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When from vitamins harm of

All the activity, and medicine including, the person confirms that he does not adapt to the changing nature any more, and changes (tries to change) the nature under himself. It fully belongs also to treatment by vitamins. To treatment, but not for prevention because vitamins are drugs, and quite strong, and as well as medicine they cannot be applied to prevention. The organism is capable to adapt to any changes in food (on condition of sufficiency of time), and from any food is capable to emit any vitamins, and the more we use them, the less they are developed by an organism. For example if we in the childhood often accept a sweet askorbinka, then we can “quite sit down on an ascorbic needle“, i.e. after us there will not be enough vitamin C (because the organism will be accustomed to bring him), and we will be forced to drink it in addition. And so with any vitamins, minerals, “irreplaceable“ amino acids and so forth

the Principle of treatment is in returning an organism to an initial (healthy) state and that the organism is a state remembered and in the future sought to support him. Therefore use of vitamins B treatment has to be minimum, but sufficient. Either the skilled doctor, or you can determine it by the health though the certain experience for this purpose is required. Food has to be not exotic, but usual - only in this case the organism will be able correctly to orient and choose that it is more useful for it.

Ancient spoke - in the world there is nothing harmful or useful, is only habitual and unusual. In our organism billions of cages in which every second there are tens, and sometimes and hundreds, reactions. And all of them are aimed at improvement of an organism, and process of this improvement does not distract our consciousness at all. This very difficult phenomenon, and our reason it is not capable to control it. Now scientists speak meaning that no up-to-date computer is capable not only to operate this process, but also just to describe it. Therefore in fight against diseases we should trust the organism more.