

the personality from an event derives pleasure or chagrin;

the situation as is is accepted, or it is completely torn away.

our task just also consists in learning to suppress negative emotions positive. At psychologists it is called education of emotions .

All people can be divided into two groups on type of thinking and emotional reactions to events.

The first group - people with negative thinking who believe that:

the world surrounding us should be changed as there everything is arranged incorrectly;

of the future should not wait for anything good;

all people have only shortcomings;

is present no love in the nature, there is only a naked calculation;

any aspiration in life to something is doomed to a failure therefore it is not necessary to do any gestures to achievement of the purpose. This list can be continued by

indefinitely. People with negative thinking a priori generate around themselves the negative power field which negatively influences them and on people around too. Such emotions as anger, envy, offense, eat the person from within. To communicate with it - pleasure not from pleasant.

As we treat surrounding reality and people, is reflected specularly in ourselves. That we think and we feel, we receive the same in reply. Likely, some of you were in a situation when wished others bad, but as a result this bad happened to you. Not without reason the Russian saying says: do not dig a hole to another, itself you will get to it.

The second group is people with positive thinking who consider that:

the world around is harmonious;

in the future only good will occur;

in people it is more than the advantages, than shortcomings;

love - the main feeling which connects people, I am loved and I love;

I am ready to help people with any situation, the same as they help me when I need it.

If we strive for positive perception of the world, people, situations, then in reply we will receive only positive, joyful emotions. We will attract to ourselves positive events. And in it the fundamental law of life of people consists!

So, you want to enjoy life - business in you. Take several steps to be adjusted on positive thinking. Life - piece grateful, it will begin to sparkle for you in all flowers of a rainbow. But if you do not want excess gestures - it is your choice too.