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What has to be the website for driving school?

For what to you the website?

Before beginning to plan and furthermore to do the website, it is necessary to understand the purpose of creation of such website for driving school.

At the different websites in different branches of business - the different purposes.

On the website of driving school a main objective - to receive contact of the potential client. I.e. we want that the visitor of the website called our managers or wrote on e - mail.

I.e. the website cannot sell services of driving school. But can bring to you already prepared potential client who is almost ready to buy. Further already a question of readiness of your managers - sellers - they will manage to sell to it or not.

What has to be on the website?

to understand - what information needs to be posted on the website, we need to understand - what questions are asked by the potential client that he wants to LEARN.

And the list of such questions easily to you your managers who directly communicate with potential clients op to phone will make.

And the second list which is necessary to us - that our potential client as a result of our cooperation wants to RECEIVE.

Let`s try to make approximate lists.

What the client wants to RECEIVE?

1. Driving license

2. SKILL of driving

In good driving school always try to teach the theory, including on the car device. On the one hand - it is correct, with another - the client does not need it in such volume. At least, he so considers, and we have to consider it.

It is no secret that now in driving schools many girls study. And for them especially will be not in a subject if we begin them to advertize and describe actively - as they learn theories much.

Looking at the list, we understand better - what needs to be written on the website.

1. WHAT students on driving will learn?

On the majority of the websites is written - how many hours and at what price it is possible to receive. But the visitor does not understand at all - how many to him hours it is necessary on production of skills of the parking, for example. Or driving by a backing. Or skills of driving in a stream in Moscow.

I.e. a widespread mistake - to write about what you sell, but not about what will be RECEIVED by the client.

2. What you will help them when obtaining the driving license with?

You have the medical board? You guarantee receiving the rights after your training? Than still you can help

for achievement of RESULT - obtaining the driving license?

What else questions potential clients can ask


1. Where the driving school is located?

2. To what time there are occupations?

3. Whether it is possible to be engaged on days off only?

4. Whether there is an individual preparation?

5. What is the time there is a training? Whether it is possible to accelerate it?

6. What guarantees you give?

7. Whether will help me to learn to drive if I am afraid?

8. By what cars there is a training? Whether it is possible to study on the?

9. Whether it is possible to be trained on driving with AKPP?


an our task - to make the website, most convenient and clear for potential clients.

In other words - they have to find quickly and easily on the website answers to the questions.

For this purpose I suggest to make in the left menu on the website the following items:

- receiving the rights

- driving

- terms of training

- the cost of training

- time of occupations

- the place of occupations

- a guarantee

- contacts

I already in these sections on the corresponding pages to place answers to the listed main questions of clients.

4 reasons for which do not buy

Are 4 main reasons for which visitors of the website do not call you and do not write.

Reason 1. They cannot find the necessary information on the website.

That to solve this problem, it is necessary to make the convenient menu (above I gave an example of such menu) that the visitor understood at once - where information necessary to it lies on the website.

Besides, it is desirable to make search in the website. That the visitor did not look for according to all sections, and at once used search.

Reason 2. They do not accept conditions.

both the price, and time of occupations, and the place of occupations and other terms which you offer them can belong To conditions.

As you will not change these conditions, just it is important to describe all these conditions on the website that the visitor obtained this information and made the decision.

Can quite be that it does not accept the price, but very much arranges proximity to it territorially and time of occupations. And these pluses can move minuses from the price.

So instead of placing emphasis on “low prices“, put emphasis on additional bonuses, benefits and opportunities which will be had by the visitor of the website, having become your client.

Reason 3. The visitor does not trust you.

I here the trust is influenced by many factors.

Often allegedly for increase in trust on the websites write: “We are 15 years old, we have a team of professionals …“. But it does not say that you are successful. Does not speak about those results which were received by other people, having completed your courses.

Instead of this useless information write better: “IN 15 years of work on our courses 15659 people were trained. And 99. 5% from them passed examinations in GAI from the first“

Such option will be more concrete and will give more useful information for readers.

What else will increase trust to your driving school?

Best of all it will be made by responses of your listeners.

But there are 2 important points without which responses will not work:

1. All responses have to be real, written not by you, namely listeners. Even that emotion with which people wrote a response is transmitted through the website. And you never gain such effect. So you ask your graduates to give such reviews of your courses. And surely ask their permission to post these responses on your website or in other advertizing materials.

2. All responses have to be signed. “V. I. Student“ - does not give to

the necessary effect of a response. Write full names, positions, it is possible even for the company of your graduates

as a result in the left menu still the section “Responses“ will appear.

The trust is positively influenced by phrases with concrete information, and the general words negatively influence.

Correctly: “99. 5% of our graduates passed examinations in GAI from the first“

Is wrong: “Almost all our graduates take examinations in GAI at once“.

It is also very important that on the website there were news. And not just were, but also were updated regularly. I recommend to update news at least 2 times a month.

Reason 4. There is no appeal to action. I.e. the person read up the text up to the end … And what he has to make farther? It is unclear.

On the correct website at the end of EACH page you have to instruct it - that he has to make at this moment.

For example: “Call us by phone right now … and ask the questions which remained with you“ to

Or: “Call us by phone right now … and register in time of occupations, convenient for you“

Here there are 2 subtleties:

- the instruction has to be the instruction, the order. “Call“, but not “You can call“ to

- surely there has to be an explanation - why it has to call. In my examples is the second part of phrases above.



So to make the website which will bring to you potential clients it is necessary:


it is accurate to b to understand the website purpose - obtaining the entering appeals to your driving school.

2. to Make lists of what wants to LEARN and that the potential client wants to RECEIVE.

3. to Prepare answers to these questions and it is convenient to post them on the website.

4. On each page to add an appeal to action.

Even if you will make this minimum set of actions, then will already begin to differ favourably from the competitors, and your website will bring you new clients .