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Why your relatives do not want your success?

you Plan opening of the business? It is laudable! You already thought up where you will spend the earned money? Presented how you will travel all over the world, to ride in beautiful cars, to live in beautiful own house or the apartment? Cool feeling from these thoughts, the truth?

But whether you know that first who in it will disturb you will become your closest people? Mother. Father. Wife. Husband. Those people who would have to support your undertakings. Those people, on whose support you so count. They in 95% of cases “the knife in a back is thrust to you“.

And at all not from the evil. And wishing well to you. My word upon it.

“Well where you climb? What is not to you quietly? Find better to yourself normal work. And / of me / of the father / about mother you thought of the child?“

were Already heard by these phrases from them? Is not present? Well means, you will hear soon. As soon as they understand that you will not be limited to words, and actually decided “to toil with a nonsense“, they will begin massive attack to you. Including with involvement of the most authoritative for you people.

In that hard time when you only begin the way in business when you to very much need support, especially from close people, you not only risk not to receive it, and for certain receive a negative and severe criticism from them. Up to parting / divorce threats.

The most sad that they at the same time really want to you good. They try to save you from those problems which they expect. They are cleverer, wiser, is more skilled, than you. Someone from them in passing is afraid that they should rake your future problems. Someone wants you “to arrange in life“. In their understanding of “successful life“. So, being going to open the business, be in advance ready to such situations.

But hardly even your readiness will help you to overcome all this negative from their party. Therefore I will give to you several advice - as with the minimum losses to overcome this stage. As soon as you will begin progress - it will become a little simpler. Because you will begin to believe in yourself more.

Council 1. Minimize communication with negativist.

If an opportunity is - stop to communicate with them. If there is no such opportunity - stop to communicate with them on your business. Try to transfer talk to other subjects.

On the one hand, this ubeganiye from a problem. On the other hand, it is simpler, than to overcome bile poison which will get to you to soul and to a brain and will begin to corrode your confidence and determination.

Council 2. Find people who will support you.

Perhaps it will be the friend or the girlfriend. Or perhaps you will manage to find the adherents. Look - for certain around you there are also other businessmen in your city.

I will open for you a secret: the businessman is the most lonely person on light.

Friends departed from it - too different they had interests, too rigidly (in their opinion) the businessman treats life. Other businessmen are often perceived by competitors and enemies. Though it not always so.

Closest for the businessman - his family. Wife, husband, children... And if they understand you if you did not lose with them contact in a pursuit of success - I congratulate you!

And still look in the city for clubs of businessmen, business - clubs where businessmen gather and discuss all the affairs, share problems, conclude partnership... If such in your city is not present - create.

Still option - attend business seminars. As a rule, successful businessmen who understand need to invest money in the training go to seminars. Meet them, support communication, you are on friendly terms. It will also help you now, and especially will help further. Communications solve many problems...

Council 3. Grow up a thick skin. At a start stage you are very weak and most vulnerable

. You did not learn to transfer quietly attacks and a negative of close people yet. You are not able to communicate with the tax inspection and other who will press on you later yet. You still feel sorry for employees, and you cry at night when you make the decision to dismiss them.

Cultivation of thick and impenetrable armor at you ahead. But already now it is necessary to reflect and begin to work about it in this direction. Counteraction of relatives is only the beginning. And in life of the businessman there will be many problems with various degree of complexity. It is necessary to prepare for them in advance.

The main thing, understand - you actually are not lonely. There are people who are ready to support you. At you everything will turn out!