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What was Hungary? Impressions of the traveler from Russia of

We for many years could not go abroad, communicate with representatives of other people, study their life and culture.

Therefore when such opportunity appeared, crowds of tourists directed to attracting “abroad“. The case was presented also to me to visit Europe, but when learned that it is only Hungary, there occurred the easy disappointment. Our closest neighbors, besides, we long floated in one socialist boat. What there to watch?

But as I was struck with what was seen in this small country! First of all, paradoxes are evident. For example, the country only 93 thousand km of 2 has the grandiose, majestic capital of Budapest. Such impression, as if the wizard transferred this city from some other country. The same with the parliament building, the hallmark of Budapest. The huge sizes the building, “utykanny“ a set of turrets, quite could serve for parliament of the whole continent if was such.

Budapest was formed by simple addition of three cities of Buda, Obuda and Peshta located on both coast of Danube. Hungarians did not stint the device of the capital. Monumental sculptural compositions decorate its streets and the areas. To 1000 - to summer anniversary of Hungary at Heroes Square the sculptural group of all governors of the country was built the huge sizes. In the territory of the Agrarian museum sits, hiding the person, the thoughtful Anonymous, on the bridge the copper minister settled and so on not to count everything...

From modern compositions it is possible to note the enormous hourglasses established on the occasion of the entry of Hungary into the European Union in 2004.

The unforgettable impression leaves visit of uncountable majestic cathedrals, churches and small churchlets. The talented architecture, rich furniture, marble sculptures of the Italian masters - everything testifies to rich history of the country and careful attitude of the people to it.

And the people - that only slightly more than ten million people. Generally it is local ethnos, there are still Roma, Germans, Slovaks, Jews. Being in the center of Europe, Magyars managed to keep the originality including language. Difficult Hungarian in a pronunciation and understanding did not undergo any influence of other languages. Some words for want of habit cannot just be pronounced (for example, the city of Shatoralyauykhey).

I long looked for a drugstore, but all signs only in English, and I left the subway only in an hour when met the Hungarian who is a little speaking in Russian. However, to be fair it is necessary to tell that the youth begins to use actively English, and the part of the population knows German.

Hungarians are very religious, mostly Catholics. In temples there are services, and in the same time tours are conducted...

Ethnic cuisine the Magyar will not leave indifferent the most experienced gourmet. The Hungarian goulash is served at all restaurants of Europe. Eat goulash with noodles in pork fat and cracklings. This rich meat potatoes soup and trickled pastries is not similar to goulash in understanding of the Russian person at all.

But paprikash really tasty. It prepares from a rabbit or chicken in smetanny sauce with a large number of pepper.

Feature of Hungarian cuisine - is a lot of pepper as seasoning that gives to dishes burningly - sharp taste. This is washed down “a fiery yum-yum“ with the same fiery palenka or natural wine.

Despite love to hot dishes, Hungarians big sweet teeth. Croissants, rolls, cakes, sweet desserts are served to black coffee which they drink with cold water. And what to tell about marzipans without which any tourist does not leave home!

Hungarians are very musical. They love music and dances without which any party or a festivity does not do. The famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt a czardas turned national dance into the classical piece of music.

Travel to Hungary was informative and extremely pleasant what I also tried to tell about, avoiding dry statistical these tourist reference books.