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Who such Mark Medlok? Though I also consider

“the ideological inspirer“ of Dieter Bolen, his main thing a child (Modern Talking) is not pleasant to me.

It is not music and I respect Thomas Anders as the singer (in 2003 during cruise across Volga I bought a collection of disks with its solo songs in style the jazz - the sky and the earth, in comparison with MT!) ...

About - not Bolen I learned in the twilight of his career in Blue System group, thanks to the clip “For The Children“ which sank down to me in soul in 11 years. There was a wish to make friends with this kind the uncle from the TV!

I in him saw “father“, it is as if ambiguous sounded. Anything strange, actually! Polgermaniya dreamed of the same: that Dieter was their father or the best friend, at the worst. With it you will not miss! And is engaged in run, and on horses jumps, and plays tennis, and is fond of diving, and at everything at the same time manages to write songs, in advertizing to act, to look for talents in two shows, also the father in 57 to become - the daughter Amelie at them with the ladylove in March was born.

Well, and than not a role model? That is the same, dyad Dee drives!

It seems to me, it is unfair that in countries of Eastern Europe it is known only as one of founding fathers of the disco 80 - x. On most - that business, on Modern Talking there are other fish in the sea - Dieter since 2003 within the Deutschland sucht den Superstar teleproject (Germany looks for the Superstar) opened to the world several new actors who are not less talented at all, than his pets 30 - summer prescription! And I on all hundred am sure: if not strange, in my opinion, policy of the management of Sony BMG Music, they would find responses in a fit of temper and the Russian listeners.

We will take, for example, Mark Medlok, the winner of a season of 2006-2007. Zolushok in the natural form! I do not scoff, by no means - we are nodding familiar with it (I write texts for songs in English, at one time actively was engaged in a rap; with colleagues it is simpler to find a common language, especially he considers Dieter the teacher too).

And so, he is a metis or the half-blooded: mother - the white German, the father - the Afro-American. Was born on July 9, 1978 in Franfurt - on - Main, from the father passed to it gift a soul - the singer. On a scene since six years. As the idols, by its recognition, considers James Brown and Barry Whyte.

He did not manage to get an education - in 1997 found cancer in his mother, and Mark as the eldest son had to throw school and to become for it the nurse. At the beginning of 2000 - x also the father died, and till 2006 Mark grabbed any work if only not to kick the bucket with hunger.

He was also a nurse at nursing home in the German town Offenbach, and the driver of the garbage truck - according to him, the most humiliating in work of the same dustman - the fact what, otpakhav from 2:00 till 12:00, you can learn that in a column for you there is no place any more. Go on the exchange and suck a paw, the next temporary job will not turn up yet!

But Mark is a fighter, he looks at the world with a smile and is always ready to come to the rescue of friends and fans to whom “on a life coffin“ it is obliged by the success. As he speaks, “having only won back a two-hour concert and having signed autographs to one and all admirers, I can tell: “I was tired“. After death of parents his family - five cats without whom he does not imagine life. They are his children, in the mountain and in the pleasures which are tenderly purring near by at the owner, assuring that still at their amicable family ahead.

Dieter Bolen for Mark is “father“, they together released three albums “Mr. Lonely“ (2007), “Dreamcatcher“ (2007), to “Cloud Dancer“ (2008) and “Club Tropicana“ (2009) in which Dieter could break steoreotipa and write, at last, something brand new. Mark returned the favor - and here result: “Mr. Lonely“ held on at top of the German charts within 18 weeks. The following albums received only the second and third place, but the army of admirers from it did not decrease at all.

Well, in my opinion, Mark Medlok is the worthy successor of Thomas Anders, and it is quite possible that Dieter will be associated of the new millennium at music lovers with it!