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How to be prepared for christening?

In summer months in our temples become more persons interested to accept Sacrament of the Epiphany or to christen the children. It is pleasant. But there is a wish that, coming to the decision on a baptism, we remembered some moments of this major stage in spiritual life.

Motives of a baptism

In my opinion, is only one reason for acceptance of Sacrament of the Epiphany - belief in the Blessed Trinity and Lord Jesus. All other motives can accompany this reason, at best. But cannot replace it.

the Choice of a name

novokreshchenny name

In Russian Orthodox Church already glorified Saints. In order that the new Christian had a prayer book and the defender before God. Often the name to the newborn is chosen long ago. And if it is in the orthodox calendar, then there is no problem.

But happens so that parents, striving for originality, choose to the child a name which is not in a church calendar. In that case it is necessary to consult on the priest and to select the name suitable according to the accord or on sense. The heavenly patron of the person that his Saint “namesake“ which memory is celebrated by the first after birthday of the Christian is considered.

This day can be celebrated especially. It is called a name-day. This day it is very good to confess and prichastitsya, having testified the unity with Church, so, and with the heavenly defender.

From the everyday point of view I ask dear parents. Choose such names to children with whom it would be easy for them to go on life. Think how the name will be combined with a middle name, a surname whether there is a lot of at it offensive forms and possible nicknames.


the Choice of godfathers should not be reduced by

to an assessment of their generosity and a gratefulness at a table in any way. The main tasks of godparents - to pray for the child and to bring up him in orthodox belief. For this purpose Godfathers have to be believers and responsible people.

For execution of the duties they will answer to God not less, than for the own children. If God or native parents feel a lack of knowledge for education of the child, they should come to conversation with the priest.

Oglasitelny conversations are included into practice of Russian Orthodox Church now and become obligatory part of preparation for a baptism. Therefore be ready that to God or native parents will suggest to visit several times the temple for conversations about belief bases.

From this it is clear that cannot be godfathers non-Christian, atheists, followers of other religions and Christian faiths. It is not accepted to christen one child to spouses. Though it is the moment ambiguous.

As quite often God choose the relatives living on other end of the country. And even they can arrive to christening only on one - two days. Making such choice, reflect: and how such parent will bring up your child?

At the same time around the choice of godfathers there is a lot of on anything not based superstitions. The church does not forbid unmarried girls to have the first goddaughter the girl. There is nothing bad in christening children of the friends who are Godfathers of your children. No “raskreshchivaniye“ at the same time occurs. Any relatives of the child, except his parents can quite be Godfathers.

It is only necessary to mean that the girl can be the godmother with 13, and the boy from 15 years. From the everyday point of view, it is better to select such Godfather that on age he could be his parent. It will facilitate work on education of the godson.

That it is necessary to take with itself

kreshchayemy it is necessary to bring to

Depending on age with itself a baptismal shirt or a baby`s undershirt, a towel or a diaper. Adults kreshchayemy should put on so that if necessary it was possible to open easily for a pomazyvaniye a breast, hands and a foot of legs. Anyway, you need a cross. If it is got not in the temple, on the eve of a baptism it will need to be consecrated. Take care of that the cross corresponded to canons of Church. If you get a cross in a church bench, it is necessary to do with it nothing.

the Donation

of the Donation on the temple which ask at administering the Sacrament are voluntary. And the sum which is called in a church bench, their approximate size. Therefore if it seems excessive, it is necessary to approach the prior, and, most likely, he will make Sacrament free of charge.

But before to make it, once you think, prosimy donations correspond to the made costs of a holiday table. To remember how often we donate for the temple. And to solve whether we consider it necessary continuation of existence of this concrete arrival. Because this existence depends on our voluntary victims.

Eventually, the baptism happens in life of our children once. And godfathers have to take active part in costs of it by tradition.

When to come

As a rule, a baptism is made on Saturdays and Sundays. And also in days of some church holidays. If there is a need to be christened in other day, about it it is necessary to agree with the priest personally or the employee of the temple. Previously it can be made also by phones of church in which there is a desire to be christened. There are temples in which both Church service, and Sacraments are made daily.

Time of the beginning of christening can be specified by the same phones in working hours. It is better to come a little in advance to write out the certificate, to issue metric record, to choose a cross etc. Being late for Sacrament, you keep waiting not so much for the priest, how many other persons interested to be christened. And they can be with small children.

What to do further

After a baptism, soon, needs to prichastitsya. Children till 7 years take communion without special preparation. How to prepare for the Participle, godparents have to tell adults. If they are absent, workers of the temple will help.

Also you remember that a baptism - only the beginning of Christian life. To us an opportunity to resort to other saving Sacraments of Church opens. Let`s use it in rescue of the souls.