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Why the thematic websites bring more money?

Often come inquiries on pass - audit from owners of the websites on which diverse information is collected.

As a rule, such owners declare the most popular subjects as keywords: e-books, earnings on the Internet, useful links, well and which - that from the personal interests. So in it bad?

Bad - anything. But also advantage any.

Earlier such pages were called by Home page (homepage), or “hamster“. Such they remained and now. Because, except the author and the owner of such website, it is interesting to nobody.

There are absolutely simplified options. For example, the website with the personal photos. If the author created it in order that all friends and acquaintances had an opportunity to admire them - that any problems. But when such author wants “to get on the first places by the word “photo““ - it already, to put it mildly, it is unreasonable.

So, to a problem No. 1 - such website to very few people is interesting. At least because it is created by the person who did not so long ago come to the Internet. And therefore hardly the collection of materials which it brought from other websites is interesting to other people, more skilled.

Problem No. 2 . Materials which are copied from other websites or are placed with violation of all standard rules (without indication of authorship and the reference to the website - a source), or just morally became outdated. (That it is sometimes much more dangerous, than you think. Depends on subject. About it in separate article.) They are negatively perceived by Yandex. And such website does not take high positions.

Problem No. 3 . The Internet is won by specialization. Where will look for refrigerators? On the specialized websites. But in any way not on the website “In total about Everything“. Because it will come to nobody to mind there to look for. And to win first place by such words as “refrigerator“ or other competitive terms, to such website it is unrealistic.

Problem No. 4 . It is difficult to untwist such website (if to forget about the first problem). Because any website has to have the name. The more “speaking“ it will be, the better, the more people will remember it. And how to call the website “About Everything“? Here also the faceless “ names Vasya Pupkin`s Portal turn out“. Or louder - “Information center …“.

And in keywords there will be just a set of popular keywords. And any to sense from such website will not be. Because it will be difficult to lift it according to popular phrases. And if we lift, what then? It will live some time. Then the author will want to earn from him, will hang up pieces five banners on each page. Also will think what will grow rich soon, having attendance in 50-100 people a day “on such abrupt keywords“. From there is the following problem.

Problem No. 5 . Such websites have no prospect. At first they are created for self-affirmation. For it they are untwisted, using all available means, including pyramids, systems of a price markup of counters and just system of automatic link exchange. And what then?

Then it becomes boring for the owner of the website, and the project is thrown. Especially if it was on a free hosting. And here hosting? Besides what the author of a resource does not pay for it, means website values in the head any. If it had to pay dollars 5 in a month, he hundred times would think - what to put on the paid hosting? And so, for free, it is possible to nakidat also any garbage. Just because by now it is interesting to it.

At best the author will begin to study bases of html and php, will begin to study ways of promotion of the website, and from it rather competent web - the master will turn out. He quickly enough will understand what websites should be done. Especially if you want to earn from it money.

And the one who did not become sensible a web - the master, will say most likely everything that the Internet - nonsense that it is just a toy, and sense from it any. Or will begin to create packs the websites (to copy ready) for participation in various pyramids and an enticement on them naive beginners. In the first case various myths about the Internet are inflated. And in the second the next garbage websites which litter the Internet are created.

Morals of article: create the thematic websites. It is simpler to untwist them and more simply to sell through them something. And here successfully to sell something concrete - it is necessary to plan competently the website .

But about planning - next time.