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What from well-known data on chocolate the truth?

U of those who read articles about history and structure of chocolate in the head there was a certain picture. But if to understand, then which - that from well-known data on chocolate will be far from reality.

Chocolate causes chemical dependence and works as drug?

Is present

no scientific data confirming it. Moreover, those few researches that were carried out, demonstrate that no dependence on chocolate exists. At refusal of daily chocolate nobody shows asocial behavior, tests “withdrawal pains“. There are no substances to which there is an accustoming in chocolate in enough. The people declaring the unhealthy addiction to chocolate often are fans of all sweet, that is sugar, and here sugar is just substance which processing in an organism very reminds what happens to the real drugs.

Chocolate causes a condition of euphoria thanks to the chemical composition?

Should not rely

on it too strongly. It is less Feniletilamin who causes euphoria, for example, at love in chocolate, than in a salami, and the salami in any “such affairs“ is not noticed. Substance of which serotonin is formed, “happiness hormone“, in chocolate is, but too in insufficient quantities. The person is not able to eat so much chocolate how many it is necessary for noticeable effect.

Chocolate is aphrodisiac?

Earth did not make still any fruit which somewhere once would not be declared capable to strengthen a love heat. Read about Montezuma drinking a chocolate cup before going to a harem? Indians drank chocolate constantly. Not everything, but only rich and exclusive. And the rank - the more chocolate is higher. Montezuma was “great speaking“ (at Aztecs the emperor so was called) so probably consumed most than this drink. And if the Spaniard who left us the mentioned data was interested in a harem, then, perhaps less, would notice that the emperor drank chocolate till a breakfast and after a breakfast, before sacrifices and later...

At Indians chocolate was a symbol of love and the power?

is the truth. Chocolate was used in marriage ceremonies, and, really, only representatives of the highest castes had legitimate right to drink chocolate. Consumption of chocolate by commoners was considered as “a bad sign“. But here nota bene! Producers of chocolate often use an Indian subject in advertizing of the product, and this drink had ritual functions, the knowledge of which is capable to beat off desire to bite off from a tile for a long time.

Hernan Cortes was the first who presented chocolate to the yard of the Spanish masters?

the Mythological box of cocoa - beans which it allegedly brought with itself(himself) when went to give the account on the expedition wanders from the story of one fudrayter in another. Actually there is full a list of everything that Cortes in 1527 brought to Spain (the author of this list certain Frantsisko Lopez de Gomara, Cortes`s confessor and his authorized representative). There is no chocolate in this list. The first documented emergence of cocoa in Spain took place in 1544, and his not Spaniards, but the Maya from Verapaz when profits with goodwill visit to Philip the Second (then he was still a prince) brought to express gratitude for his generosity.

Anna Avstriyskaya brought chocolate to France, and its distribution in this country so began?

Perhaps, brought, or perhaps and is not present. That is brought, most likely, as in Spain all drank chocolate, but all this only assumptions. Anyway, his queen did not promote distribution. She lived in solitude, French disliked her so they would hardly begin to follow its example. Chocolate appeared in France as medicine, and we are obliged by the first information about him to the cardinal Richelieu, not the minister of Ludovic, but his brother who was a cardinal too. Chocolate gained popularity already at Louis XIV who in 1659 granted monopoly, that is the privilege, to do and sell chocolate, to a certain David Shalo.

Chocolate - a source of vitamins and minerals?


the amount of these substances are there, but the main advantage of chocolate are flavonoids. They improve a blood-groove (therefore do face packs of chocolate) and fight with free radicals. To describe useful effect of chocolate, it is necessary pages ten not less only you remember that there fat (though it is useful too) and sugar. Hundred grams of chocolate without sugar would give us about 500 calories, 13 grams of a protein, 0 cholesterol, 53 grams of fat and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

In chocolate is a lot of caffeine?

have not enough

of Caffeine there. If you cannot fall asleep after a chocolate bar, then it not from - for caffeine, and from - for the theobromine which received the name from a Latin name of a plant of cocoa - a teobrom of cocoa.

Chocolate is the migraine trigger?

Me knows to

of the one and only research of communication with migraine, as a result of any communication did not find. However to claim for certain that chocolate does not cause migraine while it is impossible. It is not recommended to be fond of chocolate at renal diseases, but to such people, perhaps, milk chocolate is not harmful. Theoretically from - for balance of amino acids of cocoa can keep development of herpes, but too it is easy to correct it, having eaten fish and meat.

Chocolate and wine perfectly go together?

to me never to understand

from where the fashion undertook to consume these two products together. Precisely from “decadent“ reputation both. They are absolutely incompatible. Taste of chocolate reveals at a temperature from 30 degrees Celsius, and wine is drunk cold. Besides, both tastes very bright also do not supplement each other, and compete. The piece of chocolate should be put in a mouth and to wait until it thaws, not in which case not to chew. And if by all means it is necessary to drink something together with chocolate, then drink hot tea.

the Best chocolate is made in Belgium and Switzerland?

In these countries are done by tasty chocolates and other confectionery of this product. The best chocolate is made in France, Italy and Spain. It is simple to define good chocolate. It has to thaw in hands if it does not thaw, so in it not enough cocoa - oils. At the list of ingredients legally there are only cocoa - the weight, cocoa - oil, sugar and soy lecithin. All the rest has to be exposed to careful check. And any artificial fillers! Rather good chocolate is made from cocoa grades - beans which are called “cut“ and “òðèíèòàðèî“, it is always told about it on a wrapper. When it is specified from what plantation the raw materials are collected, it is absolutely chic. If to you very much carries, then you will be able to taste chocolate from Chuao and Porselan`s grades (these are subspecies kriolo).

Most of all buyers love chocolate bars?

at the beginning of 90 - x the most sold chocolate product was shokoladno - nut paste. It is unlikely since then something changed. In the different countries composition of this paste - spread different. It is the best of all to buy it in Italy.

Chocolate, as well as all desserts, promotes a weight set?

Chocolate and fruit - desserts which do not promote a weight set. Replace a chocolate and chocolate cake with bitter chocolate and you can sleep peacefully (if only you do not eat too much chocolate, you remember theobromine). Nutritionists advise there is a chocolate in the mornings after a breakfast because he creates feeling of satiety for a long time and by the time of a lunch you will not be hungry as a hunter.

I hope, your idea of chocolate changed. Now you have a new picture in the head. By the way, about pictures: chocolate it is possible to draw as oil paints if to add food dyes to white chocolate.