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How television shows prepare? Behind the scenes of the Malakhov + program

One of my acquaintances who acted in Gennady Petrovich`s program recommended me it to editors as the heroine. They just looked for the attractive impressive girl wishing to grow thin. I thought: why not?! Same a magnificent opportunity to look at a TV show from within.

I was called: “Hello, you the Channel One, the Malakhov + program disturbs. We suggest you to become the main character of the “We Grow Thin by Summer“ broadcast. Send us the story about yourself, a photo and a story about why you want to grow thin“.

Correspondence was started. I was often called, talked on abstract subjects or asked questions of personal character. In other words, probed the soil. And one fine day told that I suit them, but is small “but“. According to the scenario the girl has to be in a depression from - for quarrels with the husband concerning excess weight, to adore rolls with a heat about a heat, is fried potato, macaroni, but to want to grow thin at the same time. M - yes. How many such women across all Russia, tens, hundreds of thousands? They are such peculiar average type.

I long doubted: to agree to me or not. In - the first, all above-mentioned concerns to me in accuracy to on the contrary. Close acquaintances and friends perfectly know that I for a long time on separate food, try not to eat farinaceous food and sweet, I always am in high spirits and my forms very much are even pleasant to my husband. In - the second, not really - that there was a wish to palter. The truth only that all my conscious life is a fight against excess weight. Though the cause is not a harmful gluttony, but genes and painful childhood. I even asked the editor: “And Malakhov will know what I should invent?“ In reply received: “Is not present! Same show!“. As a result journalistic curiosity nevertheless got the best of possible ill fame.

In Moscow I was met, placed in Ostankino hotel and told that in the morning the driver will come for me to bring to a television center. But the first, than took an interest, - whether well I reached and whether grew thin in way.

Next day while went to Ostankino, the garrulous driver brought me up to date: “You should not be afraid absolutely! Sometimes at us such happen which in front of a chamber of two words cannot connect from - for a stopper. So on five doubles it is necessary to do until everything turns out“.

Shooting was appointed to ten. I was spent on 2 - y the floor, exactly there is studio of the Malakhov + program, and left in the room of expectation. You remember, how in “A weak link“? The room where all participants sit on sofas and talk over a cup of tea. Directors right there presented me to all attendees: “It is the main character of show. All of us have to help it“. We get acquainted, and I even before shootings begin to get useful tips. I listen diligent as the diligent schoolgirl, I do not hear in the address from one of participants who grew thin in one and a half years for 70 kg yet: “The girl, but is impossible so: to eat too much white loaf and to dream to grow thin!“. It was necessary to open to people of an eye. But, in my opinion, nobody so understood anything or believed. Besides we were just called in studio.

There work was humming: chambers, everyone on the position were exposed, editors gave the last manuals to participants, leaders studied the scenario, the requisite was placed, to participants microphones were hung up. The last parting words which I heard in the address were: “Katerina, at you everything will turn out, be as Lolita, without complexes. All course of transfer depends on the fact that you will say how to behave. Same show! Light all!“.

I leave from - for the scenes, attention is arrested by bright light, in the head there is unclear “click“, and the consciousness is completely disconnected from reality. At the next 3 o`clock this studio, these people in it and numerous spotlights and chambers become my reality.

Began to grow thin directly in studio. I was rolled up in cellophane, then wrapped up in a down scarf; forced to swing a press and a back, to jump, strengthen muscles of hands by means of the fat book, to carry out special exercises on a sofa; treated to dietary dishes. Who you want from it will grow thin! I think, all this was taken a detached view quite funny if to consider my non-standard build. Not without reason after transfer shootings editors, unanimously, encouragingly spoke: “You so well looked in a shot!“.

Gennady Malakhov tried to understand the reason of my excess weight and straight off gave necessary advice. Elena Proklova admitted that she does not need to dump kilograms five too and also was a diligent schoolgirl: removed test from vegetable salad, carried out exercises on a sofa and listened to councils of participants of the program. Time of shooting flew by so quickly that I also did not manage to come round. And show was developed not absolutely according to that scenario which was assumed. I admit honestly, for my part there were many improvisations: tried to correct the artificially created negative image.

When shooting ended, was far in a midday. Leaders instantly removed from themselves microphones and disappeared from studio, without having given uniform chance to communicate to them as to the journalist. It and is clear, to them had no time for that: ahead shootings of three more transfers were coming. To them to manage to have a bite and correct a make-up, and then “in fight again“. Try 14 hours to walk in succession, giving the energy and giving all the best on public for hundred percent. It is only possible to present how leaders and all film crew by eleven in the evening, to the termination of film-making day will feel.

I had time and along corridors of a television center to walk. Noticed, as here do not fatten: the ragged corridors, old doors and windows which long ago were not seeing repair of a wall. The editorial group huddles in close rooms. Only the foyer, welcoming guests with bright signs and a fashionable interior, looks as it befits.

Having seen all process of creation of television show from within, now I can tell with confidence that it not only creative, but also infernal work, despite ease and ease to which all happens when you see transfer on air. At first weeks two editors of show are in search of a subject and his heroes. Interesting persons, destinies, stories, experts and celebrities which it is possible to invite to shootings of the program look for. With them negotiations are conducted, train them morally, sometimes for them legends are created.

Show has to have a rating therefore sometimes it is necessary to dissemble in vain. At the nights it is scripted. And then for 14 - 16 hours a day there are daily shootings, on four transfers a day, with small breaks on a make-up and having a snack.

Work, softly to tell, heavy. Perhaps therefore in film-making crews entirely youth. Talented, active, mobile … Who else will sustain this conveyor?