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Belyash or meat pie - what is more tasty?

If you want to prepare nourishing and tasty culinary products, your choice, perhaps, will be made in favor of meat fried pies or belyashes. On technology of preparation they not strongly differ. At desire it is possible to prepare both that, and another.

Belyashes - the culinary product from fresh or yeast dough and mincemeat, represents fried pie of a round form. In Tatar cuisine it is known under the name “reball“.

The name of belyashes though comes from the name of the Tatar culinary product “b ә le ş“, but actually belyash in that look which we know differs from “belish“ on form and content because the word “belish“ in Tatar cuisine call big baked pie with a various stuffing, including from meat. Distinguish vak - belish - baked round pie of the small size, and zur - belish - big baked pie. The reball is, one may say, fried vak - belish.

The Russian option of belyashes - fried round pie, without opening in the test. In this case the stuffing turns out on consistences of more friable, pie more “air“.

We will consider option of preparation of pies meat fried, and also belyashes, on the basis of bezoparny yeast dough.

Preparation will require the following products.

For the test:

- wheat flour - 5 glasses;

- water - 1 and three quarters of a glass;

- the yeast pressed crude - 20 g;

- sugar - 1 tablespoon;

- salt - 1 teaspoon.

For forcemeat:

- ground or ground pork - 1 kg;

- water - three quarters of a glass;

- onions - 250 g;

- fat for frying or oil;

- salt - 1 teaspoon.

Exit: 30 pieces on 80 grams.

Preparation . Knead yeast dough in the bezoparny way, undress dough for flat cakes.

Cook forcemeat: meat is passed via the meat grinder, add small cut onions, pepper, salt, water. Carefully mix.

On the middle of each flat cake spread forcemeat.

Forming belyashes , edges of the test pinch as for rasstegais, but give to products more flat look. Pinching edges of the test, it is necessary to leave the middle open.

Forming pies , edges of the test pinch completely, give to a product slightly oblong look, with a tuck seam on one of the parties of pie.

Then heat fat or oil in a deep frying pan. Fry products in a large amount of fat (oil) to readiness, from two parties. Belyashes are fried at first the open party down. Pies are fried the party with a seam down in the beginning.

As soon as the ruddy crust is formed, the product is overturned and roast other party.

Interesting historic fact : distinctive feature of the Russian country culinary dishes is lack of frying as way of cooking. As a rule, the food was cooked in the Russian furnace by method of cooking, roasting, languor, suppression. The technology of frying was adopted at Tatars many centuries ago, at the tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Now actively there is a growth of sales fast - feet. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza - these “foreign interventionists“, apparently, completely took a sales market and enter into the obligatory range of points of realization of “fast“ food.

And how the situation with culinary products, traditional for us, is? Belyashes and pies also enter into the range of sales fast - foot and do not concede on realization level at all. Qualitatively made fragrant belyashes and pies always attract the consumer.