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At a book shelf of

At a book shelf...

“The book perhaps, is the most more difficult than

also a great

miracle from all miracles


created by the person“ M. Gorky

I Stand at a book shelf and I think: “With what the book in general can attract?“ I think, in it can attract a sharp plot, the conflict between heroes, some historical data, but the main thing, perhaps, the problem most important put in the book. The problem gives a reason to reflections, reasonings, thanks to them, there is an outlook of the person world around.

Valentin Katayev`s book “My diamond wreath“ lies on my shelf.

In this work there is no accurate subject line, certain heroes and by the size one hundred two pages will hardly be typed. But the issue touched by the author is very important, very sharp for our time. It is worth reflecting that is important, it is necessary today and that is garbage the burden preventing to live.

“My diamond wreath“ are memories of the author of the youth, the life, career and of the people met by it on this way. Reading, you envy them - their life did not pass in empty, it was really bright, interesting, full. I dream about such! Yes, they had the real life though at first sight it seems inconceivable as the people having only a mattress and which for a week cooked to themselves millet cereal, and the storing verses in a pillowcase can be happy. But they were happy! It is worth reflecting what is valuable? Whether it is worth looking “an oyster from sinks of things“ whether costs, being going for some symbolically “rainy day“ to turn all the life into a rainy day? Nevertheless people for things or a thing for people? This issue is touched very often in sketches and feuilletons. A conclusion, I think one: at first people, and then things, things for people who look from sinks of svy apartments, cars. Perhaps, having read “My diamond wreath“, she will contemptuously purse lips:“ Yes where happiness? They can only be regretted“. And that it is necessary to feel sorry - to us for himself they beggars, they robbed themselves. It is possible to have the apartment, the car, furniture and it is only necessary not to become the slave to things, to try to leave something valuable, to bring something special, let small, but the present, to give the drop of good to the general ocean of life.

Only then the person will be happy. Of course, for concept of happiness it is very many-sided, everyone perceives in own way. It is impossible to live all life only for himself. For the person it is very important to know that he is necessary to someone, his care is necessary. This book taught me to much: not to be stale, indifferent, selfish.

I on a book shelf have also a story And. Aleksin “Mad Eudoxia“, the book about egoism and humanity.

Antelope beetle... The only, adored child in a family, gifted, talented. But the talent will not justify egoism.

“ Mad Eudoxia“ fights against this egoism, her methods are simple and rectilinear. Of course, it is not always right. Trying to make good people, it measured all to one measure. It killed talent, desire to be the first. It is very bad. The talent needs to be supported, and to kill in the person belief in the forces, holding authority and the power, - it is bad.

What books at you on the shelf? Agree, they can tell a lot of things about me. What can be more entertaining, than reading the good book? Reading, you get to the mysterious and magic world. Books answer many questions, force to think and empathize heroes. Each book on my shelf is significant for me, is memorable to me, is interesting, restrictedly entered my life, my world, became the teacher, the tutor, the moral mentor.