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What there is life of

That there is life? For what purpose the person is born? One it is prepared to become great, to others pathetic, the third are born simple ordinary citizens. The main sense in life which is seen by me to bring good and benefit in society, following rules and orders, to thereby create ideal society, to live in harmony with the whole world and people. Life in harmony with itself, placing of priorities, the choice of the correct way, will also allow to live harmonious, happy life.

But what forces down from a true way what forces the person to violate the law? Society? Perhaps. But what if lack of will? What if the person dooms himself to such life? Absence of that will, leads into “a vital blind alley“ which has quite clear end. Being covered with words about what all already arranges, showing unwillingness to change, and there is that lack of will. Such people drag the pathetic life which is usually finished is very deplorable. Life of such people is concluded in one afternoon. it is heavy to

to say what is correct and that is not present and there are no rights for it. But it is difficult not to agree, that it is necessary to gather everything from life, to live it it is proud and is worthy, to be respectful to it, to appreciate and value, it is given only once.

Life - series of the events defining essence of the person. But, at the same time, Life is already in advance predetermined! It turns out - the person was not born yet, but is deprived of an option, a choice is already made for it. Why Life acts this way with people - not clear! And can and there is no predetermination and people is free, to arrive how itself will want? This question belongs to a row infinite because it is possible to argue on this subject endlessly. But I consider that, of course the person is free, to arrive somehow, but very in a limited framework of predetermination. I.e. Life provides the choice already in chosen. We cannot choose from a set, only from the fact that we are able to afford - here our predetermination already begins. Then we choose the desirable (and if to consider that predetermination exists, then life at least once, but will present with a right choice) from possible, and here just now, we can make the choice - the real choice - “yes or no“. We want the desirable so strongly that some time it is necessary to live in the constant tension and expectation - the choice is correct or not. It is correct so that only on a mortal bed we will be able to understand whether correctly we arrived about 50 years ago.

of People strong in spirit, of course, will choose the desirable, despite all deprivations and uncertainty. And how the person of no character will arrive? As I was already convinced, Life practically does not give two chances, and, the person, having made only one mistake, conducts the life under a slope. But even here we will not be able to surprise Life with the refusal as it predviden, but is not predetermined. In my opinion, from such person Zhizn turns away. But how to be with people who are given the second chance? On my belief, them are those people whose presence will bring, incomparably big pleasure, than the selected chance at other person, as I already argued, the choice only one. As in life all has to be in relative balance, the pleasure of the second chance “here“, will bring a grief “there“. Likely, once the Death and Life came to the bezpritsendetny agreement - on one selected soul - two new lives. Probably, therefore the person also has only one chance.

But we will return to those who made a right choice. If to consider that on it all tests come to an end - mistakenly. Look how many on a course of life of temptations to stumble! Not for nothing there is an expression - “that have - we do not appreciate, lost - we cry“ therefore we always doubt - “and whether it? “ It is worth reflecting - how many it is necessary forces and determination to make this choice. And then - beliefs and patience not to doubt, and not to torment itself with doubts, what cannot be worse than, than cowardice.

Only believing in itself, in the choice, having support of the partner in life, we will live worthy and happy life.