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How to grow up a spathiphyllum?

the Spathiphyllum - a perennial grassy plant, are from rainforests, with the large foliage and ears of inflorescences framed with a cover of snow-white prisotsvetny leaves. The name of a plant came from Greek “spatha“ - “cover“, and “phylon“ - “sheet“.

45 types of these grassy perennials grow in East Asia, Polynesia and America.

At spathiphyllums the underground stalk shortened, as a rule. Darkly - green brilliant leaves ovally - a lantsetny form on long scapes, streaks on leaves are brightly expressed. The inflorescence at a spathiphyllum zheltovato - green with a hilly surface, is as if covered with a shirokoelliptichesky concave cover of snow-white or green color.

As a houseplant 3 species of these plants are cultivated : spathiphyllum of obilnotsvetushchiya (S. floribundum), spathiphyllum pleasant (S. blandum) and Wallice`s (S. wallisii) spathiphyllum. The set of hybrid grades which differ among themselves with height, the sizes of leaves, size of inflorescences, duration and a profuseness of blossoming is also known.

Spathiphyllums during the whole year, the term of life of one inflorescence about one month blossom. Besides, spathiphyllums are sometimes used as srezochny culture, inflorescences in cut keep also long, as well as on a plant, namely - one month.

It is very unpretentious flowers. They grow also in light places, in the shaded places and even at artificial lighting. However it is necessary to remember that bright sunshine can do harm to a plant: leaves of a spathiphyllum will turn yellow, appearance will worsen.

Requirements to cultivation of spathiphyllums are consolidated to observance of temperature condition and watering.

The plant is thermophilic. In the summer optimum temperature is +18+25 degrees, and in the winter of +16+18 degrees. In case of violation of temperature condition blossoming stops, growth of a plant is slowed down. For a spathiphyllum temperature in +12 degrees will be critical, it will die.

Spathiphyllums well grow on condition of high humidity of air which can be reached daily spraying of leaves soft warm water. In rooms with dry air drying of tips of leaves, easing of immunity of a plant and infection with his insects - wreckers (a web tick, a shchitovka) is possible.

In the spring and in the summer spathiphyllums need moderate watering by water of room temperature. During the period from October to January water less often, in process of drying of the earth in a pot. If your spathiphyllum grows in conditions of insufficient lighting, watering needs to be limited to exclude a situation of remoistening of the soil. Signs of remoistening are brown necrotic spots on plant leaves. The same defects arise at a low temperature and drafts.

The soil for spathiphyllums is prepared from the sheet earth, peat, humus and coarse-grained sand, in the ratio 3:2:1:1. It is possible to buy also already ready substrata in shops of flower plants.

Annual change in a pot of larger diameter is necessary for young plants, adult plants are replaced in 2 years. Pots need to be chosen wide and superficial. At change try not to disturb a root lump - the plant is very sensitive and can die from it. If after change withering of leaves is observed - spray them from a spray.

It is better to make change during the spring period.

Make multiple copies spathiphyllums division of a bush at change, offsprings, sometimes seeds.

During the work with this plant it is necessary to remember that it is poisonous. Exclude access to it for children and pets in order to avoid unforeseen situations.