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Discontent and claim


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


pv the Person is indignant to a little bit of the evil - that he does.

p Discontent with - the road to success, others - to defeat and loneliness.

p Dissatisfied - happiness does not visit.

z Irrespective of a standard of living of people under the influence of a self-preservation instinct is dissatisfied with life.

and In a modern civilization discontent is more requirement, than need.

z Irrespective of the fact how treat the person, it periodically blows up discontent - for the purpose of improvement of the attitude towards itself.

z the Person dissatisfied with the taking place events, dreams of those with which it was dissatisfied earlier or will be dissatisfied in the future.

p the Person is dissatisfied present - so far it will not turn into the past.

p We are not happy with people around, but when they abandon us, we begin to remember them from the good party.

and to approve unfair claims to people who surround us we unfairly praise those who are not present nearby.

z Discontent with - is put in the person by the nature - it is necessary to stimulate his activity and diligence.

z Discontent with life is caused by concern - and can promote human height.

vp Negatively wrong, spiteful and decadent discontent with life.

p the Fool incapable to estimate behavior of people, being under the influence of a self-preservation instinct - always and with all it is dissatisfied.

and to the Dissatisfied person is difficult to mount upon a neck.

and to distinguish inclined mounts others upon a neck and to be able timely not to allow it - mind, an insight and knowledge of psychology is necessary.

and the Fool is happy with people only at sharp and obvious improvement of their attitude towards him - and it is possible only after its strong deterioration, according to the scheme of a carrot and stick.

z the Only reason of discontent - can be nasty character

yu the Pessimist - and will find defects in paradise life.

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