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What is hidden by Cancers?

Cancers happen different. At one many planets in a sign Twins, at others in the Lion sign. If at the person the Sun is in the sign Cancer, and several planets are in a sign Twins, then it will give to Cancer ease and skill to communicate in communication. All Cancers are closed in themselves and hard make contact at any position of planets. From them you will not achieve information, neither about them, nor about the family and acquaintances. Cancer will not give secrets all the same even if two hours will talk with you and will seem enough “the guy“, at first sight.

But if Cancer issued information on someone or about something, it will be very short and very exact. It will be more than just exact. In these short, avaricious offers information containing an essence will be put. Crayfish initially own magic of words and these words are too powerful that you quickly forgot about them.

Cancer with planets in Lev is not clear for people around at all. For example, manifestation of the Mercury in Lev he is afraid. Cancer in general is afraid of any surprises and not comfortable situations, they deliver it many emotional shocks and on restoration of internal harmony many forces leave. If Cancer masters energy of Mercury in Lev, then it will be able to apply for the serious head.

If Venus is in Lev, then it will give to the people who were born with the Sun in the Cancer sign a certain charm - the woman - a riddle and the reserved man.

In Zoroastrianism, each zodiac sign has two totems one positive, other negative. A positive totem of the sign Cancer - the Beaver. In my opinion, the beaver totem, gives more exact and expanded information on the people who were born under zodiac sign Cancer and about the processes happening under this sign.

At a beaver expensive fur coat. The beaver always builds a reliable dam. Its hatka and stocks are hidden deeply and an entrance to a hatka under water.

Our apartments are under the sign of Cancer also at home. Agree that stocks in a beaver hatka, her security and reliability, seem more attractive as the dwelling, than a pole between stones where crayfish hide.

Beavers are very clever, hozyaystvenna, are hardworking. They live families. Their construction abilities and knowledge are imparted from generation in generations, both at the gene level, and at joint construction of dams.

Concepts the homeland, a sort, parents, mother are under zodiac sign Rak. The woman in general and girls are under the sign of the Maiden, and the married woman, the woman - mother and all our mothers and grandmothers under the sign of Rak.

Rak is the most insky, most womanly sign. These are water elements, but it is not the ocean. Rak is lakes or the quiet river abounding in water. Clear water, quiet smooth surface.

The woman Rak is a careful wife and mother, the hostess of a big family and the house with full granaries. In Rak`s sign “weather in the house“ is dictated by the Moon therefore the woman with the Sun in the sign Cancer has to have soft rounded shapes and a pleasant shape of a breast and to be very quiet, attentive, careful, harmonious and wise.

The female breast is under the sign of Rak therefore when you see rakinyu with a flat breast, dryish and nervous, obviously such woman does not live in a consent with her natural natural rhythms. Moreover, she that without knowing, destroys also the life and everything that surrounds it.

Life is surprising in the variety, but there is always a basis or the base on which everything is under construction, and arguing on “what has to be the woman?“, it is necessary to consider first of all the main, natural vibrations lying in energy of the sign Cancer.

We like to argue on harmony in our life and as to reach it. What can be simpler, were born on the planet Earth - live according to rhythms of this planet. Were born the woman - be a keeper of traditions of a family and sort. Live on energiya of a sign under which you were born, but verify the actions with sign Cancer energiya. If you feel that are capable of bigger, then become Wisdom some kind of. To reach harmony, it is necessary first of all, to reach harmony and composure in itself, try to show the best qualities of planets, depending on their arrangement in a birth horoscope. Harmony in you will lead to harmonization of external space, harmonization of the relations first of all.

So Cancers hide?

Under the sign of Rak there are banks.

Banks for the central branches choose reliable solid structures or build new, but not less reliable, solid and more functionally corresponding. Values are stored in banks and the system of protection and access is thought well over.

For each zodiac sign the previous sign the keeper of his secrets. At governors (the Lion sign) many secrets are kept in banks and storages.

But we know that the main treasure not gold and jewels, and Znaniya and Wisdom - the keeper Znaniya.

Under the sign Cancer there are ancient knowledge and doctrines. Not information, and Znaniya about the planet and space, about an essence and mission of the person, Znaniya about different life forms and of many other.

P. S. In the kids who were born on the planet Earth with 23. 06 on 23. 07 in 2011 souls which want to help with distribution of ancient doctrines and knowledge were embodied (the ascending knot in the Sagittarius). Also they will do it with hearts the filled love energiya (The white Moon in Lev). Those from them who will choose a spiritual way of development will become keepers of Wisdom of the planet.