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To read it is fashionable to Read


“The book perhaps most of

a difficult and great miracle from all>

miracles created by the person“.

Reading is one of occupations of which not many are fond presently. But with confidence I can tell that to read - fashionably. Since the oldest times of the book is not only a source of knowledge, but also an inexhaustible source of life, and so, many useful things. Only reading

, the person can comprehend many secrets and cultivate the feelings. I do not represent life without reading books. It forces to think and consider perfect acts correctly. To like to read is never to know boredom, it delivers a pleasure maximum. I am especially concerned by a question: “Why the youth so reads a little?“ But having reflected, I understand that for many it is waste of time. But they deceive themselves to read - it not only is fashionable, but pleasantly and it is useful. As there is a lot of kind human and close to us in works of such outstanding poets as Pushkin, Turgenev, Gogol, Dostoyevsky. All these writers give us understanding about life, forcing to think of the existence. It is a pity what the youth of it does not understand, emergence of the Internet caused loss of interest in books. But it far not so. The Internet, in my opinion, potuplyat mind of the person. In the childhood I was taught that books are the best friends, and they were, is and will be actual always. Reading is fashionable, because, reading, the person gives the chance to develop to the memory, imagination. Not without reason many intellectual people in our society carry with themselves the small book. Reading is a chance of any to get a good education, and also to improve the outlook on life. Books give rise to dream, and also inspire on interesting conversation. When I stand at a book shelf and I think: “By what any book in general is interesting? “ I think, in it can attract a sharp plot, the conflicts between heroes, some historical data, the main thing, perhaps, the most important - the problems put in the book. And, reading the book, we together with the author and heroes solve these problems. It is so interesting and is fascinating that wants to be read again and again.

Ya I idolize reading as it clears our soul. According to Diderot: “People cease to think when they cease to read“, and I completely agree with it. I wish that everyone learned for himself a lesson from the fact that reading will help us to make successful career. Takes place to development to such qualities as: intellectual development, decency and intelligence.