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Who created Periodic table of elements?

Already nearly one and a half hundred years Russians are proud of the fact that the author of Periodic system of elements, this greatest truism for all chemists, physicists, biologists and scientific other specialties the great Russian chemist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev is.

All know that in February - March, 1869 Dmitry Mendeleyev developed the well-known table, a certain remote prototype is more faithful all than the known Periodic system of elements where the ends of the periods on an element with concrete type of properties were not looked through accurately.

Mendeleyev corrected the system and improved all life. And only in 1871 he constructed periodic table in which the periods without unknown then noble gases were clearly looked through. The periods in that table terminated in halogen.

Around the world nobody challenges that nowadays everywhere the accepted Periodic system of elements where the entire periods terminate in noble gas, is the scientific ultimate truth where all elements are located absolutely correctly and nothing is impossible how many - nibud it is essential to correct or improve.

However, shy and unsuccessfully French try to challenge Dmitry Mendeleyev`s priority (Alexander Emil Beguye de Shankurtua`s priority of 1862). British Osparivavat (William Odlinga`s priority and John Alexander Reina Nyyulends of 1864).

Also Germans challenge (Julius Lothar Meyer`s priority of 1864).

More expanded edition of PSE is published by Meyer in 1870.

But nobody in the world dares to challenge that Mendeleyev opened the Periodic law saying that in process of growth of a charge of an atomic nucleus of property of elements repeat - without reduction of a measure, a strong point, concrete reference points of boundary parameters of the periods of repetition of properties of elements .

That is, the fact that the formulation of “the periodic law“ in Mendeleyev`s edition and in modern edition is a formula not of strictly scientific periodic law, but very vague description of already open, but still thoroughly not studied scientific periodic phenomenon is obvious!

From it “the periodic law“ it is impossible to take the key, fundamental scientific provision on that, with what concrete type of properties has to begin an element, and (or) has to terminate every period!

As it became clear now, it is necessary to recognize honestly that Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev was not that first person on Earth who constructed rather scientific classification of elements.

Before Mendeleyev it appeared all - the great German doctor and the chemist Julius Lothar Meyer. It in 1864 published a table fragment where the periods terminate in shchyolochnozemelny metal in the scientific press.

Only leaning on Periodic system of elements of Meyer, it was possible to open the present periodic laws which describe a structure and an order of formation of an electronic cloud of atom in process of growth of a charge of an atomic nucleus.

At the same time over fifteen present periodic laws and fundamental scientific provisions were really open and written down by verbal formulas, and many were embodied also in simple mathematical formulas by the Muscovite, the simple Russian doctor, nowadays the pensioner Alexander Konstantinovich Makeev.

And at a support on the Periodic system of elements developed by it irrespective of Yu. L. Meyer, K. E. Tsimens and V. M. Klechkovsky where the entire periods terminate in shchyolochnozemelny metal!

In this Periodic system of elements Makeev placed symbols of four hypothetical elements preceding hydrogen. As preelements Alexander Makeev assumed quantum whirlwinds of time - space, quantum whirlwinds of the movement - change (in particular, photons) and quantum whirlwinds of structure of atomic nuclei and electronic clouds of atoms.

What form of periodic table of elements more correct?

Meyerovskaya, where the entire periods terminate on shchyolochnozemelny metal?

Or mendeleevsky where the entire periods terminate on noble gas, at the same time the first period begins with nonmetal, chemically active gas of hydrogen, and all other periods begin with chemically active alkaline metal though it is declared that the entire periods begin with alkaline metal?

About the Periodic law write everywhere that its first edition was formulated by the great Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev. Though the formulation of the periodic, allegedly, law actually is the formulation of the periodic phenomenon which does not supply with the unambiguous information about that, to properly define properties of an element in PSE periods: from the beginning to the termination or from the termination by the beginning of the period, or it is equal also from the beginning to the termination, and from the termination by the beginning of the period.

Therefore in the majority of the countries the Periodic system of elements is called simply: “Periodic system of elements“.

And any names of her author or authors!