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For what you are free?

, How many forces how many the best years or centuries I gave you, bondage! The hermit of creaking iron doors, I learned to calm their roar. I fell in love with the shackles because it is impossible, without loving, so gently and imperceptibly to file their smooth rings! And subtleties of prison traditions … I learned them all! It is possible to escape from a dungeon of laws and rules only when you know them in perfection. My supervisors! I felt sorry for them: they were only exclusive prisoners, their tiny advantages were too insignificant payment for loss of dream of freedom. But had this dream and I dreamed. And here I am free! I managed to run from there from where it is impossible to run. Here, among these picturesque mountains where I can find also food in the wood, and a lodging for the night, air is given to drink by breath of freedom.

The footpath conducts me to a hut of the wise aged man. This wise man about whom I heard long ago will be the first to whom I will be able openly to tell: “I am free!“. “FROM WHAT you are free, my brother?“ - he will ask me. And I will tell it everything of the bondage against which won.

It costs at a threshold, and his friendly face is turned to me.

- Hi, hi, - I say to it, - I am free.

- Hi, my brother, - the wise man answers, - come into my dwelling and tell me FOR WHAT you are free.

Sunny days and dark nights you created the WEBSITE. This way is thorny and was hard. You had to study new mysterious words, to read different confidential books, to look for on the Internet unique materials for the WEBSITE … You drank the favourite coffee and did not notice its marvelous aroma. With you your favourite half spoke, but you did not hear its bewitching voice. Around there were so many fine moments of life, but you did not see them. Because you created the WEBSITE. And here in one magic day YOUR WEBSITE sighed and RECOVERED. He began to LIVE LIFE. He was BORN. He as the child - is to it cheerfully or sadly, ridiculously or drearily … But never happens IN ANY WAY. With it it is impossible to be indifferent. Because it is YOUR WEBSITE, yours a child, your loved a child.

And you overflowed with the happiness hurry to tell the whole world about what wonderful at you was born the WEBSITE as remarkably he is able to do the things, what it cheerful and kind, what beautiful clothes at it. You seek to tell to people - what difficulties you managed to overcome for the birth of such strange peanut what burdens you took out that he saw the light how many useful knowledge you enclosed in it.

And here you came to people to tell them all this. And people suddenly asked: “FOR WHAT you made it? WHAT WILL it GIVE us?“.

And here suddenly from your eyes the veil fell down. All euphoria disappeared somewhere. And you understood that you created the WEBSITE only for yourself. That it cannot bring benefit to other people. Just because you did not think of it.

And YOUR WEBSITE looked at you the innocent eyes and was perplexed - why suddenly all izmenilos7 Why are not glad to it any more? WHY SO it TURNED OUT???

I hope that you never allow such situation. Also you will always think of that is FOR WHAT you do it. Also you will think Before you bring the WEBSITE into world.

Good luck to you. More beautiful WEBSITES which will never feel thrown …