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How to make tiramisu cake in house conditions?

the Well-known Italian cake of tiramisu ( of tiramisu ) it is extraordinary tasty. Tells its name which can be translated into Russian approximately so about it - “Carry away me on heaven“. Besides he can brag of what is not given to the majority of desserts - the usefulness. It appears, cake of tiramisu can be made in house conditions, there would be only a desire.

A basis of this Italian cake makes soft cheese of mascarpone . It is similar to taste and by the form, to our dense rural sour cream or slightly wrung out fresh cottage cheese. By the way, and its name reflects excellent quality of an initial product too and literally represents expression “Much better, than well“.

According to the recipe mentioned in the book “Cuisine of Italy“ it is necessary to add the egg yolks which are carefully pounded with sugar to gentle cheese weight. Mix, pour in cognac and once again mix. Vigorously beat egg whites and enter into earlier prepared mix. Consider that cream for cake of tiramisu is ready.

Then soak a biscuit or biscuit cookies with strong coffee and lay a half an even layer in a round or rectangular shape. Cover with a layer of cream and slightly powder from above with cocoa powder. Repeat this procedure once again - a layer of the cookies soaked with strong coffee, cream, cocoa (it has to cover completely each layer of tiramisu). The top part of cake is often done wavy or even with the small pointed shishechka which are formed of abruptly beaten egg white. Then strew this multystoried composition from above with icing sugar and put in the refrigerator at least for three hours.

For cake of tiramisu of the average size it is required to you: 400 g of mascarpone cheese (it can be replaced with fresh house cottage cheese from which serum just flew down), 200 g of granulated sugar, 4 eggs, 150 g of a biscuit or biscuit cookies, 4 small cups of strong black espresso coffee, 2 glasses of cognac, 50 g of powder of cocoa and a little icing sugar.

As you can see, despite the Italian recipe, exotic ingredients in it is mute it is not observed. All initial products can be found at the thrifty hostess in kitchen.

We will notice in passing to bake tiramisu cake in its classical option, biscuit cookies of a savoyarda in the form of narrow golden strips will be required. Of course, behind it we will not go to Italy, and we will prepare it.

For this purpose sift starch with flour in a bowl. Then beat whites to density of sour cream and enter into them a half-glass of sugar. Carefully pour in yolks in proteins, and then gradually - in flour with starch. Grease a leaf of a wax paper with butter, cover it a baking sheet and slightly powder with flour. Lay out the received dough in a confectionery sack with a nozzle with a diameter of 1 cm and squeeze out on the prepared strip 7 cm long baking sheet with intervals in 2 - 3 cm. Strew with crystal sugar and bake 10 minutes in the oven warmed to 190 °. Biscuit strips have to rise and become golden.

Deal of products here such: a half-glass of potato starch, a glass with a quarter of wheat flour of the premium, 1 tablespoon of butter, 4 eggs (at them we separate the yolks from the whites), a half-glass of granulated sugar, crystal sugar for sprinkling.

If you make everything correctly, then as a result at you the magnificent dessert - the Italian cake of tiramisu made from cookies and cottage cheese, having tried which you and your guests will turn out as if you will visit in the seventh heaven.