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What 11 errors of the website kill your sales? When the tsar Anovshirvan traveled

with the suite around the country, he got to the desert mountain district in which there were no poor shepherd`s hovels even. The cook of the tsar complained: “About the great master! I here to charm your taste. And in kitchen tent there is no particle of salt without which any food will be opposite on taste. About the great tsar what to do to me?“ Anovshirvan answered: “Return to the next village. There you for certain will find the dealer who has on sale salt. Look not to buy more expensively, than usually“. “The great tsar, - was surprised the cook, - in your chests more gold, than anywhere on light lies. What for trouble if I pay for salt slightly - slightly more expensively? Such trifle will not make you poorer“. The tsar looked seriously and told: “Just from trifles - that there are also all injustice on light. Trifles as a drop of which eventually the whole sea is formed. All great injustice began with trifles. So go and buy salts at the usual price“. today we will consider

I - as small defects on your website kill your sales.

Let`s consider for a start all way which there passes a person from a complete ignorance about you and your goods / services and before he became your client.

1 stage. the Person knows NOTHING about your goods and services at all.

At this stage he not only does not know about them, but also they are not NECESSARY to it.

What we can at this stage? Yes practically we can do nothing. Because it is a stage of LACK of DEMAND.

It is possible to argue, of course, that demand can be created. But for this purpose it is necessary or a lot of time, or it is a lot of money.

Therefore we pass to the following stage.

2. the person has a PROBLEM. Which he WANTS to solve.

There is already a problem, there is a need for its decision. But there is no demand for you for the present.

Here at this stage we can already tell such person about how cool you can HELP IT to solve and to relieve it of the problem which got it.


It is the ADVERTISING stage.

And advertizing there can be anything. I.e. what will tell it about you.

The purpose of advertizing is NOT INFORMING the person on your goods and services as it is MISTAKENLY considered.

Actually in advertizing you have to tell that you CAN SOLVE its problem.

And to give the address of the website on which there is all ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

I.e. advertizing has to force to WANT the person to learn more about your goods and services.

3. the Person visited the website. He wants to obtain ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

And at once “The rule of 2 seconds“ works: “For the first 2 - 3 seconds after calling is defined on the website of people - there is the fact that it is necessary to it here, or not“. To remain or leave on other website.

What it should show here?

The name of the website, a subtitle of the website and design in general - to show that it got on the website of the NECESSARY SUBJECT.

Clear navigation to show - WHERE to LOOK FOR information necessary to it.


I.e. he tries to understand - HE will be HELPED by your goods or services, or not.

He looks for answers to the questions of goods and services, about ways to payment, about delivery and about a set of questions which it has.

Besides, he looks for CONDITIONS of providing service or goods.

And still he solves (consciously or subconsciously) a question of TRUST to you.

At this stage your purpose - to convince it to make a certain ACTION on the website.

Usually it is some CONTACT - phone call, filling of a form of feedback, sending the letter on e - mail or something else that will allow you to begin with it real-life communication.

5. Beginning of REAL-LIFE COMMUNICATION. The person gets to the manager for discussion of the transaction.

6. sale Process. The manager talks to the person, finds out - that it is necessary for that, recommends, advises etc. I.e. usual process of live sale.

7. Completion of the transaction.

I.e. registration of the transaction, payment, delivery and other.

And here only here the person became actually a CLIENT.

And now let`s look at those places in this chain which can easily kill with your sales .

1. you gave advertizing not for that audience. I.e. attracted on the website not of those who are necessary to you. As a result the counter shows big attendance, but is not present not only there are no clients - even calls.

The reasons can be two here: or you so badly know the clients, or your advertizing manager is not able to do the CORRECT advertizing.

2. you gave advertizing about goods, but not about a problem and the decision. I.e. did not “hook“ on the person.

This favourite business of all businessmen - to tell About ITSELF. Instead of telling about what BENEFIT will be received by the CLIENT.

You for certain often met on the different websites information like this: “Our company works 17 years. We - team of professionals. Our purpose - …“

But unless IT interests the client when he visits your website?

At all not. He wants to learn - you can help him or not. You can solve its problem or not. And it is necessary to begin communication on the website with the answer to this question.

3. you gave in advertizing phone instead of the website. Or e - mail. It is both very difficult to remember.

Phone it is difficult to receive easily memorable. E - it is already simpler to mail to remember if you took care of it. But it is all the same longer and more difficult for storing, than the address the website (domain).

To choose well memorable domain which besides also speaks about subject of your company - your care or your advertisers / marketing specialists.

If your website has the type address: 911site. ru (Service of rescue of the websites), videouroki. ru, moifond. ru, mol - biz. ru (young businessmen), such addresses of the websites it is much simpler to remember, than a set of figures in phone.

4. you gave the website address in advertizing, but it is difficult to take him without mistakes. And the person did not get on the website.

For example, as if you gathered the address of the website of the Forest Glades company? 

is A lot of options of writing of such domain, and personally I could never remember correct from the first.

It is much simpler to receive the visitor on the website if advertizing was on the Internet, and it is rather simple to it to click the link to get on your website. So when advertizing on the Internet of mistakes will be less. But advertizing should not be limited to the Internet.

5. the Person visited the website, and did not manage to find anything that looked for.

Well it is already a question of high-quality creation of the website. Because the company - the developer of the website has to help you to develop clear navigation on the website, convenient for visitors.

6. the Person found information on the website. But did not understand - as it WILL HELP IT.

Because texts on the website are written in it “bird`s language“ what to understand it to the nonspecialist is almost unreal.

7. you did not give it answers to questions, i.e. did not manage to dispel his fears.

Questions of trust are VERY important. And If do not trust you, then will not buy.

The website has to help you and with it. Having placed on it responses of your clients, diplomas, certificates, the list of your clients and other confirmations of your professionalism, you will manage to dispel fears of future client.

8. the Website is made with mistakes in texts, and in general makes impression of the website created by the school student. I.e. does not cause any TRUST.

Constantly on the Internet it is possible to meet such websites. Also there is a feeling that or me as visitor, do not respect at all, without having worked to check written, or in the company absolutely illiterate people work.

9. the Person wants to call - and phone is occupied.

Or to it answered roughly.

Or had to wait long until they connect to the manager.

Or did not respond to his letter during 2 - 3 - 4 days.

I.e. disruption of communication with the person who is already READY to BUY.

A good way to improve communication with future client - to give the ALL list of ways of communication with you or your employees on the website. Phone, e - mail, ICQ, Skype, a feedback form.

And phones and e - it is possible for mail and it is necessary to do not one general, and to specify different, for communication with different divisions or people who can answer questions of future client, without throwing it at each other.

10. the Manager is not interested in sale, and does not finish it.

The unreasoned system of compensation of the manager results in his full passivity and indifference in work. If its salary does not depend on results of its actions, then why it will strain?

11. the Manager is not trained to sell, and is not ABLE to do it. Therefore there is no transaction.

The manager begins to speak about your company, about properties of your goods and services again, and does not speak about BENEFITS which will be received by the client, having bought offered.

Here also look - from 7 stages which there passes a person BEFORE SALE, falls to the share of the website only two - when the person came, and so far it on the website.

Yes, on the website there can be a HUGE number of the mistakes killing sales. I brought only a few the main.

But except the website - still the whole list of problem places in business which KILL YOUR SALES too.

But about it read already in the following articles.