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How to choose an ideal bathing suit?

All year of the girl dreamed and made plans where to go to holiday... What clothes to take with itself what bag and sunglasses... But the most important question of a beach season is always the bathing suit.

How it is correct to choose to himself a bathing suit? The ideal bathing suit always conforms to several requirements:

1. He hides shortcomings and emphasizes figure advantages.

2. Its color favourably shades tone of skin.

3. The bathing suit has to be fashionable, especially if you go to the prestigious resort.

For a start we will consider types of female figures.

For slender girls perfectly will be suitable separate bathing suits. Than the figure is thinner and more harmonous, especially the bathing suit has to have thin elements. For example, ties on a bodice and hips, decorative finishing. Drawing of fabric of a bathing suit has to be graceful: thin flowers, peas, branches and other elements. Will visually increase a breast a bodice of lighter shade, a bodice drapery ruches, cups of dense forests - the apostle

to girls, Inclined to completeness is recommended to select the continuous, closed bathing suits as the separate bathing suit divides a figure into two parts across, forming two visual squares (a zone of hips and a zone of a stomach) that gives to a full figure additional volume. The closed bathing suit visually extends, concealing completeness.

Of course, not all owners of full forms will want to wear a continuous bathing suit. And among separate bathing suits it is possible to pick up quite good models, but taking into account observance of rules: parts of a separate bathing suit have to be rather wide, landing of shorts - on hips. It is not necessary to go into extremes and to wear shorts - thongs or, on the contrary, to pull pants to a stomach. Selecting a bodice, stop the choice on model with wide shoulder straps, it will visually narrow shoulders and will tighten the line of a breast.

What color scale and drawing to prefer?

Except a bathing suit form, pay attention to drawing of fabric and finishing. Visually narrow forms: diagonal strips, a vertical decor on the center (a lacing, an embroidery etc.) . Expand forms: large drawing, in peas or flowers. Smaller drawing is capable to reduce volumes visually.

It is important to know about features of strips. Vertical strips - expand a figure, horizontal strips - extend a figure up. Remember sailor`s stripped vests, thanks to a horizontal strip their owners seem more harmonous and high.

Fabric drawing with round elements also visually increases breast volume.

In case the breast not too magnificent, is ideally suited a bodice with widely placed shoulder-straps. This model will make a breast of more volume.

Select color of a bathing suit taking into account your phototype of skin as your color of suntan will depend on it.

If your skin has light, porcelain or is bluish - a pink shade, choose a bathing suit in such tones as pink, silvery, lilac, claret, crimson. Avoid scale of yellow and green tones. Yellow color will visually add to your skin of blue, and green will reveal imperfections of skin and redness, especially if you often burn.

Owners zheltovato - dairy or peach tone of skin are recommended to choose bathing suits of warm colors: sand, golden, color of ochre, coral shade of red. Avoid violet tones - they will give you a sickly look.

Black color conceals completeness. Besides, all dark, saturated tone possess this property.

Bright tone - lemon, yellow, lime, orange, it is bright - red, on the contrary, visually increase forms in volumes.

The best fabric for bathing suits is considered bifleks - it is rather strong elastic material. Before purchase check quality of seams of a bathing suit and existence of a cotton gusset.

Good to you rest. Be beautiful!