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Inernet - business = network marketing?

U you, as well as at many, the word “network marketing“ for certain cause sharply negative attitude. Correctly?

And the words “the Internet-business“ cause, as a rule, joyful excitement and expectation something interesting and tempting.

Strangely enough, besides that these concepts are rather far from each other, they have much the general. You do not trust? Let`s look at their essence more attentively.

1. Choice problem. In network marketing now very wide choice of opportunities. You can choose both goods, and the career program, and scope of the network business, and the perspective purposes.

In the Internet - business the same. You can independently choose goods which you are going to sell the amount of the business, the niche, the purposes of the business.

2. Beginning.

In network marketing the most difficult is the beginning. At you not yet the team (structure), you plainly do not understand the principles of work, recruitment of the team and hundreds of other important things yet. You have no experience yet surely to go forward. You still are afraid of everything, and most of all are afraid to lose and sink everything, having become a laughing-stock in an estimation of people around.

In the Internet - business the same. You have no team. You know only that you WANT. But AS to reach it - still in fog. You have no experience because it is your first attempt of creation of such business. And it is terrible to tell someone about it too - and suddenly it will not turn out?

3. Goods. you had goods. But these goods - a pig in a poke! To whom to sell it? Where to find buyers? How to convince them of quality of the goods? How to answer questions of potential buyers?

And what in your business? Again the same! You created the goods (service, information product, you resell someone`s ready goods - not very well). But it is also unknown and unclear to your potential clients! And questions remain the same. To whom to sell these goods? How to entice buyers on the website? What words to tell them about such remarkable goods?

4. Survival.

it is difficult to b to sustain

In network marketing at first. Because it seems you do everything correctly, and there is no result everything.

Is similar in the Internet - business. You read a lot of articles, clever books, it seems do everything as it is written - and results zero. Or nearly zero. And here - to sustain the most difficult. Not to break at this stage. To learn to overcome difficulties, to analyze the mistakes and to correct them. As clever people - success behind the next turn speak. And for you the most important - not to stop, not to lower hands. And to reach that treasured turn and to see there the success.

5. Negative.

Relation to network marketing sharply negative. Agree? And it is very heavy, morally very heavy to overcome this relation from outside and just surrounding, and from your relatives, and from your potential clients who look at you and all wait for a dirty trick, all wait when you throw“ them. Because you are engaged in network marketing. And that says it all. Irrespective of quality of goods which you sell. Because quality and your honesty should be proved still …

A you think that in the Internet - business it will be much easier for you? At all. There will be no such negative attitude initially to your business. But it will be such in relation to you personally and to your goods. Why? Yes because nobody knows you! And your goods are known to nobody too. And recommendations from familiar people you to provide for them meanwhile too you cannot. And so far you will prove quality of the goods until you win the professional`s rank in this case - there will pass a lot of time.

Well - it is terrible? You do not want to be engaged more the Internet - business? you want to learn

A - what advantages give to people the chance to survive in network marketing? And how you will be able to survive in the Internet - business, using these advantages? Well then listen.

Such advantages only two.

1. Confidence in quality of the goods. In network marketing you specially would force to use goods which you sell. And only when you are convinced that he actually acts and yields that result which is promised - only then you will be able to sell it to other people.

How to use this method in the Internet - business? Yes in the same way. You surely have to USE the goods! If you sell the e-book, then it has to be written on the basis of YOUR experience. If you wrote the training course, then it has to teach what you are able to do and checked in practice, and repeatedly. If you sell the training video movie - it has to be shot by you. It is absolutely unimportant that you lisp or you burr. Your enthusiasm with which you will tell everything, your knowledge subjects will be imparted to your clients and they will obtain from it the mass of additional information which is not expressed just in words.

Even if you just resell someone else`s goods - surely study it thoroughly. Find out - whether really it gives such effect how it is written in advertizing? How correctly it needs to be used for achievement of the maximum effect? Stick the nose in all its settings, test it in different situations.

And then you will be able to answer any questions of these goods, to write any advertizing text for it. Because you perfectly know all its advantages and advantages. Only then you will be able absolutely quietly, to sell such goods without any nervous trembling. Your confidence is transferred to any distances and it can be that last straw which will move a bowl of scales in your advantage and will force the client to give you the money.

2. Skilled mentor. Any network marketing would not survive if beginners were not trained by skilled mentors, professionals of the business. They train it in all knowledge of network sales, recruitment of new people for the structure. And the most important - they SUPPORT you in difficult moments when you are already ready to give up.

Remember - even in the Soviet Union MENTORING was very developed. When the pupil was put to the master, and the pupil had an opportunity to copy methods of work of the MASTER. And the master was always ready to help council. And then new MASTERS grew up from such pupils.

But here is necessary to you difficult. It is practically not in the RuNet. There are certain people who can really TEACH you to various aspects of business on the Internet. Someone can teach to look for ideas for your goods, someone - to write irresistible advertizing texts, someone - to create the websites which will clamber on upper berths in search engines, someone - to write articles … The most difficult for you - to find such people. But I to you will make couple of recommendations about their search.

1. Look at the friends and just surrounding. Maybe at your work there are cool experts? For example, in department of advertizing there can be professionals on writing of advertizing texts. Marketing specialists can tell - as it is correct to present your goods.

2. Look attentively at the website on which you read this article now. Perhaps, it is just a dump of articles on a certain subject. Then it not that it is necessary for you. But if it is the personal website of some person if he does not hide behind nicknames and pseudonyms, then, perhaps, this person understands some question necessary to you. Study its website. Look - whether there are its personal articles on a subject necessary to you. If it really the professional, then to it is what to tell. And then he can become your mentor in the area. And you receive just inexhaustible well of invaluable councils.

So, USE the goods, find to yourself the MENTOR. And then you will be able to overcome all burdens, all moral weight of yours the Internet - business. And then you will see not only turn behind which you are waited by success, but also will turn there and will become the SUCCESSFUL PERSON.