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Why we celebrate Day of the Christianization of Kievan Rus`?

in recent years on July 28 we especially celebrate Day of the Christianization of Kievan Rus`. What day and why it is worth remembering it?

This day in the Crimean Chersonese, according to the legend, the Saint prince Vladimir equal to the apostles was christened. He made the personal choice. And this choice predetermined country history. Christians in Kiev were also to Saint Vladimir. For example, his grandmother princess Olga equal to the apostles. She applied many forces to that the Christianity took roots in Russia.

But everything was solved in the Crimea, on July 28 on new style. Our ancestors entered seven cultural people of Europe. Received writing, and with it and an opportunity to read and absorb achievements of one of the highest cultures of that period - Byzantine.

And up to the thirteenth century actively used it. Foreign travelers at that time wrote about mass literacy. Also the image of the French queen Anna Yaroslavna who, unlike the husband Heinrich the First, in the eleventh century was able to write and knew several languages remained in the history. And on the Gospel which it brought with itself on crowning to Reims until the end of the French monarchy all kings swore fidelity to God. And only the Mongolian invasion rejected our country on many centuries ago.

Now some intellectuals, and even persons television, speak about an inaccuracy of the choice of Orthodoxy by Russia. Such statement of a question speaks about neglect history. At the time of Saint Vladimir`s baptism there was no uniform Russia. That is Russia to orthodox, capable to make a uniform choice, just was not. And the unity of belief, language of church service created a necessary basis for association of various tribes in the uniform people, creations of the uniform state. And, if to be historically strict, Orthodoxy then too did not exist. Up to 1054 the Christian Church was uniform. Only the ceremony differed.

The unity of the people and the country still remains category non-material. Based on a spirit community, feelings of love for the country, a unification with the people. Such concepts as patriotism, nostalgia are absolutely deprived of the rational basis. But without them any people, any state it is not capable to resist external influences which did not stop now, and accepted information character. Promotion of debauchery, drugs, consumer ideals, egoism is favorable to someone too.

In these conditions good historical memory, knowledge of that role which is still played by cultural wealth in consciousness of the people helps to survive. And to find a support for further development of the people, society and the state. And now Orthodoxy acts as such spiritual clamp of society. Its values, ideals, world picture with mother`s milk for centuries became ingrained many generations. The tragic rupture of the twentieth century, thank God, did not etch up to the end the God`s image from soul of the people.

For this reason, in my opinion, it is worth remembering and celebrating historical milestones of destiny of Russia. Not to become Ivanami, not remembering relationship. Not to lose high moral ideals which Orthodoxy for centuries puts in each of us. Congratulations! With Day of the Christianization of Kievan Rus`!