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Who such Menderes Bagsi?

of Menderes Bagsi! This name will tell admirers of the German teleproject “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar“ (Germany Looks for the Superstar) a lot of things! And yes even less so will cause a nervous tic in Dieter!

And everything from - for what? Yes not from - for what! Just the young man wants to become the superstar and it is not important that the voice at him is thin, as at a little mouse. And which of us, in all honesty, would not like to get on TV? - and it...

Menderes, the German of the Turkish origin, was born in 1984 in the town of Langenfelda. Parents, being patriots of the country, called the son in honor of the first president of Turkey Adnan Mederes, but they did not manage to awaken in him interest in policy. Their Menderes wanted to go in the footsteps of the idol - the king of bottoms - Michael Jackson`s music (let the earth to it will be down!) .

Having learned in 2002 that the RTL channel together with Dieter Bolen decided to be engaged in search of talents, Menderes promised that he will be there what it costed it. However, he seriously was never engaged in singing, the karaoke with friends is not counted, but nothing is impossible to a willing heart - beginners are lucky!

Dieter, unfortunately, thought differently: the timbre of a voice of the false actor made laugh strict jury, and it unanimously decided: “The boy, you and singing - things absolutely incompatible!“

“But how so?“ - Menderes was taken aback, and tears gathered at him in the eyes.

The jury was unshakable. But at heart the young actor the hope - Dieter Bolen himself from rags to riches glimmered, he the nasty broom was driven by the powers that be. Really he forgot the manuals to young colleagues: you can win if you want! No, it is necessary to fight up to the end!

Summer of 2003. Long-awaited casting! Menderes - again among thousands of candidates for superstars. Well, now it is ready, let - Bolen will try to whine something! Poorly?

- It was super... - solemnly Dieter declares.

Lips of Menderes who reddened with happiness by itself stretch in a smile, but... Bolen did not finish the thought yet. He grows dark and the apologizing tone says:

- Superplokho.


2005. Menderes again in a system, this time as a competitive song it chooses one of Great Michael`s hits, hoping that the idol “will help“ it. Barehanded you will not take Dieter Bolen, but now, apparently, he knows the competitor by sight! Oh, this Menderes!

2006 - one more attempt to bypass the grumpy old man Bolen and to open a window in show - business. Again by! What you will do!


- You know, Menderes, - Dieter thoughtfully mutters, sticking with a finger into the pile of admissions in the second selection round lying before it. - I in all seriousness declare to you a ban on further participation in a casting. You are a vocal untalented person, and with it there`s nothing to be done. Look for other application to the persistence. I do not joke!

Menderes, without hesitating of either chambers, or the audience, sobs, the jury anxiously exchanges glances: Dieter and the truth went too far this time. But the word - not a sparrow...

2008. Despite a ban, Menderes goes on a casting. But this time not the participant. He instigates producers of the project to allow it to play a role... window cleaner! You will think, the rain all right! of the Window - that should be washed! And the jury have a break. Dieter does not know, than to be engaged, boringly just to sit in place and to do nothing. It turns to a window...

- Hey, in the same place Menederes! - joyfully he exclaims, and the others turn around to a window. Menderes confusedly smiles, trying to hold balance on eaves with an umbrella in one hand and a sponge for washing of windows in another.

- Found worthy occupation! - Dieter concludes with a fatherlike smile, and judges according to nod. It waves to the washerman a hand: - Hey, Menderes! Give to us!

Despite the made impression, Menderes does not manage to pass in the second round. Well, but will be about what to remember!

2010. Menderes takes lessons of singing and dance, having decided to prove to all, as with such timbre as at it, it is possible to become the actor. But, as Dieter also edifies, he has a distinctive feature by which his everyone recognizes! One nature gives a cute face, and to it (though a face too nothing) - “a mouse voice“.

Sure gait having entered the hall, Menderes dumbfounds Dieter who was going to listen to the next variation on Michael Jackson`s creativity, the choice - this time he will sing “Fresh“ of Cool group - n - The Gang.

- Menderes, - Dieter says, settling more conveniently in a chair, - the persistence you deserved my sincere respect for a long time. Let`s make so: if you on this place promise me that you any more will never come to a casting “Germany Looks for the Superstar“, then I... Yes, I will pass you in the second selection round. Further everything will depend only on you.

With these words he stretches to the taken aback Menderes a treasured leaf with the inscription “Recall“. Menderes refuses to trust the happiness, watchfully asks again whether Dieter Bolen jokes. That with a smile swings the head, and Menderes an unsteady step approaches a table of jury. The beret a leaf also lets out enthusiastic shout from Dieter`s hands. The jury catches his mood and in eager rivalry congratulate on a victory.

But Menderes, despite his efforts, has not enough chances against competitors. In the second round the best of being available gathered, all are able to sing also voices - not a couple to Menderovsky. Menderes is ready for success and together with two other children appointed producers of show by his partners in group, days without a break rehearses the competitive song.

And here long-awaited concert. Menderes chooses the white suit embroidered by spangles as a scenic dress and right there comes into the view of Dieter - that with a fatherlike smile praises his taste, but reminds that they not on fashion show also will be estimated voices, but not dresses.

Performance goes off with a bang, but Menderes`s, not delighted with group, jury. One messed up, the second not on all hundred gave all the best - alas, but it is necessary to send them on houses.

Menderes, having a presentiment that his five minutes of fame came to an end, nervously shifts from one foot to the other. It is obviously hard for Dieter to render a verdict, and he decides to begin from far away.

- Menderes, - with a smile he says. - If I am not mistaken, your cherished dream was to get to the second round?

- Yes, - with the confused smile Menderes mutters, squeezing the microphone in hands, - but I would like to pass further...

- Further, - an echo Dieter repeats and painfully frowns. - Other children sang much better, than you, but nevertheless did not cope with a task. Therefore it would be unfair to pass in the following round you one...

You know, and for some reason it seems to me that Menderes will not give up, and this year his name will be in lists of candidates for the shining world of superstars! And in it is that to year he will achieve the.