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How to keep flowers in the house, being going on vacation? Bases of wick watering

Summer - the period of holidays, and it is remarkable! But also during this period - the most high temperature and low humidity of air. And if you, packing a suitcase, rejoice to the forthcoming rest, then your houseplants sadly prepare for test by a drought.

Of course if at you on window sills cactuses grow, then this article will hardly be necessary for you. But if you the owner of more gentle plants, that is sense to think of extension of their life during your rest.

The first that can come to mind is the help of relatives, friends or neighbors who will glance to you to the house to water pots with flowers in your absence.

And what to do if all family also parted by the seas in holidays, and you not too trust neighbors? What precautionary measures can be taken for rescue of your room favourites from a drought?

It is necessary or to acquire system of autowatering in flower shop... Or to build it from make-shifts.

Collect all basins and superficial capacities which are available in the house. Distribute your plants on groups, on degree of their requirement to moisture. Cactuses and succulents can be not touched, just water them and leave on the former place, they will easily transfer your week absence. Place other plants in basins on which bottom a little water is poured. It is the simplest reception, however plants can pereuvlazhnitsya and decay.

we Will consider other way: pots with plants dig in in damp peat. For this purpose the capacity of the big size will fit (including a bathtub). On a bottom it is stacked a waterproof foil, fill capacity with peat so that it closed the pots placed in it with houseplants. Plentifully water peat. This way is similar on when plants dig in in a garden .

application of wick watering will be Much more effective. For this purpose you need a bucket with water and a thin plait - a match (synthetic or cotton) or a thick natural woolen thread. Spend one end of a plait (thread) to each pot, on it water will arrive. Place other end in a bucket with water. For bigger reliability put a bucket higher than the level of a pot.

The match is on sale also in flower shops, one end of this thin cord is spent through the lower opening of a pot to roots of plants, in the course of change of a plant, and other end - to the container with water of the big size (a bucket or a bathtub). When carrying out a match try not to disturb fragile roots of plants.

needs to pay attention to the following feature : if you are going to carry out wick watering of houseplants on a constant basis, then you need to get special synthetic matches in flower shop (cotton will quickly decay). The match has to be moistened well, that is possess capillary properties. For wick watering use substrata ochenvlago - and air-permeable, for example torfyano - a perlitny substratum or mixes on the basis of a moss - a sphagnum. If you use the dense substratum containing organic chemistry, then it will detain water that will negatively affect your plants.

Surely test the device for watering before you are away on vacation, for elimination of defects and check of action.