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The person it is necessary to deserve? Yes!

Once I read that in twenty years we such with what we were created by parents, and in forty - already such with what we created ourselves. all persons if are not beautiful

In youth then they are inspired and is promising. But will pass not really many years - all promising became puzzled, and beauty and boots became covered with dust and cracks of the lived years. And from all shape blows as gloomily boring complacency.

Appearance is one of advance payments of youth, a gift and the hope of the nature giving the chance to confirm external - internal.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov dreamed many years ago: “ In the person everything has to be fine: both person, and clothes, and soul, and thoughts “. Anton Pavlovich, without doubt, was an idealist, but any generation did not do without ideals.

Life without ideals becomes perishable good. And grandsons want to tell something worthy about the life. And though Chekhov delivered to thought on the last place, I am sure of their prevailing value.

Because everything, than our life is filled about what we think, leaves, it appears, on a face a trace. The human face is molded by his conscience and life. There is no such grief, such melancholy or anger, such dishonor, such despair which would not be reflected in shape.

To think of such communication of appearance and life people became long ago. Probably, the first about it it is sensible and convincingly Pythagoras wrote. Both Aristotle, and Balzac was interested in fixedly fiziognomoniky (physiognomics). And Platon before taking to itself in pupils of the applicant, carefully scanned his appearance. Presently the advanced employers apply this knowledge at reception of personnel for work.

I knew one beautiful, with thin spiritual features, but the useless young man. Meeting it by chance, always thought that from any rules there are exceptions. But once this rake had an accident, having forever disfigured the beautiful face is undeserved.

Though usually changes collect gradually, imperceptibly. Acts of man leave marks not only on a face, they change gait, a bearing, a voice sound. Each person carries with himself history of the life. Conan Doyle knew it and allowed Sherlock Holmes successfully to earn from this knowledge.

Our passions set in motion the certain muscles, rather identical as the physiologist would tell, at different people. The nature to designate angry or greedy, does not cease to expose it in tens of various ways. It is only necessary to learn to read them on a face.

One Chinese proverb speaks: “Watch at a forehead of the person to learn, than it will become, consider a mouth it at rest that the nobility, than there was it “. Know that the mouth has never a deceiving expression defining a personal essence. And if the fine forehead indicates noble aspirations, then wide jaws confirm egoism and well developed hvatatelny reflex. The head in the form of a pear expresses prevalence of instincts and material requirements over reason. And Balzac still added: “ Avoid pale people “.

So, the person is vulgarized more, the more it is moral it is humiliated, the more he seeks to be disfigured instinctively! It, without knowing that, will obey the great law of the nature which strives for the harmony, any, between soul and a body. Our look is controlled by a brain which till a time manages to operate it, to use cunning, be externally pleasant and smiling.

But at some point when the quantity turns into quality, defect, operating muscles of the person, distorts nevertheless initial beauty.

Physiognomists and skilled doctors can tell a lot of things about the person, only once having looked at him. However, some fortunetellers too.

The comely person speaks not only about comely thoughts, but also about the actions confirming them.

However the medal has two parties: in any nature it is inherent both high, and low. It is all about a measure. It is known that shortcomings are continuation of our advantages. And, according to the logic of things, the advantages are more considerable - the shortcomings are more noticeable. All strong people have passions which conduct them on life.

Mediocre people who measure giants on the tiny growth cannot understand and accept it and condemn them. The big river always bears a lot of foam.

In the light of the aforesaid expressions seem unusually well-aimed: “to save face“ and “not to lose face“. Here also it turns out that at the peak of life is more eloquent than clothes and jewelry is the person that captures our unique essence.

you are crumpled by your passions “, - the physiognomist Zopiras told Socrates. “ you are right, and would have to be, - Socrates answered, - but I them submit “. And Socrates became history as a symbol of wisdom and virtue.

And therefore there is no need to expostulate for years and difficulties if itself did not find time to stick together from itself Apollo.