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Why you are not helped by clever books?

All read clever books. And books such now weight on book counters. For every taste, in any language. You want - in religious terms, on the example of the Bible, you want - in esoteric, on the example of the highest forces … Anything.

And all - purchase of these books changes nothing in your life. So why it occurs? What do you do not so?

the whole 3 reasons of it Are.

1. Some buy the book, having flattered on its beautiful cover, on the enticing headings promising everything and at once, and without effort. Purchase of such book warms of you soul. You inspired carry her home, smiling to the dreams, representing what iridescent changes will occur in your life soon. You begin to think - where to put garage for the new car what furniture to acquire for the new apartment … And having come home, you put the book on a regiment, and … all. From time to time it is tender and with impatience you glance at it, stroking the purse waiting for its replenishment …

I nothing occurs as it is not surprising. And then many begin to shout that all this deception that the author - the liar who just raises money from ingenuous little fools. And that in general charlatans all around.

2. the Second category moves ahead much further. They really read the book. And even all entirely. Because, as a rule, the good book is read on one breath. Especially if it is written in language close to you. But for some reason all the same nothing occurs. The purse does not want to get fat from the brand new crackling green desired pieces of paper with portraits of the American presidents in any way. Also almost the same begins, as at the first category of people - abuse to the author and disappointment in receptions and methods which had to help to construct a new wonderful life for you.

3. the Third category causes respect. These are people who not only bought the book, not only it was read from cover to cover. These are people who began to DO something. To do what is written by the author as the exercises leading to the necessary result. But, alas … Even this category suffers a defeat, and nothing in their life changes. The book also takes the place on the shelf and safely becomes dusty … And a problem all that these people BEGAN to do something, but their enthusiasm quickly ran low and they ceased to do it. And, certainly, did not receive due results. And they were so close to success! Are close, more than ever. But, as they say, “the success waits for you behind the next turn“. And if you did not reach it and did not glance for it - success and will remain is unattainable for you. Chinese have a saying - “The road to one thousand kilometers begins with one step“. But focus also that it is necessary to CONTINUE to move.

For what this article and what of it needs to draw a conclusion is written?

A conclusion very simple. NOBODY FOR YOU WILL DO ANYTHING. And YOU should create success, own hands. And if you stop halfway - there you and will remain if do not slide back.

Practically in each qualitative book the WORKING methods and exercises are described. It is only necessary to choose that which is the closest to you on spirit and style of writing. And after purchase and reading of such book to BEGIN to DO what in it is written. And to CONTINUE to DO it until you achieve goals.

Here and all knowledge. But number of people who can pass this way - no more than 5% of number of readers of any book! What fine it would not be, as if remarkably did not motivate you on achievement of great tops in your life.

And me there is a wish to believe that you will be able to become these few lucky who are able to receive everything that they want, in the life. Good luck to you.